Tho Thi-Bich Nguyen

Tho Thi-Bich Nguyen

July 07, 1937 - November 17, 2010

Tho Thi-Bich Nguyen

July 07, 1937 - November 17, 2010


Mrs. Tho B. Nguyen, resident of Mission Viejo, passed away peacefully in her home on November 17th, 2010. A devoted family person, with a full life crowned by love and charitable works; she will be forever missed by family, relatives and friends she left behind.

Mrs. Nguyen was born on July 7th, 1937 to Nhan and Hien Nguyen in Viet Nam. She is survived by eight children: Giang Trinh, Hung Trinh and wife Diane, Vanessa Trinh-Quach and husband Le, Linh Trinh and wife Elizabeth, Lien Tran and husband Vincent, Hai Hatfield and husband Joe, Khai Trinh and wife Giao, Marc Trinh and wife Elizabeth. In addition, she had 17 grandchildren: Beatrice, Matthew, Brian, Austin, Nicholas, Katrina, Christopher, Alexandria, Cecilia, Katherine, Sean, Amanda, Ethan, Natalie, Jacob, David and Kaitlin. She is also survived by two sisters: Nguyen Thi Phuc and Nguyen Thi Ich in Vietnam.

Mrs. Nguyen was a homemaker and being of Vietnamese heritage was both the matriarch of the family and a wonderful cook. She loved trying out new recipes for her family during Saturday’s gatherings. At her table for whatever occasion, her children and grandchildren will miss the delectable experience of her delicious meals and her colorful conversations and stories. During her life she was strong and supportive of anyone who needed her, especially her family. She was an extremely generous person and made countless donations to charitable organizations and her sisters’ family in Vietnam.

Since became a widow of her late husband in November 1993, Mrs. Nguyen had many health challenges with chemotherapy, liver transplant where her family doctor and transplant team became a part of her extended family. She adapted graciously and grew facing these challenges. Her courage and perseverance to live well, to be as independent as possible and to maintain her social network was inspiring.

Please join us in prayer and let’s continue celebrating her life.

Eulogy at Funeral Mass
from Granddaughter, Amanda Lan-Thy Hatfield 8 years old.

Good morning,

My name is Amanda, the grand-daughter of my beloved grandmother here, Mrs. Tho Nguyen. I’m here to represent all my cousins, 17 of us Big and Small. Grandmother in Vietnamese is called B Ngoai, if you open the back of this prayer book, the acrostic of B Ngoai is:

B is for Beautiful person that’s why my grandfather married her
A is for Amazing gift from God to all of us

N is for Nicest person on earth
G is for Good hearted with great smiles
O is for Oh my gosh.. the BEST cook ever!
A is for Awsome job of raising our parents
I is for Inexhaustable energy of charity works

My grandmother is the best grandma, any kid can dream to have. She was warm and loving. Since Kindergarten, my brothers Sean and Ethan and I used to come to her house after school everyday. The door would be ready open for us to get in, and there were always our favorite snacks ready on the table. My brothers and I definitely will miss her boc buoi grapefruits, mango and b nh cam sesame balls; and a big glass of milk so we can be big and strong like Daddy. Many of you know: I’m a picky and slow eater; I will miss her reminders ‘Manda, an di’. Manda, finish your food. I will also miss speaking Vietnamese with her.

Not long ago, while Sean was away to Boy Scout camp, only Ethan and I were there with her at the time. I remember one day when she was sick, and in bed all day. Ethan and I were her servers, so everytime she needed something she would ring the bell ding ding ding. Then the bell rung, I came up, she said: Manda, lay sua cho B , Manda, please get me a glass of milk. I thought she reminded us to go drink milk after lunch, so we did. 5-10 minutes later, the bell rung again she asked the same thing: lay sua cho B . I said: Da B Yes, B then pour another glass of milk for Ethan and I. Then, the bell rung one more time oh my goodness, we both were so full, couldn’t drink any more if it was something to do with Milk again. When we got to her bed side, gently and slowly she asked for a glass of milk for herself, oh.. I.. see.. Da B , I said and understood her very well this time. Would you get upset, if you have to ask something, for so many times? My Grandma didn’t, she did not at all. See how wonderful she was?

The last few days were raining hard, but do you really believe that was raining? Uncle Dat said, those rain drops were tears from heaven from my Grandma and Grandpa watching us mourning of our loss, they wish to wipe our tears and hug us tight, but their bodies are not here to do that, so they send those tears of rain instead. I thought I cry my eyes out the last few days, but you can see it rain all day, all night for 2 days, the whole earth is wet with my grandparent’s tears. These tears will water my Grandma’s garden to bloom more flowers and blossom more love in our family. Look outside right now, what a beautiful day it is Daddy said that my grandma is shining down on us right now. With that, I’d like to show you some pictures about my B Ngoại, my beloved Grandmother. B , REST IN PEACE, I love you, you will always in my heart. Enjoy Heaven, send hugs and kisses to Grandpa and Pappa Ron for us. I LOVE YOU.

Austin Quach – 17 years old
College Application: Essay to University of California, Irvine

Describe the world you come from for example, your family, community or school and tell us how your world has shaped your dreams and aspirations.

My aspiration is to become a doctor starting out at the University of California, Irvine UCI. Since I was three years old I have dreamt of becoming a medical physician. I had always questioned myself about my dream. At first when I was younger, it was like an instinct. My conscience just told me I had to become a doctor in life. As I got older, often my parents encouraged me to be open-minded and explore other future career paths such as business, engineering, or law. I have looked into all these options but it seems like nothing can override my dream of being in the medical field. I began to realize why I wanted to become a medical doctor through many experiences that I had in my family. I belong to a tight knit family. We often joked that we stick together like rice. We are all united by a single anchor in my family, my maternal grandmother.

