Judith Lynn Russo

Judith Lynn Russo

February 12, 1944 - August 17, 2014

Judith Lynn Russo

February 12, 1944 - August 17, 2014



Our beloved Daughter, Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Aunt, and Friend Judith Lynn Russo born February 12, 1944 has left us on August 17, 2014. Her life has touched so many of us and we have been so blessed to be of a part in her journey here on earth. Judy was always a person her family and friends could count on, no matter what the situation.

Her wonderful sense of humor and tremendous passion for life touched everyone around her. Her bravery was inspiring, her laugh was infectious and her journey was a gift and a life lesson for us all. Our grief is soothed by the eternal peace she enjoys in heaven.

Services will be held at 1:00 pm, Friday August 22, 2014 at O’Connor Mortuary. All are welcome for the on-site reception immediately following the service.

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10 responses to Judith Lynn Russo

  1. Marie says:

    There will always be a very special place in my heart just for memories of Judy and her smile and especially her laugh. I will miss my friend and lover her to the heavens and back.


  2. Marie says:

    Kyle, you are the best. Judy is my friend. Four little words, but to me her friendship meant the world. She was spunky, sassy, smart, funny and above all very classy. I loved to hear her stories about your conversations and your banter. You always teased the heck out of her and she and I would love to plot her retaliation.

    Judy loved her shoes and Prada bags. I have spent hours looking for just the right shoe for one of her special occasions. She always looked so nice. And, very very classy. I would think for days about what I was going to wear when she and I met, even if it was just a casual lunch. I remember when we both decided to wear jeans to a company picnic. Here she comes in a gorgeous Chico Traveler outfit topped with the perfect cape. That was casual. After all, she told me she was wearing sandals. Too funny.

    I remember us laughing over all kinds of crazy things. Her car was towed one day while we were busy eating lunch. I drove her to a very rough part of town to pick it up. After paying a couple of hundred dollars to get it back, we talked on our cell phones driving to the freeway and laughed so much she drove past her onramp. We both turned our cars around and looked for another onramp. The whole time cracking ourselves up. She could make me laugh over pretty much everything.

    There will ALWAYS be a very special place in my heart just for memories of Judy and her smile and especially her laugh. I will miss my friend and lover her to the heavens and back.


  3. Judy was one of my most favorite persons in all the world. A beautiful, kind soul who made a tremendous impact in my life. I miss her so much, but know that she is one of God’s angels now, which provides great comfort. Love and miss you Judester!

    Love Always, Michelle

  4. Lori Daly says:

    From the moment I first met Judy, I realized what a special person she was. Judy had such a glow about her, truly a unique person. Judy was smart, funny, kind, caring, loving, genuine and so much more. Judy was one of those very rare people that had the ability to attract others to her, because they wanted to learn from her and be like her. She will truly be missed by all who had the good fortune of knowing her. The world is not as bright without her in it but I am sure the angels are singing now that she has been called home. It brings tears to my eyes to know that we will not see her again on earth but a smile to my face in knowing that we will see her again in Heaven.



  5. Mary Funk says:

    For Judy’s family, I just want you to know that if everyone came forward whose life is now better because Judy was a part of it, I’m sure the numbers would astound you. For the two and a half years I worked at Companion, Judy always made it a pleasure to come to work. Here are just a couple of the things she taught me:

    Laughter is the spice of life, especially when you realize that it’s OK to laugh at yourself. Judy could always find the humor in any situation and would regularly have stories of silly or even stupid things she had done. She had the uncommon ability to step back and really look at herself objectively – and laugh. Oh – I will miss that laugh and that amazing smile. She taught me not to take myself or whatever problems I am facing so seriously. Thank you Judy!

    Care about others more than you care about yourself. Everyone knows that Judy was always dressed to perfection. She had a sense of style and fashion sense that would make most runway models jealous. But what Judy really taught me, is that while beauty may be worn on the outside, it is born on the inside. When Judy asked you about your day, it wasn’t just to be polite. She genuinely wanted to know. She had a gift for compassion and empathy and an ability to listen with a caring ear like no one else I’ve met. I think at one time or another, every person at the Regional office found themselves with Judy pouring out their worries or concerns. It happened because you knew she was truly interested and what’s even more amazing – she usually dispensed the most sound advice you could ever want. Thank you Judy for your wise counsel and your loving heart!

    Finally, Judy always carried herself with such grace, elegance, dignity and strength. She modeled what it is to be a confident, capable, eloquent, and independent woman. No matter what obstacles she faced she never gave up and always persevered. She taught me so much about the woman I hope to be. Thank you so much Judy, for the incredible example you set for me! If I could be even half the woman you are, I will be blessed indeed. God’s speed!

    With all my love and respect,
    Mary Funk

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