Parviz Allahyari Tafreshi

Parviz Allahyari Tafreshi

September 23, 1945 - March 31, 2008

Parviz Allahyari Tafreshi

September 23, 1945 - March 31, 2008


Parviz Tafreshi was a beautiful man. His kindness, patience, sense of humor, and ingenuity made him one of a kind. As a husband to Farie, his unconditional love made every moment of her life a precious gift. As a father to Shawn, he was a mentor, passing his wisdom and kindness with a simple loving hug, and his unforgettable laughter.  
He taught everyone who met him what was truly important in this brief life we all live. The simplest things most people take for granted, he embraced and treasured. He fought unimaginable health crises with dignity and a smile. He fought so very hard, for so very long, not for himself, but for his wife, son, and new-found daughter, Bahar. He danced at Shawn and Bahar’s wedding last year and proclaimed it to be the happiest day of his life. His family and friends meant everything to him.
Parviz loved hunting dove and quail, gardening, creating works of unique art, bird watching, cooking, and fixing anything and I mean anything that was broken. He was a technical wizard, who could create a phenomenal work of art from the earth, using nothing but his hands. He believed in the wondrous intricacies of the natural world, embracing its beauty whenever he could. His spirit is alive today in the garden he created. His vibrant energy lives on in the hearts of all who loved him.
If you are reading this, you know that he was a magnificent story teller. He remembered details of his childhood as if it happened yesterday. He never forgot someone he had met. As a result, we will be informally telling stories at his memorial. Before I go on, I must state quite honestly that he did not like the darkness and bleakness of funerals. He wanted his life to be celebrated by his friends and family wearing white or vibrant colors, anything other than black.
For the memorial service, please think of a story up to 5 minutes, that captures the human being he was. All of you will be asked to come to a podium and speak. Parviz wanted family and friends to celebrate his passing with storytelling, and with colors. The best thing you can do in his memory is to create laughter at his memorial, just like he created laughter in our hearts.  
I love you with all my heart,                                                                                                   
Shawn Tafreshi  -proud son
MEMORIAL SERVICE                                                                                                                  
El Toro Memorial Park                                                                                                                      
25751 Trabuco Rd., Lake Forest, CA 92630                                                                    
Saturday April 5, 2008, 11:00am – 1:30pm                                                                                  
The Park will be on your right hand side. Once you enter, look to your right on a small field of grass. You will see a tent. That is where the memorial will be held. Park your car anywhere you can.
4 Seasons Restaurant Formerly Darband                                                                                   
14210 Culver Dr., Irvine, CA 92604                                                                                  
3:00pm-5:00pm  *More stories will be shared
In lieu of flowers, my father would prefer an alternative. For a decade, Parviz and Farie have helped support Moloud Sarlak, a girl living in Poverty in Khuzestan, Iran. She is one of 7 children who lost their father far too soon. If you are inclined, you may donate cash or a check to cash of any amount. Farie and Shawn will guarantee that every penny is donated in Parviz’s honor.

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63 responses to Parviz Allahyari Tafreshi

  1. My Uncle was the greatest man. He was filled with wisdom and love. His artistic ablity to create the things he did were incredible. He was a genius.
    One important memory I have of him was during his final vacation. We went to the Grand Canyon together. Even during this time he was ill, and it really was incredible how he would muster up enough energy to walk with us and enjoy the canyon. Until the day he passed away he was a fighter.
    Instead of being given the gift of live, he really did give life a gift by being the person he was.

  2. Parvis,
    Whenever I think of you, I laugh!
    You were by far one of the, no, THE, silliest man I knew. Any time I spent with you and Farie was always joyful and fun-filled. Any time I’d look at you, I’d smile. That is what I shall always remember about you. You didn’t let on that you were suffering–you moved through your life with apparent grace and ease, even though I always knew it was a challenge. Making others comfortable was your gift.
    At my 50th birthday party, 15 years ago, I looked over and there you were with a magic marker drawing on the balloons. Later, when everyone was gone, I saw different faces of my guests drawn on those balloons!
    Quietly talented, patiently ingenious, creatively coming up with ideas for inventions – that’s who you were. You will always live on in my heart. I am sorry that life presented you with so many challenges. Your mind was always working, crafting something, being artful.
    I am writing all of this so as not to cry at your loss, because I know that you would not want me to be sad.
    I shall miss you so very much.
    Farie and Shawn, my love to you both as you endure a most painful segment of your lives.

  3. Thank you for letting me be part of your lives as your wonderful husband and father is put to rest. I am Kim Depenbrok’s mother. We were happy to have you with us as Tim, my grandson, was laid to rest. The ties that bind us together will always be an inspiration as we strive to achieve such perfection in our own lives while continuing on this awesome journey called life. May God be with you all.

  4. Dear brother,

    I have no words, the only thing I can say is that he was a wonderful father and a wonderful husband. I felt myself at home like connor said everytime that I remember him.

    I know that he loves you, your mum and bahar so much that his entire soul is on your hearts.

    I will always had a good remember of my american uncle.

    Carpe diem my dear Parviz. I will remember your laughs at the mosque of cordoba, your wonderful stories at the medinat-alzahra…

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