Deirdre Clare Reilly

Deirdre Clare Reilly

April 04, 1959 - February 16, 2016

Deirdre Clare Reilly

April 04, 1959 - February 16, 2016


Deirdre Clare Reilly, 56, of Aliso Viejo. Following a long struggle with cancer she died peacefully on February 16, 2016, in her home surrounded by family. Daughter of Dolores F. Reilly and the late Dr. Philip J. Reilly of Sacramento, Deirdre is survived by her mother; siblings: Chris, Paul, Seana, Mary, Tom and Conn; sisters-in-law, Suzanne, Bridget, Paula; as well as her exuberant and loving extended family including her uncle, aunts, many cousins, nieces and nephews, and devoted friends. She was preceded in death by her beloved brother, Philip A. Reilly.

Deirdre was Sacramento born and bred. She spent elementary years at Our Lady of the Assumption, graduated from Loretto High School, and studied at American River College. Deirdre was a dedicated union member and 31-year employee of Pacific Bell and AT&T.

A creative spirit who shone brightest within the circle of her family and friends, Deirdre’s laughter and smiles will be missed.

Deirdre’s memorial service will be held:
Saturday, April 16, 2016
1:00 to 4:00pm
Folsom Rotary Clubhouse
7150 Baldwin Dam Road
Folsom, CA 94630

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20 responses to Deirdre Clare Reilly

  1. Ive known DeeDee for 45 years. She was fun, silly and goofy at her best. We have so many memories. I’ll miss our outings, movies and daily conversations. Rest in peace my friend.

  2. I’ve known DeeDee most of my life. She was fun, goofy and silly at her best. I will miss our outings, daily conversations and movie nights. Rest in peace dear Friend. No more suffering and fear.

  3. Kay M says:

    These pictures bring back so many fond memories of Dee Dee. She was a bright light of energy and joy! Although I haven’t seen her in many years, I have never forgotten her. I am heartbroken…. The Reilly family is in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. I can feel the love..these memories are so comforting. The Mom

  5. I’ve been reading pages of generous accolades on the memorial pages about some ladies’ bubbly character, kindness and generosity – They’re going to miss her so much… Are they talking about my sister? I was one of her personal assistants prior to her move to S.Cal. There are other perspectives. I was pretty mushy and shocked by my brother Phillip passed away. We were still kids. However I got to interact wtih an adult “Deirdre” on a frequent basis.

    The N.Cal Reilly’s (mom, sibs), S.Cal Reilly’s (Mary, Conn, others) all the Quinlans (Michael, Donnel, Ellie, John, et al) the Warnshuis crew (Terri & Hugh Gorman, Anna, John and others) had tag-teamed to comfort her, provide for her, tend to her needs, conduct medical transport for treatments, and her eccentric fads. Beyond the call of duty, and at great personal sacrifice, hat’s-off to mom and to our only reality-based liaison for medical information, Seana, RN.

    Prior to illness, Deirdre could argue about anything: farm to fork, free-range, whole foods, religion, family relationships, and chicken nuggets (that was a doozy). After her diagnosis, a small difference of perception from Deirdre’s reality could easily escalate into major contention. You could be “cut,” banished from the circle of trust. I witnessed a constant rotation of villains and heroes (code for family & friends) drawn-in or cast from the “Deirdre Sphere.” Most made it back into her grace prior to her passing, others did not. That is tragedy. All would have given everything for her.

    No stranger to manic or OCD tendencies myself, Deirdre and I enjoyed some the best of times and worst of times together. A bit scary… I do appreciate some of her mojo.

    I really loved Deirdre. I started to mourn her loss more than a year ago. The extended path of illness had played a wicked toll on her disposition, character, and judgement. After her diagnosis, I witnessed unusual behaviors and her repeated attempts to side-line some of her closest relationships; perhaps a test of our resolve, her journey would be arduous. The “Deirdre Sphere” had always been welcome to reconciliation, yet the illness and meds had overwhelmed her.

    I was most recently banished from the Sphere for a misappropriation of junk (yes, the abandoned bed. I’m so totally over that chapter). I had been cast from the Sphere the day we cleared her Newcastle home. My subsequent admittance for absolution from Deirdre was brokered by Seana and Tom ( …for they shall inherit the earth). I know many others did not have my advantage or opportunity for access to Deirdre, yet I am glad I received her blessing the eave of her passing.

    God bless Marie L. and Judy W. We stepped-up for a few years, However, both of you gals kept Deirdre on the rails throughout her life. Marie & Judy provided endless support for Deirdre – I am so thankful you were both a part of her life. Dear Kinder-Sisters – you will always be a part of our family too.

    Bridget & Tom. The extent of your grace to provide structure and accommodation for Deirdre is peerless. It is unconscionable that she toyed with your favor in the Sphere. You were both at the core of the moorings for her world. I am sorry she could not find adequate facility to honor you both. Bridget, I know you sacrificed time with your own family members and your career to accommodate Deirdre. Tom – you side-lined your own life almost two years to be there for Deirdre. None of us had given more.

    New York, Florida, the moon. You both showed there were no limits to your reach with selfless contribution and empathy for our sister. The “Bridget & Tom” recognition pages would fill a journal. You are both gracious and humble people – Peace be with you for your compassion towards Deirdre, even when she was not able to reciprocate. Thank you is not enough, but that’s all I have.

    So when I read the generous accolades in the memorial pages, I must testify, that is my sister they’re talking about. She was absolutely illuminated during her struggle. That is the light from my family they’re talking about. I’m so proud to be a part of your lives too.

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