Tyler Scott Mimm

Tyler Scott Mimm

June 04, 1952 - October 26, 2006

Tyler Scott Mimm

June 04, 1952 - October 26, 2006


Tyler Scott Mimm 54 of Laguna Niguel, California.

Born June 4, 1952 in Bell, California, and died Thursday, October 26, 2006 in Mission Viejo, California.

Tyler was beloved by all who knew him. Before his untimely death on October 26th, 2006, Tyler spent 54 years building a strong family and amazing friendships. Tyler lived his life to the fullest and he was widely regarded for his kindness and liveliness.

Tyler attended Westchester High School where he was an acclaimed athlete, achieving All-State honors as a wide receiver. He excelled in all sports, with his passions being volleyball, fishing and surfing. He attended Santa Monica City College and California State University at Long Beach where he received a B.S. and a degree as a Registered Physical Therapist. Tyler was highly regarded in his sports therapy practices in Orange County and the South Bay.

Tyler married the love of his life, Shannon on September 6th, 1980. They had two beautiful and athletic children, Dani and Brett. He is also survived by his beloved mother, Esther and loving brother, Gregory.

Tyler’s persona was larger than life. He will long be remembered as a man of integrity, faith, strength, vigor and a never-ending desire to help others. He left this world a better place than he found it and every one who had the pleasure of knowing Tyler could not help but be infected by his powerful presence.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the:

Mimm Children Fund.
Please make checks payable to:
Mimm Children Fund.
Acct #4016709789
Washington Mutual Bank
28131 Crown Valley Pkwy.
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

A Memorial Service to Celebrate Tyler’s life is to be held on Friday, November 3, 2006 ~ 4:00 P.M. at Coast Hills Community Church,
5 Pursuit, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656.
949 362-0079. Family requests casual attire Informal.

Private Interment.

To arrange for copies of Tyler’s video that was presented at his memorial service please contact:
Lisa Poese of ‘Once upon a Memory’

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128 responses to Tyler Scott Mimm

  1. Shannon, Dannie, and Brett

    In Your Time Of Sorrow

    Your Loved One has passed through the Gate, To be with Jesus in Heaven above; Now into a realm surrounded by flowers, Where all is joy, Peace and Love.

    In this garden where flowers never fade, The beauty out-shines the brightest star; Weep when you must, but do remember, God is with you wherever you are.

    God loves you and felt your deep pain, When He softly called your dear one away; He will never laeve nor forsake you, Lean on Him and don’t forget to pray.

    The best P.T. ever thank you for
    always being so understanding
    and caring . I will never
    forget your funny stoies,
    the advice you gave me, and the
    smile on your face. It was great
    working with you, Ty Guy

    AND JR.

  2. It’s difficult to look into the face of mortality and accept that life throws tragedies into existence just as often as it does triumphs. Sitting here in Rhode Island writing this letter, I can’t possibly fathom passing by that house on the corner of Rancho Azul, the home that engaged me so often during my childhood, knowing I will never again see that friendly smile, never hear that comforting voice catch my attention as I traverse my old neighborhood. His face and that house have meant so much to me growing up’Tyler Mimm was my best friend’s father, a warm man with an incredible heart, and an amazing role model.

    Tyler’s life was special because of the impact he had on others. He raised two wonderful children and instilled within them the magnanimous virtues that he himself lived by. But even more, he imbued these noble principles into everyone he came in contact with, including me. Tyler made a difference in my life and in the lives of others. He cared for and made the most of the little pleasures in life; it’s all those little things that add up and reveal the true measure of this man. He wasn’t just concerned with himself’or even his own family; he cared about our entire community.

    I don’t want to spend this time referencing specific anecdotes, because Tyler is more than a simple story. Instead let’s remember the impact that he has left on our lives. Let us remember his wonderful wife Shannon, his beautiful daughter Dani, and his amazing son of which he gave his name’the best friend I have ever had. So I say now in sorrow, goodbye Tyler Mimm, your life was cut tragically short, but your love, generosity and spirit will impress upon us for all eternity.

    Peter Sternfeld

  3. Randie Bundy says:

    Shannon, Dani, and Brett-

    I’m so sorry about your loss. We all know how much he means to all of you, to us, and both of our families together. I know Mallory, Kylie and I all look at him as our surrogate father, and I know we will all miss him more than you know. It’s going to be tough for me to ever feel safe about paddling out to Little Makaha, cliff jumping, or catching lizards without him there, but I will always remember his reassuring smile and comforting demeanor whenever all of us kids are up to something mischievous. I think of your family as an extension of my own, and I hope you all know that we will be here for you no matter what and you will all always be in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Dear Shannon, Dannie, and Brett,
    I’m so sorry this happened to you. I feel so grateful to have had such a great influence in my life. In the 1+ year that I’ve known him, he’s taught me how to be a good husband, a good father, and a good person. I can only imagine what is was like living with him. He was so fun at work, telling his funny jokes and stories. All of us at work knew he was going to make a tremendous impact on our lives the first day we met him. He’d always have a smile coming to work and also leaving work. I will always have you and Tyler in my heart and will never forget. He’s simply the best person I’ve ever met. I hope you can find some peace. Love, Ray and Connie.

  5. Suzie Mann says:

    I worked for Tyler in 1993 before I graduated from PT school. I learned so much from Tyler and everyone working at Newport Sport and Spine. Among the important lessons was to put fun and laughter into each session. He definately made an impression on me and I think of those times often. I am deeply sorry for your loss.

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