Sally Hughes

Sally Hughes

May 24, 1937 - December 12, 2019

Sally Hughes

May 24, 1937 - December 12, 2019


Sally Louise Hughes, born May 24, 1937, passed away on December 12, 2019 at her home in Pasadena, CA with her family by her side.Her husband, Patrick Eugene Hughes, preceded her in death.  She was survived by her four children Gregory (Rose), John, Patrick (Brandi) and Amy (Michael); and her six grandchildren, Ryan and Cassandra Hughes, Brennen, Jack and Lauren Lydon, and McKenna Hughes.  Sally’s life began in 1937, in La Canada, California, when George and Frances Luke welcomed Sally, their fifth child, who joined her two older sisters, Patricia and Therese, two older brothers, George and Charlie, and later her three younger brothers, Bill, Larry and Danny. Sally lived in her home on Alta Canada Drive throughout her childhood until the day she married Pat Hughes, her high school sweetheart, and the lifelong love of her life.

As a child, around seven or eight, Sally’s big blue eyes, freckled nose and bright smile inspired a family friend, the owner of a fresh produce company, to use her picture on the label of his cellophane packages of fresh spinach, which he named Sunny Sally’s Spinach! Her childhood was joyful, with what she recalled as days playing football with the boys out in the street, being a tomboy, and loving the radio. Sally graduated from Immaculate Heart High School in 1955, following the footsteps of her mother, Frances Small Luke, in 1919.

After their marriage in 1958, Pat and Sally began what was their wonderful family life, first with Greg, then John and Pat, three boys under four years of age, and then happily, Amy. Life on Padres Trail in La Canada was full of family and friends, birthday and dinner parties, celebrations, football games and even Mass in the backyard. Sally and Pat travelled and created a lifetime of wonderful memories. In those years, Sally loved playing tennis, volunteered as “art lady” at St. Bede’s and grew to be a wonderful cook and hostess. Throughout her life, Sally treasured her Catholic faith, and found it a source of strength, especially in the days following Pat’s sudden death.

Her move to Pasadena in 1997 began the chapter of Sally’s life that included children’s marriages and grandchildren.  Sally loved nothing more than to sit out on her patio and watch as her children and grandchildren swam and enjoyed her beautiful backyard together.  She enjoyed playing bridge with friends, participating in the Christ Child Society and attending mass at Holy Family Catholic Church. Although the demands on her health increased, she had an incredible ability to push forward without complaining or pulling back, but rather maintaining her delight with small pleasures: marmalade on her English Muffin, fresh lemon in her tea, strawberry milkshakes and the big things: friends and family.  Sally didn’t miss a family celebration, birthday, graduation, being at the water’s edge to cheer on her family’s participation in the Santa Barbara Triathlon, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, housewarmings, Oktoberfest, and the annual trip to Santa’s House at the Farmer’s Market for a picture with the grandkids and Santa.

Sally came home to Busch Garden Court two weeks before she died. It was where she wanted to be, and was such a warm, enriching time with her children, and those closest to her. Sally seemed so happy to be there, with Irish music playing in the den, and Notre Dame games on the TV. Her appetite for life wasn’t diminished, and she made her kids laugh with her requests, ” I’ll have a beer with that hamburger.” “Pass the bag of Fritos”, and “I think I’d like some cake.”

Yes, Sally, you take the cake, for your love of life, your gratitude for your blessings, your strength and courage in the hard times, and the sweet memories of you in the hearts of all of us who love you.

The Funeral Mass will be held on Monday, December 23rd at 12:00pm at Holy Family Catholic Church, 1527 Fremont Ave, South Pasadena, CA.  In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Catholic Charities of Los Angeles, 1531 James M. Wood Blvd., PO Box 15095, Los Angeles, CA  90015.


Funeral Mass

  • Date & Time: December 23, 2019 (12:00 PM)
  • Venue: Holy Family Church

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4 responses to Sally Hughes

  1. Rita Hewko says:

    Aunt Sally, some of my treasured family memories are of you and Pat and all the laughter you created. I can still remember as young girl rolling on Grandma Luke’s living room floor in hysterical laughter from something Pat and Sally were saying. Such a Gift you and Pat were to all of us and your children.
    Rest In Peace Aunt Sally.
    Love, Rita

  2. Our Dear Aunt Sally, one classy lady, as beautiful as ever. One big family who already misses you so very much. I’ll always remember when my husband Steve and I came to California and you and Pat insisted we take your new VW Rabbit for a few days to San Diego. I was so worried about that as Steve (a country boy from the farm) was scared to death to drive the California freeways. You were so trusting thinking it would come back in one piece – it did! I was not so much so! How generous of you.
    My Mother shared something with me today: 58 years ago when my parents brought me home from the hospital, you and Pat and Grandma were there to make our first Christmas dinner. How thoughtful!
    You and Pat, Greg, John, Patrick, and Amy have brought so much joy and so many memories to our families while growing up. The consolation we have is knowing you are with Grandma & Grandpa (your Mom & Dad), Pat, George,Therese, and Patricia and what a beautiful reunion that must be.
    I’m glad you got to meet my children and for the time Nicholas and I spent with you this year visiting on the patio and he fixed your TV and you were so proud of him. That time was a gift. I’ll always wish to have had more.
    I’m so glad you were OUR Aunt Sally.
    Until we meet again…
    It will be beautiful…
    Every tear will be wiped away…
    That is the Promise.
    I love you.

  3. In 1951 Charlie Luke and I drove to Minneapolis for a convention of university students. We also had a passenger, his little sister, Sally, then about 14years old. As I recall I had a new Plymouth sedan as we headed east. The plan was to drop off Sally in Iowa where her mother had family, I want to say on a farm.
    After the convention Charlie and I went to Detroit, where I had family. Thereafter, we collected Sally and went to St Louis when Charlie and Sally had an uncle, Charles Luke and family who lived in a beautiful private street with real gad lamps. The house dated from the time of the St Louis Fair. 1904 . Judy Garland did not live next door and sing :” Meet Me in St Louis, Louie Meet me at the Fair.”
    So that was out big adventure that I fondly remember. All those years and miles ago..
    VALE,, Sally

  4. Nicholas says:

    GREAT Aunt Sally,
    I always enjoyed a fond visit to your territory…. Stomping grounds as they call them in the Wild West I come from…. We see flowers here but usually they get baled up for hay to make horse and or cattle feed. Ditch mowers go around them if they classify as wild flowers and you folks throw the most beautiful Rose Bowl Parade out that way. One would think the Corn Palace would compete but I will say your flowers were always so treasured and your back patio was a hit…. I recall legos in the den as a child and other visits would lead me to building and fixing on something. Some things don’t change in my life and that has been to lead a constructivist lifestyle as most of families like yours and ours have been taught. It has always been joyous to be a part of all the adult conversations as we have grown older through the years. Like ma, Rita, and Jerry stated——we all plan and implement those goals and strategies to celebrate together in the life thereafter. However, I must continue to teach the early years as that is where farm and ranch development starts in our neck of the woods. I must say, I so, much to hope the roses will border the Big Ranch up there…. Special thanks to your children who compete in numbers like most of many, remaining committed to oh so many good people and the charity of love and respect towards others. We love and miss you until the day we all finally reunite in the happiness we all strive towards. Lots of love and peace to all our cousins and elders as we make them comfortable in their journey in teaching the Littles to grow in that same love and tolerance. Lots and lots of love…

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