Robert Bruce McKay

Robert Bruce McKay

July 24, 1926 - March 12, 2015

Robert Bruce McKay

July 24, 1926 - March 12, 2015


Robert Bruce McKay was born on July 24, 1926, and he died on March 12, 2015. He was born and raised in Medford Oregon by parents Ralph McKay and Gertude McKay. Bruce had one sister Jeanne Racine. Bruce married the love of his life Jeane Driscoll on December 17, 1955. They were married 59 years. They had two beautiful children Kathleen Marie Howard and Matthew Bruce McKay.

Bruce McKay was a Commander in the Navy. He served for 23 years. While serving at Notre Dame he got his Masters Degree. Bruce retired and went back to school and got another degree from SDSU and became a Math teacher at Poway High School for another 25 years.

Bruce McKay lead a very active life. He biked all over Point Loma, and he love to play racket ball, golf and fishing. Bruce’s passion was his roses; he had quite a green thumb. Bruce also became a Knight of Columbus. He made lots of good friends through the Knights. Bruce also loved music he sang in the choir for church. He loved his music!!!!! Dad was a Fan of the Ducks, Angels, Padres and Chargers!!!!!!

Another passion for Bruce was his family. He had a wonderful family Bruce had 5 grandchildren, Jason Howard, Jen Howard, Kevin McKay, Jack McKay and Kate McKay. He had three nephews Ed Wicorek, Dan Wicorek and Doug Racine. And two nieces Gigi Wicorek and Pam Overland and cousin Bill Perkins.

Bruce McKay was a warm and loving husband, father, uncle, cousin and grandpa. Bruce had a bit of advice for his family every chance he got, “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”. Bruce McKay will be greatly missed by all!!!!

WE LOVE YOU DAD ALWAYS!!!!!! YOU ARE OUR SPECIAL ANGEL!!!! The Funeral Mass will be on April 1 2015 at San Antonio Church, 5800 E Santa Ana Canyon Rd, Anaheim, CA 92807. The military casket burial will be on March 31, 2015, 2:00pm at Fort Rosecrans Cabrillo Memorial Drive, San Diego, CA 92106.

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5 responses to Robert Bruce McKay

  1. Ed Wicorek says:

    He was my uncle Bruce. My first memories were when he took me aboard the Chemung the ship he was an officer on. I admired the respect all the men had for him and he them. I also was able to visit the Yorktown carrier he served on.
    He was a ” man’s man ” and carried himself with strength and integrity. He was soft spoken but commanded your attention when he spoke. He was well read and I always enjoyed his intelligence and his humor!
    He loved and was so proud and protective of Kathy and Matt his offspring. His grandchildren Jason, Jennifer, Kevin,Jack, and Kate were so beloved and lit up his eyes
    The most important love of his life, my aunt Jeanne. He was proud of her strength to be able take care of his family for the long periods he was gone at sea. He was proud to have her at his side through their long years of marriage, and was comforted by her at his side in his last days .
    We will all miss him, but yet he will always be with us in our mind and heart.
    Goodbye Uncle Bruce. Save a place for us with Leslie , my parents and grandparents, and all that have gone before us. Love you!
    Ed ( Eddie)

  2. K. Yu says:

    Known as the “Mayor” in my class he always won 100% of the votes from his peers
    for his effort and kindness. One of my favorite students of all time; rest in peace my friend.

  3. matt mckay says:

    teacher becomes helper …. even in PJs and with back brace , he couldn’t resist the draw of carpentry and creation … thanks , dad

  4. matt mckay says:

    i am reminded of my dad every day … i do not spend a single day without using or living one of the many skills and principles he either taught me or i absorbed . Naturally, i did not even realize many of the things he gave me until the last several years …
    one of the last things we did together was to build some over-sized lifeguard chairs … he was mostly in a chair with goggles on to keep the sawdust out of his eyes, holding the wood steady while i sawed …his eyes sparkled with delight because we were using carpentry skills and geometry to modify a set of plans from the internet to suit our specific needs and we were creating something out of a bunch of wood and screws … a memory i did not realize at the time would be one of our last … i am so grateful to have spent that time with him …

    my dad was so many things … he was a true Son’s Dad

    he was a student and a teacher of so many things :

    he was a carpenter, building many pieces of furniture we used in our house in Point Loma, he built/designed his entire workshop in the garage , the lifeguard chairs , Adirondack chairs, tables , cabinets ….

    he was an athlete … biking all over Point Loma and more , racquetball , handball , squash… he was an expert skier ( he used his wooden skis and leather boots until the 80’s when he finally rented some newer equipment from the lodge and commented on how much easier it was to ski with the latest equipment , imagine how good he must have been to ski the expert slopes with his 1950’s equipment !! )

    he was an outdoors man, fishing and camping for many years , I can tie on a fishing hook, bait it , cast it , bring in a fish , remove the hook and put it on a stringer IN THE DARK because my dad …he took me on many fishing trips before first light …

    he was a sailor, he loved the water ..a naval officer for 23 years , and sailing in san diego harbor for many years ( i remember the overnite sailboat trip from san diego to long beach he took me on as a 15 yr old, he gave me my first beer and i “fed the fish” the entire night !! )

    he was a true DIYer , he rarely had to call for a technician for anything that broke around the house and until the cars became more electronic , he always tuned up his own cars … he built a wooden platform for his radio so he could mount it on his bike and listen to music while riding , he had rigs he built for everything in his garage workshop…

    he was a gardener .. he had some of the best roses in all of Point Loma and took care of his own yard … pruning , trimming, mowing , nurturing roses and nectarines, plums and apricots

    he was a student .. with degrees in chemistry , math and education

    he was a coach .. my first baseball coach , taught me to ski , gave me my love of exercise , taught me to be a student…

    he was a hard worker with a work ethic like no other … did what he had to in order to support his family …

    he was a community man .. Knights of Columbus , a member of the choir ( and we used to laugh and roll our eyes at his singing in church.. his timing was always off just a bit ) a Eucharistic Minister and lecturer at mass , baseball coach( teaching me to throw , stop grounders , pitch and hit in the yard )

    he loved his sports … the Padres, Chargers , Angels , Ducks , Notre Dame

    he was a great provider .. working hard and saving .. ( a true Scotsman ) save , save , save

    i look at my life and the skills and interests i have and it becomes very apparent how much my dad still is alive and present …

    thanks Dad …

    Your Son and “little buddy” , Matt

  5. Sue Lee says:

    My deepest condolences to the McKay family and all those who loved him. He was my favorite teacher in high school and inspired me to love math. I went on to major in math throughout school and always appreciated his inspiration. He will be fondly remembered. Thank you Mr. Kay.

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