Zoroastrian Traditions


Zoroastrians believe that death is the work of an evil spirit, and that the body becomes impure as soon as the last breath has left it. As such, the body is traditionally laid out on a dokhma or “Tower of Silence” to be exposed to the elements and animals for natural decomposition. This practice is not permitted in western countries, so Zoroastrians usually opt for expedited care of their loved one’s remains.

In the United States, Zoroastrians generally have their loved one buried or cremated as quickly as possible after death.

O’Connor Mortuary has cared for people from different cultures and religions for over 120 years. In that time, we’ve coordinated many ceremonies for Zoroastrians practitioners. Our friendly, experienced staff can help you create a funeral ceremony that honors your beliefs and pays a beautiful tribute to you or your loved ones.