Elena Perez

Elena Perez

August 18, 1918 - January 04, 2017

Elena Perez

August 18, 1918 - January 04, 2017


Elena Perez passed away peacefully in her sleep on the early hours of January 4th, 2017. She is survived by her daughter, Angela; 3 grandchildren, Cindy, Alex and Christy; and 6 great-granchildren.

Elena was born in Cuba on August 18th, 1918 to Domingo and Josefa Rodriguez. She married Raimundo Perez on April 30th, 1950 and welcomed two children, Angela and Ernesto. Unfortunately, their son passed away at the age of two.

Elena moved to the United States in 1966 and settled in Torrance, California, moving to Mission Viejo in 1978.

Elena was an amazing woman. She spent most of her life caring for others. She would often go out of her way to reach those who were in need. She was a courageous woman and in her last days she continued to show courage and strength.

Elena will be missed but we know she is at peace and happy in Heaven with her parents, husband, son, and friends who predeceased her.

A Mass will be celebrated at Santiago de Compostela Catholic Church, 21682 Lake Forest Dr, Lake Forest, CA 92630, on Thursday, January 12, 2017 at 10:00 AM, followed by a graveside service at El Toro Memorial Park, 25751 Trabuco Rd, Lake Forest, CA 92630, and a reception at Santiago de Compostela Catholic Church after the graveside ceremony.

In lieu of flowers, please donate to the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, 322 Eighth Ave, 7th fl, New York, NY 10001, info@alzfdn.org.

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4 responses to Elena Perez

  1. Alex Velez says:


    There are so many memories I have with you, I am truly blessed. You are an exceptional woman with such strength and kindness. You were fierce when you needed to be, kind and generous. You sacrificed so much us, making sure we were happy.

    I will always remember nights at your house and endless stacks of old envelopes you turned into drawing paper. Drinking 7up from bugs bunny glasses was always a treat. You walked me over to the playground and took me to the see saw even though you disliked it. You knew my love for animation and called me on weekends reminded me to watch or suggest another show.

    I remember your gentle nature when we were hurt, followed by a rendition of Sana Sana culito de rana si no sana hoy sana manana. You must have been a master practitioner because it hasn’t worked as well for me :).

    You always made sure we were well fed, either by cunning or will. I ate my green beans because you told me they were tabaquitos like grandpa. I would later walk around with a green bean in my mouth like groucho marx. If I tried to wait you out at the table I was met by failure. Today its a rarity if I dislike a food.

    You encouraged me to defend myself when you saw I was being picked on, but you also taught me to be fair and understanding. You had a wonderful sense of humor and enjoyed a good limerick. Most important you showed us how to work hard but enjoy life. There were so many moments, so many lessons, you were a gift. I will miss you. Te quierro mucho, mucho, mucho.


  2. You never knew what Facebook was, but if you did, knowing how you would say it makes me laugh… I posted this for you on my Facebook for your 97th birthday. My earliest memories are with you.

    “Happy 97th Birthday Tati (My Grandma)!!! You are the only person I have the earliest memories with. Two, I was only two, but I remember so clearly two memories. We lived in the Pasatiempo house. 1) we were in the kitchen. I in diaper only. You pulled a pill apart and powdery stuff fell in my apple juice. You handed me my apple juice. I threw it right back at you smile emoticon:) You yelled, there was a cono tu madre, a culicagada, and then praise for being the smartest two year old there was. 2) Before my room was built it was an office with slider type shutter doors. I was leaning against the doors with one hand with my legs crossed. You and Quiqui were sitting at the table in your usual spots. You asked if I was going ‘caca’. I acknowledge. That was it. I don’t know why I remember these specific occurrences but I do, and that is what keeps the memory of who you were alive in my head/heart vs. the body you are left with on this 97th birthday. You were a hard ass and there are bad memories and good. I was the lucky one. I was the baby. Not only my parents baby, but your baby and you told me everyday. I miss who you were and I’m sad that your mind went far before your body. I love you and I hope that the little memory you experience everyday is of the good memories. Happy Birthday my Tati….”

    You were so good to me. Sometimes it’s embarrassing to tell people how spoiled I was. But that is silly. Why should I be embarrassed. I was lucky. I will always be thankful for the little things. Turning the heater on in the car for a few minutes before I got in so I was always warm. Turning the heater on in the morning so it was warm when I woke up for school. Running the shower so when I got in the water was already hot. Laying my clothes out on the bed so I could get ready. Sitting in your recliner with my cartoons on and my cereal ready with my favorite spoon that changed colors. The endless requests for tortilla de queso (you would try fold it and burn the edges which made it so good), tortilla de papa, papas fritas, and it was only once in a blue moon for some reason, but you would make crepes and they were tasty. I could go on…. You definitely spoiled me, you cared for me, you loved me….

    I wish your mind did not go before your body. I wish you could have known my kids. I know Alix would have made you laugh. And I can only imagine how you would be with Luca, the boy!

    Thank you for loving me. Thank you for being there for me whenever I needed you no questions asked. I couldn’t have had a better Grandma. I love you, Tati….

  3. Cyndy Breit says:

    I was very fortunate to have all four of my grandparents in my life for as long as I have. There is nothing like the unconditional love and support that you receive from a grandparent.

    My grandparents have taught me oh so many things,,.

    How to tie my shoe
    How to write my name
    How to ride a bike
    How to drive a car
    How to make change
    How to calculate the tangent of an angle
    How to read an oscilloscope
    What to do when your baby won’t stop crying
    How to teach your toddler how to go down the stairs safely

    But most importantly, my grandmother, who I called “Tati” taught me how to be strong, courageous and brave. How to fight for what I deserve and that I am deserving and to never make excuses for who I am. These life lessons I will always carry with me and hope that I pass them down not only in words but in my actions.

    ~ I love you Tati, Thank you,..

  4. Angie Velez says:

    My mom was courageous, stubborn, direct, and never afraid to be herself. She has made me laugh, she has made me mad, but I love her and I appreciate all she has always done for me. Her family and her role as mother and grandmother was the most important thing to her. This is where she drew her strength and left her legacy.

    I will miss her but I know she is at peace with the Lord and happy in Heaven with her parents, husband, son, friends and other family member who predeceased her.

    I love and miss you, mom!

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