My grandmother was a very loving and supportive person. She was always helping others even when her health was degrading. Despite her wonderful characteristics, she was frequently ill. Even under these circumstances, she still held her bold character. She was treated for many illnesses and diseases in her life and I could not believe how much she had to go through. Thankfully she was always carefully cared for by many dedicated physicians and staff members of UCI Medical Center. The people within the UCI Medical Center helped her survive.

When I was about seven years old, my grandmother was dying. Her liver was failing and everyone in my family was grieving that this was the end of her life. Fortunately, she received a new liver from an unknown donor. The medical staff at the UCI Medical Center skillfully carried out the liver transplant. After this experience, I was amazed at the staff and service that the UCI Medical Center had provided. UCI had given my grandmother a second chance in life. To save a person from the brink of death was inspiring to me and it fortified my reason to become a doctor.

On November 17, 2010, my grandmother peacefully passed away in her sleep. I am deeply saddened by her sudden death and it still is hard to grasp that she is no longer with us. However, through all the grieving, I realized that she would not have been with me for more than half of my life if it were not for the successful liver transplant. Through the miracle work performed by the UCI medical physicians, my grandmother was able to spend ten more wonderful years with us creating a lot of great memories. To help a person at that magnitude is simply miraculous.

UCI will be the primary university that I will be applying to. The university has produced a miracle in my family. Although it is very hard to cope with my grandmother s death at this time of thanksgiving, I would like to channel the sadness to a positive path. In dedication to my grandmother, I would like to become a medical physician and help others just as the good people at UCI Medical Center did for my beloved grandmother.

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  1. Dear Ba Noi,

    How do I remember Ba Noi or what is my memory of her? My memory of her is that she always let us sleep over at her house. I would sleep on the ground with lots of blankets and I would always remember that I would stay awake and pretend that I’m sleeping. She would always come in and give us another blanket so we wouldn’t be cold. She always cares about us and always happy to have us over. I’m so thankful to have her as my grandma and will miss her a lot.

    Alexandria Hoai Mi Trinh

  2. Dear Ba,

    I miss you so much, I love you. There were so many questions to be asked and so many questions answered. How is it heaven? Do you get to play D.S. or IPod? Do you get to eat ice cream and cookies? But all I know is that you are in my heart and I love you. You are the best Ba a girl can ever have. Oh, and when you’re up in heaven say hi to Ong Ngo”¡Â¼Ãi, Ong Hieu, Ba Phuong, Ong Ba Hinh, and my Papa Ron. I love you more each day, also we will never be apart. Your love and heart are all I have left of you. Love you more than you can think. Just reminder: do not think it will get lower, it will only get higher. Rest In Peace Ba.

    Your cháu Ba,

  3. Austin Quach says:

    Dear Ba Ngoai,

    Throughout your entire life you have taken care of me. I know you had helped to raise me since the moment I was born. I hope I am still your “cha’u ba`”! I remember how you babysit and fed me scrambled eggs and blueberry bagels. That was my favorite time and I really miss that. You are a loving and caring person and I’m very thankful to have you as my grandma.

    I remember the time when you had your liver transplant. My feeling was God has given you a second chance to complete a goal. The goal I think was to care for your family, spread joy and love. You had accomplished the goal so God took you home. Now that you are gone but I have the same feeling that I had before. God always have a better plan for you. Even though God has taken you home with him but your love and joy still spread through our lives with the memories you had brought upon us.

    It is a shame that you couldn’t stay with us longer. I wish you could see my accomplishments like getting my education completed, hopefully becoming a doctor as I had shared my dream with you several times. Or even seeing me getting my driver license in a few months. I remember the first time you saw me pulled the car out of the driveway. You smiled and watched me drive away. That was the last time you smiled at me and I will treasure that moment forever. Grandma, you are in a better place now. Enjoy the forever peace and love. Thank you for giving me great memories to treasure.

    Austin Quach

  4. Dear Ba Noi,
    There are many things that Ba Noi did for me when I was born to now. The first thing is she made sure that if I am doing well in school and having good grades. Second, Ba Noi taught me always to say thank you and asked if my grandpa and my grandma are okay. Third, Ba Noi is always there for me when I was little as I get older. She has giving wonderful gifts from baby to oldest kids. She also always appreciate the gifts that she has received in the past years. Finally, Ba Noi always has a smile when I get to see her.

    Phuong Anh

  5. Brian Quach says:

    Ba Ngoai is the most caring and loving person I have known throughout my life. Not even words could describe how sweet of person she is. Just the presence of her fills our hearts with warmth and it is a great loss for each and everyone of us for we are sadden through her eternal rest. “When we are born you cry to the world and when you leave, the world cries to you” This quote I once heard applies to every loss very well and it is very true because at this moment our hearts are heavy. I know Ba Ngoai lived a great great life. She had all the things she could ever ask for, loving grandkids and her daughters and sons all have grown up to become proper, loving parents. I know Ba Ngoai is very proud in all of our accomplishments and how we all still are one big, strong family. I remember how Ba Ngoai would always cook us the tomatoes stuffed with meat. It is personally one of my favorite dishes and I remember I told her that it is so good that one time I ate 8 of them. If you had the chance to try one of those tomatoes stuffed with meat… trust me, you will be hooked for life. The next day I get a call and Ba Ngoai said that she cooked it again for me because of what I told her. That brought the biggest smile to my face knowing how great of grandma I have. When I came over to pick it up she was so happy to see me and said only because you love it so much. She didn’t even leave any for herself because she only did that because of how much she cares for us. Overall Ba Ngoai has inspired each and everyone of us to live our lives to the fullest and become the best we can be. We can only thank her by inspiring others and being happy for her life. She said she will be there when I get married and she will, right there in my heart.


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