Yoshio Imoriya

Yoshio Imoriya

May 15, 1957 - August 05, 2005

Yoshio Imoriya

May 15, 1957 - August 05, 2005


Yoshio ‘Terry’ Imoriya passed away suddenly, August 5, 2005, at age of 48. He was born in Hokkaido, Japan, but had lived in Aliso Viejo for over 14 years. He was employed at SMK Electronics, and prior to that, at Newport Corporation and Futaba Corporation of America.

He is survived by Naomi Imoriya, his loving wife of over 13 years. Terry and Naomi were a devoted team, always together and supporting each other in their life together. Terry throroughly enjoyed helping people and always put others ahead of himself. His hobbies included vegetable gardening, raising orchids, fishing, boating, and traveling. Loved and appreciated by friends and family, he will be greatly missed and always remembered in our hearts.

Should anyone want to share some memories or thoughts about howTerry touch your life, we welcome your sharing.

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5 responses to Yoshio Imoriya

  1. Uyemura says:


    I’m so sad to hear of Terry’s passing. Everyday I think about him and can’t believe he is no longer with us. Terry was so full of life, always happy. He will be missed dearly. Love, cathy

  2. David Suzuki says:

    Terry will be missed. His gentle nature, his generous willingness to help, and his laugh and smile will be sorely missed. I will remember his passions, gently and quietly expressed. His passion for fishing the images of him helping Michael and Jennie catch trout will not be forgotten. His passion for orchids nurturing the growth and blooming of these reflections of beauty. His passion for Naomi helping her grow and blossom, sharing life’s adventures, being the loving and caring companion. I will remember him and his passions.

    I will remember that Terry, like the monkey that fell out of the tree, did make mistakes, or at least one mistake. There is an image of him high in the Sierras, surrounded by beautiful mountains and deep valleys, trying to break into the trunk of his car because he forgot his keys were in the trunk when he closed it. Of course Terry didn’t let this mistake ruin his trip, though his trunk lock was rather mangled. I will remember this image as a reflection of Terry’s patient determination and the way in which he met life’s challenges and moved forward.

    I will remember Terry and the remembrance will lessen the pain. At the same time that we miss Terry, his kind and gentle spirit will be remembered and he will continue to exist in our hearts.

    All my love to Naomi in this time of sorrow.


  3. Mike Suzuki says:

    I am deeply saddened by the Terry’s passing, although thoughts of his life have brightened my spirits. I’ve known Terry most of my life, at least ever since I can remember. Terry and Naomi were very good friends of the family, and we spent countless hours with them over the years.

    One of my fondest memories of Terry was when he took me fishing, since it was one of his favorite hobbies and as a young kid I loved it too. When we all went to Mammoth, Terry took my Dad and I to a stream in the valley to go trout fishing. Of course he was the professional, so he caught three HUGE trout. Only with his help, guidance, and patience with me, was I able to catch my single trout. Terry always had a kind heart, so he let me wear his big rubber boots so I wouldn’t ruin my shoes in the mud. Later on, he taught me how to clean and prepare the fish to eat. When we got back to their house, he even paid me to wash and wax his big 4-Runner.

    We all sometimes take life for granted, always thinking that you will see someone again soon. Since my family moved to Indiana, we haven’t been able to see Terry and Naomi very much. My only regret is that it’s been so long since I’ve been out there to see them, and now it’s too late.

    Now that Terry has passed on, all we can do is cherish the time we spent with him, and never forget. Terry, I love you like an uncle. I’ll miss you.

    Nana, my heart is with you. I wish I could be out there. Take care.

    Love always,

  4. Imagine the beauty of it- that moment when the soul of a loved one returns to the stars, the voices each whispering, I remember you.
    We are thinking of you in your time of sorrow. Hiroko & Cera

  5. Jenn Suzuki says:

    My memories of Terry are limited, but most definitely good. Like my brother and my dad, though my brother seems to have left me out of his memory, I remember trout fishing with him. I remember piling into the 4-Runner and driving over bumpy ground. There were plastic bags over my shoes so that they wouldn’t get soaked. Later on, he and my brother cleaned the fish, while I looked on in mild disgust.
    My memories of Terry are a bit random, but they are all of a kind, generous, patient person, and I wish that I could be in SoCal . Take care.

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