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Holding a funeral or memorial service for your loved one is a positive first step in the grieving process. In the days, weeks and months ahead, people continue to need others to lean on for understanding, encouragement and guidance. We want to be there for you each step of the way, and in doing so we have created various opportunities for you to receive that special support and care.  This includes local grief support groups, interactive grief videos, our online Article Archives, as well as an opportunity to sign up for our 365 day email Affirmations. It's all about complete care.

  • Interactive Aftercare

    Interactive Grief Videos

    Whether you’ve recently experienced loss, or simply want to know how to better help a friend or family member, these videos explore the dimensions and dynamics of grief. It’s online grief education with style and substance.

  • Interactive Aftercare

    Online Article Archive

    Each of our articles is available online to provide you with immediate comfort, insight, and practical tips on dealing with your own grief, or the sorrow of friends or family members. There are over 60 articles to choose from.

  • Interactive Aftercare

    Daily Email Affirmations

    These messages of hope, healing and affirmation are delivered to your email inbox every day. Reader testimonials have shown their value, and we invite you to subscribe. It’s easy, and you can unsubscribe when you're ready.

  • Group Grief Support

    Support Group Listings

    We offer online support groups which meet once a month. Yet, when you’re ready to step into the wider world again, our listing of local support groups can lead you to the warmth of open arms, and understanding hearts.

  • Printable Brochures

    Printable Brochures

    Helping someone find their way through the changes and often painful emotions that arise during the days, weeks and months that follow a death can be difficult. Our printable brochures will be a welcome gift for someone you love.

  • Recommended Reading

    Recommended Reading

    So many wonderful books have been written about grief and loss. Our list of valuable books was compiled by our experienced staff, and based on professional experience, or recommendations from our client families.

  • GriefPerspectives Archive
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