Our Professional Staff

We are united as a team in our Core Purpose: Healing Hearts, Inspiring Trust, and Comforting the Soul. We are here because of our deep desire to give each family an experience that uniquely helps them tell the story of their loved one.


Management Team



Leader | Loyal | Adventurous

After 3 years at a funeral home in Florida, Joanna made her way to O’Connor and started working ...

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Mom | Driven | Excellence

Amy came to O’Connor in 2010 after working at several other mortuaries, having at last found where she belongs.

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Funeral Arrangers


Genuine | Anchoring | Guiding

Lynneah was uniquely interested in the funeral profession since she was very young. She graduated from Cypress College’s ...

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Heartfelt | Dedicated | Servant

Her experiences with grief gave her a compassion for bereaved people and a desire to serve them.

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Intentional | Supportive | Companion

Sasha comes from a background in insurance and customer service and in those professions, learned how much she treasured helping people.

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Inquisitive | Resourceful | Detailed

Erica has been interested by the death-care profession since a young age.

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Social | Bright |Inquisitive

Terese came to us as our Aflac Representative, and was definitively not looking for a career change.

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Wise | Invested | Creative

Stephanie had a successful career as a Product Marketing Manager in high tech and healthcare fields, but when her father died in 2010 she felt a dear calling to help people who were grieving.

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Hospitable | Thoughtful | Peaceful

Jennie is perhaps one of the most naturally gifted and beautifully qualified people to work in the funeral profession.

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Welcoming | Attentive | Positive

From an early age, Katlynn knew that she wanted to work in a profession that cared for people in need.

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Service Staff



Nadia has been a member of our Administrative Team since 2022.


Supportive | Adventurous | Faithful

Linda is passionate about serving people. She came to us after 22 years of working with Special Education students at the suggestion ...”

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Active | Compassionate | Helpful

Erika knew from an early age that she wanted to live a life that served people in challenging times. A student athlete for 16 years ...

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Creative | Conscientious | Ordered

Gabrielle grew up attending funerals and finding beauty in the tradition and gathering community. Realizing she needed a place ...

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Giving | Warm-Hearted | Safe

Ann is very community-minded and in her search for the right professional fit, it was important to her that the employer be pro-active ...

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Loretta has been a Care Coordinator on our team since 2021


Comprehensive | Efficient | Dependable

In 2007, Rosemary joined the team in the unique and supporting role of Director’s Assistant. Her position requires a detailed editorial ...

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Calming | Attentive | Centered

Rebecca has a remarkable background in counseling and psychology where she practiced as a therapist for 10 years ...

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Care Center

Grief Support and Education

Advance Funeral Planners



Attentive | Thoughtful | Father

Shawn has pursued a life and profession focused on serving families, one at a time. At O’Connor, Shawn found a place of work that aligned ...

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Believer | Patriot | Sportsman

Luis came to O’Connor with 15 years of insurance experience and a desire to care for the families in his community. Pre-planning quickly ...

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