Terrence Patrick Malone

Terrence Patrick Malone

November 04, 1957 - March 17, 2007

Terrence Patrick Malone

November 04, 1957 - March 17, 2007


Terrence Patrick Malone, beloved husband, father, son, brother, and friend, passed away peacefully on March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, after a heroic eighteen month battle with cancer. His wife and family were at his side. Terry was 49 years old.
Terry was a lifelong resident of Southern California, born in Los Angeles and growing up in Fountain Valley, he graduated from Fountain Valley High School and attended Cal State University Long Beach. After college, Terry settled in Leucedia, until he moved back to Orange County in 2002, living in Irvine.
Terry was a true ‘Renaissance man,’with wide ranging talents and interests, and successes in a number of fields. He began his working life as a partner in a construction business, then made a successful career in the technology industry. Always a man who followed his heart, Terry’s passion for learning had recently led him to pursue training to become a high school math teacher.
Terry loved politics, sports, music, and film. He loved conversation and the exchange of ideas, and always relished a good spirited debate on any topic!
His life long passions were spending time with his daughter Casey, music, reading, all kinds of sports, and enjoying his family and friends. One of his favorite excursions was an annual familyreuinon to Lake Tahoe, where Terry would rally family members of all ages to join in spirited games of Scrabble, Cribbage, Pinochle and Uno, or find an adventure roller blading, hiking on the ski slopes, or visiting local sites.
In addition to many caring friends, Terry is survived and loved by his wife, Connie, daughter Casey, stepsons Mark, Tyler, and Jason, his mother Betty Badgett, his sibilings, Kathy Leeks, Tom Malone, Traci Malone and Adam Badgett, and his nephews and nieces, T.D. and Molly Malone, Stephanie and Brad Leeks, and Alicia, Brooke, and Lindsay Badgette. Terry’s legacy is one of love, laughter, courage, and kindness shared with all those whose lives were touched by him. Terry’s family wishes to express their gratitude to the Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center and the UCI Medical Center for their wonderful care and supporr over the past eighteen months.

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61 responses to Terrence Patrick Malone

  1. Tom Malone says:

    I have to agree with everything that my sister Kathy wrote…well said and so true…I always knew Terry was and always will be a great brother…but only now – as we are all trying to get back to our routines, and I visit this page to read these wonderful words again from some of the people that knew and loved terry, am I beginning to realize what a truly GREAT person he was and the impact he had on so many people…thanks again to everyone for their kind words and for always keeping Terry in your heart!

  2. sandi Royce says:

    We met at the Distillery-I asked him to dance.He wasn’t a great dancer but he was the cutest guy there.He took scalding hot showers w/ a bar of soap under his armpit.It took him 3 bites to eat a plain and dry and you always thought he was choking to death afterwords.Casey is still finding old french fries in her Honda that he owned before giving it to her.He loved lists-so here is my gratitude list to Terry.Woody Allen-High Anxiety-Catch22-Betty&Traci-Balboa park-laughter-My house-Casey-changing her diapers every night-c-d’s for my spin class and most of all for being a man of honer and for never giving up on me.

  3. It has taken me this long to finally write in the guestbook. I think of Terry alot and haven’t been able to say what a huge loss I feel. When Adam and I started dating Terry embraced both of us. Since he hadn’t seen Adam in so long it was like we were both new to Terry. Terry opened his heart to both with such enthusiasm I must admit the first Tahoe trip FREAKED me out :! I knew from the moment that I met Terry that he was one of the most sincere and honest people that I would ever have the honor of knowing. I have to admit that our lives are more full because of Terry. This is what I am holding in my heart: To honor Terry I will stop and take time to enjoy every day. He loved nothing more than to be surrounded by family and friends and enjoy their company. We don’t do this enough.

    I worry that our kids won’t be able to remember Terry over time. Last night my fears were pushed aside. While tucking in Brooke Terry’s neice I leaned down and kissed her goodnight and she whispered, “I wish that Uncle Terry could kiss me goodnight.” I smiled and I said, “So do I.” I have no doubt that they will remember Uncle Terry with such fierce fondness that he won’t ever be forgotten.

    Terry, I love you and I miss you. I miss your crazy arguing over anything and everything and I miss your laugh. Sometimes if I am quiet enough I can almost hear you :

    Love, Donna

  4. Words cannot capture how much I miss Terry and all that he means to me. I am so blessed to have loved him and shared our lives for 4 and a half years, and I will cherish that forever. I’m also blessed to have become a Malone. I don’t know whether I’d be standing if it weren’t for all of you, and especially Betty, Traci and Casey who have shared my tears and loving memories over these past few months. Terry’s spirit lives on in all of us who loved him and shared life, laughter, music, games, debates, meals, sports, movies and more with him. It’s been very hard to accept this loss, but as Betty reminds me, “He is looking down on us and smiling.” My memories of him make me smile, too and flat out laugh sometimes, and also marvel at what a courageous, generous, and beautiful man he was!. I will carry our love in my heart always.

  5. I will never forget how excited he was about a woman he had met several years ago. He would call and tell me how great and oh so very pretty she was and that I must meet her. We met and she is wonderful. She made Terry light up inside and out. I was so happy for my dear friend to have her in his life. She was his blessing. Thank you Connie.

    Terry was a great mentor, protector and debater. I was the girl across the street growing up…it’s taken me this long to write here and every time I try to write my tears seem to stream to no end.

    I don’t think throughout our childhood that a day didn’t go by that he and I didn’t have a “difference of opinion” about something. He usually won well, that’s what he thought. I had always thought of him as the most intelligent person I had ever met. Full of information, music knowledge, the word man. I miss his arguments. I miss his laugh. I miss him telling me how much he loved me as his friend. He could always make me feel better about anything, everything. I just plain miss him. My heart aches.

    So Malone, is Hitler in heaven? One of our greatest debates.

    Until we meet again, love to you my good friend,


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