Veterans Benefits

Here at O’Connor Mortuary, we take pride in helping our veterans, and the families they leave behind, navigate the bureaucratic maze and complete the necessary paperwork involved in applying for Veterans’ Death Benefits.

The Veterans Administration provides benefits for a veteran’s family if they can provide a copy of their honorable discharge papers. These benefits include a flag, burial in a national veterans’ cemetery, a headstone/marker, and military honors. If burial is in a veterans’ cemetery, a grave can also be reserved for a surviving spouse or any dependent children.

If your loved one’s discharge papers (DD214) cannot be located, a copy can be ordered through Touchstone Research Group. Touchstone provides an express service that can expedite the receipt of the military paperwork to assist the funeral home with applying for military burial benefits.

There are additional monetary allowances toward burial expenses if the veteran’s death occurs in a federal VA hospital or if the veteran was receiving a VA pension at the time of death. The State of California also offers an allowance under other certain circumstances. Because federal and state guidelines vary, we will be glad to offer information on an individual basis.

The local Veterans Service Office is located at 1300 S. Grand Avenue Bldg. B, Santa Ana, 92705. Phone: (714) 567-7450 and Fax (714) 567-7674. If you need further assistance, we will be glad to help you with any questions. Visit the Veterans Service Office website. If the veteran had life insurance coverage with Government National Life Insurance, we can help with that claim or they can be reached at 1-800-669-8477.