Thomas Patrick Sweeney

Thomas Patrick Sweeney

August 27, 1929 - August 23, 2011

Thomas Patrick Sweeney

August 27, 1929 - August 23, 2011


Thomas Patrick Sweeney lives in , passed away at the age of 81.
Born on August 27, 1929 and passed away on August 23, 2011.

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14 responses to Thomas Patrick Sweeney

  1. Marypat says:

    Dearest Patrick & Colleen, To me, it seems it was not that long ago that your Dad my “papason” looked like the picture you have posted struttting his US Army uniform! Since I heard the news of your great loss this week, my mind has flashed on so many wonderful Holiday memories…. in Hawaii, Maryland and Virginia. I will always cherish these in my heart. Thank you for sharing Sweeney traditions & family times. I love you both. Call anytime – for anything. Blessings, Marypat

  2. Dan Collins says:

    We will miss you Tom! My condolences to the entire Sweeney family. I love you all. See you at Arlington. Dan

  3. Ian Diaz says:

    Why did you leave so early? You still had a good 10 years left in you. I miss you so much! Today was your birthday, and tonight we celebrated it. I cried for about an hour. I really do miss you Grandpa! I hope your having a good time up in Heaven with Meme and your folks and God! One day we will all be reunited in Heaven! I start high school Monday and I am dedicating my Freshmen year to you! I’m going to go to the Naval Academy and graduate and become a Marine Corps Officer making you proud! You are a great American Hero! I am so proud of you Colonel. I wear your dog tags wherever I go. To young marines to school everywhere. We are burying you in Arlington National Cemetery. I’m going to wear my Young Marine uniform to your funeral. I love you so much Grandpa and miss you ton. See you soon. HOOAH! Love, Ian

  4. Lidia Raven says:

    My Dear Tommy! You will always be in my heart.
    You were my second Dad and you left me heartbroken. I loved you and I always will.
    You will live in our memories forever, You will be missed so much….

  5. Bill Seach says:

    I can only attempt to share your grief from a distance. The pride in the contribution of men like your father to our country will never fade away. Each former soldier has writ large upon the canvas that has become the fabric by which the United States is identified globally. I like to think that canvas displays for all of the world, Stars, Stripes, colors that don’t fade, don’t run. Despite the mawkish tone of many of today there is no place where we are not able to march in head up high, no place where hearts do not beat faster upon seeing us, out of thankfulness or, fear!
    I hope your Dad enjoys the peaceful rest and the quiet passing of stories back and forth as an eternal place of honor that is now his, shared only with others who have also given their all!
    Should you have the chance, at rest in Arlington are a number of my relatives, My Grandfather, William Seach, MOH and my Grandmother, my cousin Randall Boyd, highly decorated Navy Commander, an earlier generation cousin, Edmund Rice, MOH.
    I hope your grief can be partially assuaged by knowing that your Dad made a difference in this world and that he was a Giver, Not a Taker!
    In Deepest Sympathy,
    Bill Seach

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