Hindu Traditions: Common Questions

Whether you are planning or attending Hindu ceremony, we understand that you may have questions. O’Connor Mortuary is here for you: below, you’ll find answers to common queries regarding various Hindu funeral customs.

Additionally, our friendly, experienced staff is here for any other information you may need: it is our priority to provide you with answers and peace of mind.

1What type of ceremony options do I have for my loved one's funeral?
Our staff is committed to honoring cultural traditions and helping your family create the ceremony that would best honor your loved one’s life. Whether your family wants a visitation, funeral ceremony or simple cremation, our staff will be available to help make the appropriate selections and care for the details.
2What are appropriate behaviors and customs for Hindu funerals in the United States?
There is generally a visitation with an open casket, as it is customary for guests to view the deceased. This portion of the ceremony often occurs at the home of the deceased, but can also be held at the funeral home. During the service, a priest presides over the funeral service, reciting hymns and mantras. Often, sacrifices are made to the Hindu gods.

Guests may dress casually, but the preferred mourning color is white. Do not bring food or flowers.

Another ceremony is sometimes held at the home of the deceased ten days after the wake. This is intended to liberate the soul for its ascent into heaven. Guests are encouraged to bring fresh fruits.