Timothy Robert McGuire

Timothy Robert McGuire

September 28, 1956 - September 22, 2019
Mission Viejo CA

Timothy Robert McGuire

September 28, 1956 - September 22, 2019
Mission Viejo CA


Illinois native and long time Mission Viejo resident Timothy Robert McGuire passed away September 22, 2019 with his family by his side.

He is survived by his wife Dolores, his two children Maryla and Casey, and his grandson Walter.

Tim’s focus throughout his life was always on his loved ones. He embodied the role of the patriarch and had the ability to make even a recent acquaintance feel like an integral part of his family.

Tim always left a lasting impression with the people he met. He could be relied upon for the most sound advice you could seek, while always being the first to crack a joke. Everywhere he went he had everyone laughing along side with him.

Whether Tim was on the water with a pole in his hands or casually monitoring the barbecue leading up to a family get together, you always knew the results would be the same; Whatever Tim wanted them to be.

Relatives and friends are invited to a visitation between 3pm-5pm on Friday September 27, 2019 at O’Connor Mortuary, 25301 Alicia Parkway, Laguna Hills CA 92653.

A Celebrant will be sharing stories about Tim at 3:30pm.

There will be a celebration of his life following the visitation at
El Torito
24301 Avenida De La Carlota
Laguna Hills, CA

Food will be served from 6pm-7:30pm



  • Date & Time: September 27, 2019 (3:00 PM - 5:00 PM)
  • Venue: O'Connor Mortuary
  • Location: 25301 Alicia Parkway Laguna Hills, CA 92653 - (Get Directions)
  • Phone Number: (949) 581-4300

Celebration Of Life

  • Date & Time: September 27, 2019 (6:00 PM - 7:30 PM)
  • Venue: El Torito Restaurant Laguna Hills
  • Location: 24301 Avenida de la Carlota Laguna Hills, CA 92653 - (Get Directions)

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24 responses to Timothy Robert McGuire

  1. Bob Wakeman says:

    Tim McGuire – The man, The myth, The legend.

    That was the the general feeling I had when I went into meeting Tim for the first time. Some “people in the know” made him out to be an incredibly intimidating, hard nosed, protecting individual. It felt like I was preparing to meet the leader of a country at war, and dare I be unimpressive, I would immediately be sent to the front lines to meet my fate at his hands.

    My first meeting with Tim was unique for me. I had dinner in his home, with his family, and for once I felt like I needed to do all the talking. I highly disliked the feeling I was having. I didn’t know what was coming over me but by the end of the night I decided that I absolutely needed to have this man’s approval.

    I had already decided that I wanted to marry his daughter Maryla. I knew that the night I met her. What bothered me though, was that he knew that I wanted that, and he was going to make me work for it. Tim struck me as one of the most complicated yet calculated men I had ever met. I had met “fathers” before but somehow, even then, I knew this was different.

    Fast forward a few months, I’m working at a new job and putting in more hours than I ever thought possible. I would try to tell Tim about how hard I had been working at the job and he would turn his iPad around to face me and it was a Led Zeppelin video going. We would spend the next 30 minutes listening to great music together on his patio without speaking a word. Tim never told me that I needed to do anything to prove myself to him, but he is the type of person that you naturally want to impress. That was my mission: Impress him enough that he would ultimately let me marry his daughter.

    A few years later, I decided it was time to ask for his permission to propose to Maryla. I had meticulously tracked his schedule up to this point. I knew he came home every night at the same time and that was when I would get him. When he was exhausted from a day’s work and not expecting me. I showed up a little early to prepare myself and calm my nerves. Dolores greeted me and told me I could sit in the kitchen and wait for him. Tim showed up about two hours later than normal. I will always wonder if he somehow knew what I was planning and it was a power play on his part.

    He came in, I asked him to talk, he sat down. I told him I loved his daughter and that I wanted to ask her to marry me. He smiled. If I could ever give a great compliment to another man, it would be to Tim McGuire for his truly genuine smile. He stared me straight in the eyes. He said “I know you will take care of her”. Then he asked me if I wanted a beer. I said yes.

    Tim McGuire was a giant among men. I never met a more compassionate, honest, giving individual in my life. He, whether he knew it or not, drove me to be a better man, just to have the opportunity to be his son in law. I will always consider myself truly blessed for knowing him and grateful that he lives on through my son.

    We will miss you Tim, but we will not forget you. I’ll see you again someday and maybe I’ll finally beat you at a game of pool.

  2. Jeff Weber says:

    As many people recall here, I knew Tim to be a “gentle giant” of a man as well. He was a good friend and coworker of mine for nearly 20 years! On several occasions, I would be experiencing an extra stressful day at work and need to walk outside for some air, in order to “clear my head” ¯ Often, during these moments, I would step outside and lo and behold, there would be Tim rolling down the rows of cars in a golf cart with a big cigar in hand. He must have had similar ideas to my own and fortunately for me, they would often coincided time wise with mine. In any event, we would “meet up” and have a chat for 10-15 minutes or so. With both of us being music lovers, the topic would always revolve around something to do with music and/or guitars. During these conversations, Tim would always seem to mention his very talented son Casey (a guitar player) or his beautiful daughter Maryla (a dancer). He was so proud of both of them and obviously loved them profoundly! At any rate, I would eventually have to “blow off some steam” and Tim would just listen and occasionally crack that all knowing grin. He was a great listener and always knew just what to say, “Don’t worry about it” † Needless to mention, I always felt a sense of relief after one of our “parking lot discussions” and it was a result of Tim’s quite and reassuring demeanor. Thanks Tim! You will be sorely missed, but never forgotten! Btw, please say hello to Hendrix and Les Paul for me! 

  3. Raleigh says:

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  4. Milt Bolski says:

    Dear family,
    I have just found out about Tim’s passing. I am deeply saddened. While I realize that it has been some time since his passing, please accept my sincerest sympathies.
    I was in the auto finance business when I first met “Dadski/Grandadski”. He was an account of mine and one of the finest gentlemen in the business. I was proud to have known Tim and honored to be able to call him friend.
    Tim, whether it be an Old Style or a Vodka Tonic, my next one will be in your honor!
    Gods speed my friend. My prayers to you and your family!

  5. Geoff Arkley says:

    Geoff Arkley

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