Victor Bernard Kobett

Victor Bernard Kobett

March 14, 1928 - May 19, 2018
Mission Viejo CA

Victor Bernard Kobett

March 14, 1928 - May 19, 2018
Mission Viejo CA


Victor B. Kobett
March 14, 1928 – May 19, 2018

Victor was born and raised in St. Joseph, Missouri. He was the fourth of Ernest and Mabel Kobett’s six children. After attending St. James School through eighth grade, he graduated mid-term from Benton High School to enlist in the armed service. WWII Basic Training was completed at Fort Leavenworth and then he was sent to March Field in Riverside, California. Vic was assigned to the Army Air Corps of Engineers. He was deployed to Guam, Greenland and Japan. At the end of the war Corporal Vic was honorably discharged to pick his life up. The family had moved to California.

With the aid of the GI Bill, Bic enrolled in Pasadena City College and completed an A.A. Degree. He was employed in the office of Knudsen, in the accounting department. He had made some friends and he was involved in the youth group at St. Philip Church. His life was beginning to become whole once again. Korea was just on the verge of war. His new friends had not been in war before, they convinced Vic that if he signed up for the reserves he would not be drafted since he had seen action already in WWII. War was declared and Vic received a call to report the next day for active duty. He was in the Navy now! He reported for duty in San Diego California. He was assigned to a destroyer, the USS Jenkins 447. Their mission was to patrol the seas and detect Korean ships and destroy them. Once again he was honorably discharged when the war ended. This time he needed to really pick up the pieces.

He enrolled at Cal State University L.A. where he earned a B.S. and an M.S. Degree in public administration. He was the first in his family to go on to graduate college.

Vic had an outstanding career as a Director of Community Services. After retiring and moving to Orange County he enrolled in all types of Saddleback classes, Yoga, stained glass, birding, Opera History and sang in a chorus. In addition, he volunteered numerous hours at Sea Country Senior Center, St. Timothy Catholic Church, San Juan Capistrano Mission, Gardening Angel, Foster Parent, Ambassador Donate Life, South County Outreach and house building with Corazon in Mexico. After moving to Mission Viejo, he became involved once again with the Murray Senior and Community Center, serving on the senior advisory board and volunteering to work many events. He was an active member of a men’s walking group, former directors in the cities in Orange County.

Vic resided in California 1947-2018.

Victor Kobett passed away in San Juan Capistrano at the age of 90. All of his siblings have preceded him in death.

Vic is survived by his wife of 57 years, Lorraine, two sons and a grandson. Son Greg is a landscape architect living in Denmark. Kenneth is a sound engineer for prime-time TV dramas. He lives with his wife and son in California. Grandson Owen runs cross country with his high school team.


In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to

Alzheimer’s Disease Research
22512 Gateway Center Drive
Clarksburg, MD 20871


Adult Day Care Program
Mt. of Olives Church
24772 Chrisanta Drive
Mission Viejo, CA 92691
(949) 581-3800


United States Navy Memorial
PO Box 96570
Washington, D.C. 20090-6570


The National World War II Museum
National Processing Center
PO Box 97336
Washington D.C. 20090-7336


St. Labre Indian School
Ashland, MT 59004


Maryvale Orphanage
7600 East Graves Avenue
Rosemead, CA 91770
(626) 537-3359


The Sophie Miller Foundation
605 E. Huntington Drive
Suite 207
Monrovia, CA 91016
(626) 403-5408


Celebration Of Life

  • Date & Time: June 30, 2018 (10:00 AM - 1:00 PM)
  • Venue: The Covington
  • Location: 3 Pursuit Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 - (Get Directions)

Graveside Service

  • Date & Time: July 07, 2018 (12:30 PM)
  • Venue: Riverside National Cemetery
  • Location: 22495 Van Buren Blvd. Riverside, CA 92518 - (Get Directions)
  • Phone Number: (951) 653-8417

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20 responses to Victor Bernard Kobett

  1. I was introduced to Victor by Lorraine at Mission Viejo committee meeting. I remember Victor and we took a long hike years ago at Thomas wilderness park and we both enjoyed it. I enjoyed very much Vic’s company and remember what a wonderful and kind person he was. Thank you Lorraine for introducing Vic to me.
    My wife Linda and I extend to you and you family our sincere condolences.

