Our Professional Staff

We are united as a team in our Core Purpose: Healing Hearts, Inspiring Trust, and Comforting the Soul. We are here because of our deep desire to give each family an experience that uniquely helps them tell the story of their loved one.



Joseph G. Fitzgerald

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Financial Officer

Trustworthy | Playful | Reliable

Joseph Fitzgerald grew up in Joliet, Illinois, then moved to California in 1984 after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Depauw University in Greencastle, Indiana.

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Charles A. Ricciardi


Calming | Encouraging | Big Heart

Charles A. Ricciardi was born and raised in Pacific Beach, which used to be a small town near San Diego, California.

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Jeff E. Turner

Vice President

Mentor | Safe-Harbor | Dependable

Jeff Turner was born in Garden Grove, California and raised in Westminster, California, except for two years, 1964 to 1966, when his family lived in the village of Ollei in the Palau Islands.

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Management Team



Leader | Loyal | Adventurous

After 3 years at a funeral home in Florida, Joanna made her way to O’Connor and started working ...

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Mom | Driven | Excellence

Amy came to O’Connor in 2010 after working at several other mortuaries, having at last found where she belongs.

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Funeral Arrangers


Inquisitive | Resourceful | Detailed

Erica has been interested by the death-care profession since a young age.

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Welcoming | Attentive | Positive

From an early age, Katlynn knew that she wanted to work in a profession that cared for people in need.

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Heartfelt | Dedicated | Servant

Her experiences with grief gave her a compassion for bereaved people and a desire to serve them.

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Social | Bright |Inquisitive

Terese came to us as our Aflac Representative, and was definitively not looking for a career change.

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Steadying | Gentle | Strong

Amber comes from a background in 911 dispatch, being a Fire Chaplain, and a TIP volunteer.

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Calming | Strong | Grounding

Yoshika became curious about joining the funeral profession with the loss of her father.

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Hospitable | Thoughtful | Peaceful

Jennie is perhaps one of the most naturally gifted and beautifully qualified people to work in the funeral profession.

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Heartfelt | Thoughtful | Creative

For Daniel, after the loss of his father he went through the emotional process of having to schedule services.

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Service Staff



Natalie has been a member of our Service Staff since 2023.


Maya has been a member of our Service Staff since 2023.


Genuine | Open | Inclusive

Jessie was looking for a new path when he found the opening here. As someone who experienced the loss of his father, he felt an interest and desire to support others in that familiar pain.

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Briana has been a member of our Service Staff since 2024.


Luis has been a member of our Service Staff since 2024.


Musician | Mindful | Warm Hearted

Mitch has been a Service Director at O’Connor Mortuary since 2010. He finds purpose in helping families ...

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Alicia has been a member of our Service Staff since 2022.


Patti has been a member of our Part-Time Service Staff since 2024.


Gordon has been a member of our Part-Time Service Staff since 2007.




Supportive | Adventurous | Faithful

Linda is passionate about serving people. She came to us after 22 years of working with Special Education students at the suggestion ...”

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Passionate | Thoughtful | Moving

Teresa’s personal experience of the loss of her brother set her on a path into the mortuary profession.

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Giving | Warm-Hearted | Safe

Ann is very community-minded and in her search for the right professional fit, it was important to her that the employer be pro-active ...

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Amanda has been a Care Coordinator on our team since 2022.


Comprehensive | Efficient | Dependable

In 2007, Rosemary joined the team in the unique and supporting role of Director’s Assistant. Her position requires a detailed editorial ...

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Calming | Attentive | Centered

Rebecca has a remarkable background in counseling and psychology where she practiced as a therapist for 10 years ...

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Care Center



Bright | Genuine | Welcoming

Susy studied forensic anthropology at Cal State University of Los Angeles and from there decided to pursue her degree in Mortuary ...

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Justin has been a member of our Care Center team since 2022.


Kind | Understanding | Sincere

Jeremy’s one requirement for the work he does is that it leave a meaningful impact on other’s lives. He saw the funeral profession ...

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Reliable | Relaxed | Proactive

Angela completed her degree in Mortuary Science at Cypress College in 2015 and began her apprenticeship with us the same year ...

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Gentle | Enthusiastic | Steadfast

Knowing from a young age that she wanted to work with dying and grieving people, Karla spent 10 years as a nursing assistant ...

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Creative | Dedicated | Considerate

Jasmin knew she wanted a career in a field that helped others. After considering following her mother into nursing, she found out about funeral service and never turned back ...

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Grief Support and Education


Becky Lomaka, MA, CT

Passionate | Enthusiastic | Book Lover

Becky signed on as the Director of Grief Support and Education in 2013, with a determined passion to bring education, encouragement ...

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Molly Keating, MA, CT

Passionate | Enthusiastic | Book Lover

Molly joined the O’Connor team in 2009 as a weekend receptionist without plans of a mortuary career. Over the years, as her job evolved ...

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Generous | Thoughtful | Servant

Paulette learned about our mortuary while serving as a Bereavement Minister at St. Edward’s Catholic Church ...

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Advance Funeral Planners



Attentive | Thoughtful | Father

Shawn has pursued a life and profession focused on serving families, one at a time. At O’Connor, Shawn found a place of work that aligned ...

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Believer | Patriot | Sportsman

Luis came to O’Connor with 15 years of insurance experience and a desire to care for the families in his community. Pre-planning quickly ...

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Calming | Confident | Driven

Donna has an extensive and impressive background in Accounting and Human Resources, and while working at a mortuary had never ...

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