Burial Options

The tradition of burying our loved ones is time-honored and sacred. Burial gives us the peace of mind in laying them to rest, and gives us a place in the future to visit, decorate, and remember.

When your loved one has chosen to be buried, the ceremonies you design usually involve the casket being present. Traditions may be followed by a viewing and a funeral service followed by a graveside ceremony. Some families choose to change the order of ceremonies or make certain gatherings private. We are here to help you find the right options for your family and community to help you arrive at the perfect way to gather together.

Traditional Burial

Traditions are comforting to many people and have remained in practice because of the healing options they offer. When families choose a traditional burial we provide the setting for the visitation, help you find a place for your ceremony, our chapel or a local chapel, and we coordinate with the cemetery to plan the graveside ceremony. Graveside ceremonies can be just as personalized as the funeral ceremony and can include a sound system to play a favorite song, butterfly or dove release, a bagpiper or a veteran honor guard.

Religious Burial

We cater to the customs and rich traditions of all faiths and cultures. Our staff is deeply specialized and knowledgeable and will ensure that your ceremony is given the sacred space and touches that make it so significant.


The visitation is usually the first ceremony held and can be either private or public. At this event, the casket is open, allowing family and friends to see their loved one and spend time with them. It is often a very emotional and very comforting experience that families feel deeply grateful for.

Funeral Ceremony

The funeral is the formal setting where words and remembrances are shared, photos are displayed or shown in a video presentation, and favorite songs or passages are shared. This event can be highly personalized, formal or casual. Our staff will listen to you to help craft the perfect event.

Graveside Service

The graveside ceremony is a particularly poignant and final moment in the traditional ceremonies. Family and friends gather, usually in smaller, more private numbers, to witness the lowering of the casket into the earth. A few words might be spoken, flowers laid on the casket, and handfuls of dirt symbolically cast once the casket is in the ground.

We invite you to speak with one of our funeral arrangers anytime at (877) 872-2736 to answer any questions or explore all burial options, at no obligation.