  2. It was with a heavy heart of sadness to hear of Vic’s passing——–just as it was years earlier to hear of his diagnosis requiring him to leave his home and all that was familiar and complete with joyful memories. Our life’s journey was made brighter because of our family friendship, enjoying camping, holiday gatherings and family visits. Vic was the perfect fit for his chosen career path in Park and Recreation. He had fun ideas to share with all age groups. From the twinkle in his eyes, the smile on his face to his humor——it was just fun to be in his company.
    A man of great faith, a patriot, a model citizen and devoted husband, dad and family man now rests in the hands of his Lord and Savior.
    Peace to you dear friend. You led a good life and was a role model to all.
    Prayers of comfort to Lorraine, sons and family.

  3. Mardel Kolls says:

    In Memory of Victor Kobett

    I was 17 years old when I met Vic for the first time. He had managed to sweep my sister right off her feet. I was intrigued as to how this could have happened by this rather handsome and quiet, unassuming “older man”. You see, Vic was 30 and my sister was 20. Who could guess he would become my boss a year later! Vic gave me a summer job at a local park in Pico Rivera as a recreation leader and I liked it so much I stayed on to run an afterschool program while I was a student at California State University, Los Angeles. Vic was a great boss, always encouraging new ideas but with city policy and safety in mind. I mention this because he agreed to let me run a talent show at the park, at night. Only an 18-year old would organize a community talent show in a predominantly low income Mexican community. We had a Mariachi band, dancers with castanets in traditional dress, talented kids and 400 guests. I just wanted to build parent involvement. Vic arranged police and we never had a single incident. I remember that evening when he stopped by, all he could say was “Wow, good turnout!” He took the chance, and that opportunity he gave me was priceless and the experience has served me well as I helped start and run afterschool programs for low income kids in Georgia years later. I tell you this because it leads me to a story that best characterizes Vic as I remember him and relates to a more recent memory that makes me smile each time I remember this visit to Silverado. It must have been 2012 when I made a trip out to California. I had not seen Vic since my husband’s funeral in 2011. Vic had been in Silverado for about a year. I wasn’t sure he would recognize me, but to my surprise he greeted me saying, “I’m so glad to see you, I’ve been wanting to talk to you.” I was THRILLED he remembered me. We picked up our iced tea and walked outside to the patio. Within just a few minutes I realized Vic thought I was his supervisor at the City, when he began very politely to ask me for a raise by saying,

    “Recently my job here, which I enjoy very much, has included some additional responsibilities such as tree cutting, street lights and park maintenance of grounds, which I don’t mind, and I’m happy to do it but I was wondering if I will be receiving compensation for this added responsibility, which I don’t mind doing” to which I replied, “I’m sure we can work something out in the budget for you Vic.” He looked so relieved and said, “Really, I don’t mind the work.” He then asked me how I liked my boss at the park and I knew he was remembering 1960 as if it were today. We laughed and talked about that Pico Rivera Park job we both never forgot. He asked me if I had received safety training to which I replied, “Oh yes, Bob told me to keep the door locked and showed me that two dimes were taped to the bottom of the office payphone in case of an emergency.” Vic smiled and replied, “That’s Bob all right.”

    Vic was very humble about his military experiences. I asked him about it once, as he was the only person I knew that served both in the US Army and then in the Navy. He told me he was from Missouri and there wasn’t much work, so he followed in his brother’s footsteps to join the Army when he was just 17 if I remember that right. A few years later he joined the Navy. Vic served his country for 8 years which was a pretty amazing sacrifice for a young person, but he remained very humble about it his whole life. He was also one of the few veterans that could still fit into his uniforms years later. Vic was a devout Catholic and I truly believe God watched over him all of his days. He loved his family very much and handled how own difficult journey with grace and humor. He never lost his sense of humor.

    Rest in Peace, Victor Kobett. I am truly sorry I am unable to honor Vic in person on June 30.

    Mardel Kolls, Sister-in-law, Co-worker and Friend

  4. I wish I had been fortunate enough to have met Vic before his Silverado days. But even though not having the opportunity to meet him before his challenges with Altztimers, I was still amazingly fortunate to meet a most incredibly kind, loving, jovial person… one who lived life to the fullest… shared his joy and witt with everyone he met, and gave us all the best example of how to love others unconditionally (including his love affair with his equally lovely and beautiful wife/best friend, Lorraine… what a pair!).
    I pray for lovely memories to dwell in the minds of all who are feeling the loss of Vic from their dailies … that smiles and laughter will replace the tears.
    Much love sent to Lorraine and extended family and friends…

  5. Dru Maurer says:

    Dearest Lorraine:

    We were not able to attend the service but you and Vic were in our thoughts and prayers. We are so grateful we had the time to get to know Vic and are full of love and admiration for you two.

    Blessings to you and your family,
    Dru and Larry

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