Enriqueta G. Nable

Enriqueta G. Nable

September 06, 1948 - January 22, 2017

Enriqueta G. Nable

September 06, 1948 - January 22, 2017


Enriqueta G. Nable, aged 68, died suddenly on January 22, 2017 at her home in Irvine, California. Enriqueta was born on September 6, 1948, in Mindoro Philippines. The daughter of Enrique Gayos and Herminia Gayos.

Enriqueta enjoyed going to church, dining out with great company, shopping, dancing, bowling, and outdoor activities such as walking and biking. She loved spending time with her sons, grand children, and her daugher-in law, as well as her friends and colleagues. She also loved dogs and had several over her lifetime. She graduated from the University of Santo Tomas both for high school and for college, where she obtained a bachelors of science in medical technology.

Enriqueta met Benjamin L. Nable, a civil and structural engineer whom she would marry in 1970. A few short years later, they immigrated to the United States of America. First settling in Glendale Heights, Illinois, then later in 1985 moving to Irvine, California, where she would reside for 28 years.

In addition to raising 3 wonderful children, she was a proud grandmother. She had a career as a medical technologist working for a multitude of hospitals and private labs. Later she obtained a real estate license, then served the Catholic church for many years. Enriqueta was a devout Catholic and an active member of St. John Neumann Catholic Church.

Enriqueta is survived by her children, sons, Benjamin G. Nable Jr. and Ryan G. Nable, and her daughter Cristina G. Nable; sister Anna Torcuator; brother Jose B. Mario Torcuator; and a number of other relatives and close friends.

Family, love and God.

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7 responses to Enriqueta G. Nable

  1. Riquette and me(Benjamin L. Nable) lived together as husband and wife for almost 26 yrs, we divorced in 1995 but remained close to each until her death. She was very loving , faithful and very religious wife who loved her kids & grandkids very much. My kids, grandkids and myself will miss her very much. Her passing was a complete shock to all her loved ones. Riquette I still loved you just like the first time we have known each other, I have never stopped loving you, may your soul find happiness in the after life and may you rest in peace.

    Benjamin L. Nable

  2. Evelyn Hwang says:

    To my dear mother-in-law Enriqueta Gayos Nable, although you are gone physically we will hold you dear in our hearts. I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you and tell you all the things I wanted to tell you. I never told you how much I appreciated you for opening up your home to help raise Abi. There are so many unsaid things but I guess it will have to wait until we meet again. We are now closer and stronger through your passing and know that family meant everything to you. Its a shame that I finally understand you better after your passing. It’s funny how it seems like you gave me a 3rd eye to see this world from a totally different perspective. Lastly I’m glad you gave me a chance to comfort and care for Ben in your absence. Love you and miss you ma. I wish I can hug one last time.

    In your loving memory
    Evelyn eldest daughter-in-law

  3. Tina Choi says:

    Riquette G Nable was my loving mother-in-law until her sudden passing on January 22,2017. I met her for the first time in November 2010. From that 1st moment, I just knew we would remain close. We had a very good relationship and I’ve enjoyed spending time with her eating, shopping, laughing, and just talking about random things. My husband told me how proud she was of me of my achievements and that means so much to me. Mom, you have always shown me love and treated me like a daughter and I will always cherish the moments we soent together. I will always remember your infectious laughter, smile, and your sense of humor. You were a kind and loving soul. I love you and miss you dearly and just know you will never be forgotten. I’m so happy to have known you and wish we had more time together. Until we meet again, may you rest in paradise with our Lord forever. With love and respect.

    Your daugher-in-law

    Tina Choi Nable

  4. Dear Grandma,

    I wish that I had more time to see you because all you wanted was a night out with some good food and family. I wish we had walked around the lake a couple more times. I wish I hadn’t taken you for granted every time that I had seen you. I wish we got to cook in your new kitchen that you were so excited about. I wish I was there for you more often. I wish you knew how much I appreciated everything you had done for me. But out of all the wishes I have, I wish I could have said goodbye and I love you one more time because I never said it enough.

    Ps. While you’re up there, be sure to watch all your favorite shows and reunite with Boomer, Scooter, and Bubbles. They’ve been waiting a long time. When it’s time we’ll meet again, so don’t have too much fun without me!

    Pps. I wish my wishes weren’t wishes because that would have meant that I was there with you.

    Rest in paradise.
    January 22, 2017

    Love, Abi.

    I had previsiously posted this to my Facebook page.

  5. Having Riquette pass away the way she did shocked all of us but after the initial shock of
    receiving the news from her son Bong, I realized that all of us here on the face of the earth are on borrowed time. No one knows when the Lord will call us to be with Him in the after life. Ever since I’ve known Riquette, she struck me as one who was always focused on what she wanted in life and went about it the best way she knew; whether it it involved
    work, her family, relatives. friends and situations that needed to be resolved. She immersed herself in it a hundred percent. She also managed to inject a certain amount of humor in anything she got involved in. She had a sense of humor which was
    inherent in our family.

    Like Fr. Martin Bui said in his homily, it saddened him that he wasn’t able to say goodbye to her when she suddenly passed away. I felt the same way but my great consolation amid all the sadness is the fact that I have a lifetime worth of memories of times spent with her.
    I am choosing to focus more on those memories to help me through the void she left. And each time I think of what a wonderful job she did in raising her children, I feel blessed to be around them, especially her grandchildren who will always have tons of loving memories of and stories about their grandma Riquette.

    Riquette, you will always be in our hearts and we all know you’re with our Lord. I will miss
    you dearly but your children and grandchildren will always serve as a reminder of how much love you had for them. Love you shared with your church family as
    we witnessed and heard from the church members who came to celebrate your life the past couple of days. A true testimony of love begetting love.
    This we should all strive for in life and let Christ be our Light.

    Corinna Mayor-Domagas
    (your cousin)

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