Corey Adam Witzel

Corey Adam Witzel

July 14, 1982 - October 15, 2005

Corey Adam Witzel

July 14, 1982 - October 15, 2005


Corey was a voracious reader, student of philosophy and religion and valued intellectual exercise. He was a poet who loved music. He is survived by his parents Tom and Faye Witzel; brothers Craig S. and Colin T. Witzel and grandmother Madelyne Ellzey; and good friends Daniel, Pierre and Ramy.

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83 responses to Corey Adam Witzel

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  1. Hey buddy, I can’t believe it’s been almost two years since you left us. You’re in my thoughts regularly, I guess I found my way here because I wanted to let you know how I’ve missed you. Using this box and this message board seem to make me forget for a split second. Like I’m leaving you the message that you’ll read one day. It hurts without you here man, the world is deprived of so much joy and laughter with you gone. Rest in peace old friend.

  2. Colin says:

    Corey. It’s been ten years since anyone has placed a comment on this site. You have been gone for twelve. I have always tried to keep you at a distance since you have been gone. I carry a deep burden of regret that sometimes brings me to the point of madness. I could have done something as your older brother to prevent this. These thoughts fill me like a battle wound that cannot be mended. Looking at your pictures even today can bring me to my knees. It’s a darkness within me that I feel is justified as I continue on without you. I let you down in a way that cannot be reconciled on any level. I don’t ask for comfort in these moments. I just look to the day when I can hug you again and tell you how much I’ve missed and loved you.

    Your brother,


  3. I feel compelled to do this, even though this world has existed far too long without you,

    I have always wondered where you ended up. We would talk for hours every day and you were one of my closest friends from my youth. We kept in touch through my multiple relocations until we didn’t, which was a void I always felt. And for that I will forever be regretful.

    So many times I have looked you up on Facebook, wondering who in the world wouldn’t have facebook. I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t. Something made me Google you yesterday, which led me to this page. The reunion I was always hoping for won’t come in this lifetime.

    My deepest condolences to family and friends. I wish your family didn’t have to experience this loss, and what a loss it has been. Corey was an amazing human being, someone who really left a mark on me through some of the hardest years in anyone’s life. I don’t know if I ever met a purer soul than he was.

    Corey, I am thankful for the all the time I did get to have with you. Funny, most of it was spent talking on the phone like young people do, but it led us to some very significant conversations, realizations, and growth, even for teenagers. You were my confidant and closest ally, even if we weren’t in the same city or even country. Honestly, you probably helped mold me into the person I am today and for that I am forever grateful.

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