Sandra S. Salgado

Sandra S. Salgado

November 07, 1953 - March 02, 2005

Sandra S. Salgado

November 07, 1953 - March 02, 2005


Sandra S. Salgado lives in , passed away at the age of 51.
Born on November 07, 1953 and passed away on March 02, 2005.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    to the family of our dear sandra,
    having been orphaned by both parents, a nephew, a brother-in-law, a cousin and some other beloved close relatives and friends, my knowledge of expeiencing the pain of separation due to death is enough to keep words of consolation from coming out of my mouth. they don’t really do that purpose.
    so let me just say the little that i had known of sandra, thru two brief phone conversations, and thru my good friend, ate dulce m. flores who visited me here in laredo last year: sandra, although i didn;t really had the joy of seeing her personally, was a person i will always regard highly because of the standard of excellence she had manifested in living out what she valued and what she believed to be the essence of living — faith in god and an unselfish and dedicated service to the community, using her talents and resources to help people help themselves. two short phone conversations with such a woman had touched my life to the point that i have become more inspired to do my job as a teacher drawing more energy from god and not from myself.
    how it pained me to know of her then symptoms straight from her mouth over the phone. i wondered then if it was possible for a caring, intelligent and energetic woman to have to go thru a battery of medical tests? i knew none of us had the answer but, mortal as i am, i pleaded, as you her family had done without let-up, i pleaded to god for a ‘no, not sandra, please..’but now i know, as you have always known that god’s wisdom is beyond our grasp, and therefore, humbly and with loving trust in our loving god, we accept without questioning this wisdom of his — that he had to take sandra into his loving embrace ahead of us and enable her to experience the never ending joy, overwhelming happiness, and filling riches of a life literally in god’s presence.
    and so, with you and sandra’s loving friends, allow me to keep a holy watch for the day when it would be our turn to say ‘yes’ to our god to join him in heaven, with sandra, my parents and beloved relatives.
    in the mean time, i know we still have the duty to live this life. sandra had a very beautiful death. how i envy her. her leaving this world shall always be a reminder for me that there’s a better, more beautiful life out there or up there to look forward to where we could be together with all our loved ones and never to experience separation again. and pain, i know, is now only in the hearts of those who were left in this world. i know that if only our dear departed could talk to us the way we do in our communication , they would tell us not to cry, not to be sorry that they left, because they are experiencing bliss and happiness that life here on earth could not possibly provide even to the richest amongst us.
    i shall always remember this special person, sandra, who braved everything armed only with her faith in god and faith in life. and belief in what a human spirit can possibly attain. ate dulce admired her a lot and loved her a lot. i have looked up to ate dulce for her strength as a woman, but when sandra
    became ill, even without her saying it, i knew she was in pain. sandra is or was one of the very few persons she would talk to me about with fondness and admiration back in the philippines when we were still working in the same laboratory in los baos. if am not mistaken, sandra was one of her students in high school, or whatever. it was from ate dulce that i receive the sad news of sandra’s demise. she had emailed me early on several times but because i had problems with my internet connection, i had not been in touch for quite a while, and am sorry about this.
    sorry for this long letter. may i end this letter with a little prayer for sandra: may she always be in god’s loving hands at all times, may no harm ever get near her; may no more pain visit her ever again, may she indulge in the heavenly riches and happiness and joy and peace that god had promised to those who believed in him . sandra had a great and unflinching faith. no doubt she is now

  2. To Bebe and the Salgado Family,
    I will always remember Sandra as such an energetic, positive, kind, generous, and happy person. It is truly tragic that she died so young. Sandra had a wonderfully positive influence on everyone she met. May she rest in peace. My heart-felt condolences go out to you all. We will all surely miss her dearly. Susan Margaret Belcher

  3. I want to share this beautiful message from my cousin Ann in Lawndale, CA about Sandra’s beautiful message to all of us. Here it is….


    Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2005 23:30:19 EST
    Subject:Happy Easter from Sandra

    Dear Duls,

    You would not believe this, I dreamed of Sandra today. I woke up at around 7 this am and decided to go back to sleep since i slept late last night. I dreamed of her just as i went back to sleep. It was like this: she knocked on the door and i opened. She was looking very good and on her usual talkative and jolly sandra. I asked her ” nganong nia man ka San? Dili ba patay ka na?” She said, ” hapit lang ko kay gusto nako tanawon and imong flowers sa patio.” then i thought , what flowers is she talking about, and i looked at the patio and i saw flowers everywhere mostly wild flowers of different colors! Then i asked her again, “Are you really dead San, can i touch you?” I touch her arm and she was real. I asked her again” are you happy in heaven San?” She said” I am very happy!” She looked very happy. Then i woke up. I thought i would share this with you because i have not ever dreamed of any person who died and came back to talk to me in my dream , and even with tatay,up to now, i am always hoping that he would talk to me in my dreams .
    I felt lucky and privileged to have dreamt of Sandra . I was just thinking why. When Bebe told me that day she passed away, i had that feeling of regret why i didnt call her during those times when i felt like calling her . I chose not to because i really don’t know what to say to her although i thought about her a lot, i knew words wouldn’t come out if i’d call her. My dreams about her was indeed a very meaningful Easter message. That she is preparing a nice place for all of us in heaven and that she is watching over us. I want you to know that i’m very thankful to have known her. Although i only knew her for less than a year, i feel that i’ve known her forever.

    Love, Annie

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