Sherry Ann Bendall

Sherry Ann Bendall

January 10, 1943 - April 16, 2021

Sherry Ann Bendall

January 10, 1943 - April 16, 2021


Sherry Ann Bendall

Sherry Ann Bendall was pioneering in being the first of her family to obtain a university degree, going on to become a doctor at a time when just 15% of practicing physicians in the US were women. The odds against her were formidable, but more formidable still were her courage and strength of character. She was a fighter, with a deep sense of compassion, kindness, and social justice. She always tried to help others, and was especially caring for the young and for those in trouble or need. She loved her family deeply and was protective especially of her two children. She enjoyed crafts and hobbies and made many beautiful artworks, ranging over media from crochet to knitting, quilting, painting and lapidary work. She was loved and respected by all who knew her, family, friends, and neighbours, and her loss is keenly felt.

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22 responses to Sherry Ann Bendall

  1. Sherry was a talented woman and I enjoyed see her lapidary work! Sherry went through so much in her life and although I did not know her well, I enjoyed talking with her. I am truly sorry for the family and their loss!

  2. In Memory of My Wife’s Dear Friend, Sherry

    It was in 1971, while living in a school dormitory in Berkeley, CA when a young American woman would knock on our door and say “My family just moved into the dormitory today without anything to eat. Would you be able to kindly share some food with us?” My wife took some food from our refrigerator and shared it with this grateful young woman and it was from that time on that our two families would become eternal life-long friends.

    I, Yu Khill, very much enjoyed having deeply intellectual discussions with Sherry’s former husband, Douglas, who would later became a Church minister, and Sherry would spend time with my wife teaching her how to knit and cook delicious American dishes. Sherry’s daughter, Lisa, at the tender age of 6 or 7 would carefully look after and care for our son who at that time was just shy of 1 year old, and their son David, was a playful and curious young boy who also loves spending time with our children.

    Sherry was always selfless and generous, being concerned more about others than herself and she would find ways to help celebrate important life milestones for her friends. While Sherry was doing her residency as a medical student in Georgia, she somehow managed to travel all the way to Boulder, CO for my wife’s concert as a doctoral candidate in music. It goes without say that My wife was overjoyed to once again see Sherry.

    Whenever we would visit the West coast, Sherry would always insist that we see her and we likewise were insistent that we see her.

    Sometime last month, my wife would unexpectedly have her final conversation with Sherry as days later, Lisa would share the heartbreaking news that her mother had passed away from complications from the coronavirus.

    Lisa shared that while her mother struggled with complications due to the coronavirus, she mentioned the good old days in Berkeley, CA and expressed her wish to hear my wife’s
    singing again. Being touched by this, my wife dedicates this song for her
    funeral on Zoom next week.

    My wife’s song for Sherry

  3. Karl W says:

    I have such fond memories of Sherry – the mom of one of my best friends in the whole world – David Bendall. Sherry allowed me to stay with her for about a month or so when I temporarily moved back to CA to take a position with a land conservancy. I got to know her really well and we spent a lot of time working on fixing up her garden beds and organizing other parts of the property. He colorful stories and personality were addictive. I feel very fortunate for the time we spent together. She will be greatly missed.

  4. Marta says:

    Sherry’s sunny smile and wonderful kindness were such a gift to all of us. I feel very fortunate to have shared common interests with her in our lapidary and jewelry classes. My most sincere condolences to her friends and family. Rest in peace dear Sherry.

  5. Sherry was so sweet, kind and talented. She will be missed deeply!

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