Richard E. Harrington

Richard E. Harrington

March 31, 1939 - June 09, 2014

Richard E. Harrington

March 31, 1939 - June 09, 2014


HARRINGTON, Richard Edward “Dick”
March 31, 1939 – June 9, 2014

Dick, a Landscape Architect and a longtime resident of Monarch Beach, CA passed away June 9th, 2014 in his home at the age of 75.

Dick was born in Chicago, IL March 31, 1939. His father Edwin and mother Margaret (Chako) Harrington moved to Southern CA with his sister Janice and brother William (Bill) in 1947. He graduated Alhambra H.S. and then enlisted in the USMC, thereafter attended Pasadena City College where he met his soon to be wife Elizabeth in a ceramics class in 1964. They wed in 1966; Dick then attended USC and earned a degree in Landscape Architecture.

Dick enjoyed watching sports of all kinds and was particularly fond of his alma mater, the USC Trojans. He was also an avid fan of crossword puzzles and model airplane building.

He is survived by his wife Elizabeth “Liza/Liz”, daughter Laura, son Ryan, and grandchildren Ethan and Charlie Harrington.

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3 responses to Richard E. Harrington

  1. Cindy Leigh says:

    I am so very sorry to hear about Dick’s death. We never really knew most of the cousins on my mother(Mildred Lyle Harrongton Leigh’s) side of the family, because they were so scattered across the U. S. As a child I used to practice saying the names of the aunts and uncles and each of their children. When Dick joined the military and was stationed in Millington, TN, for several weeks, it was like a Harrington ambassador had been sent to MS (only about 100 miles south of Millington. We finally got to meet a real Harrington cousin. I was about 4 years younger than Dick, and being a girl, I didn’t get to do much of the exciting stuff. I remember that Bob and Daddy took him dove hunting, and Bob and some of his friends took him frog gigging one night. My part in this was that I was in bed when they came back, and a sack of frogs got dumped on my bed….Bob’s idea, I’m sure.
    I also remember that Dick taught us how to shine shoes “the Marine way.” That was pretty exciting because step one was to strike a match and catch the solid cake of shoe polish on fire to liquefy
    The polish. Then you applied the polish to the shoe or boot with a cloth. I was wearing cowboy boots then most of the time, because I practically lived on my horse. Those boots really looked awesome with that Marine shine, and I still like to use Dick’s polishing method! I never got to meet either of Dick’s parents or siblings, but I always felt especially close to him, though I never saw him again after that brief summer encounter.
    I was very sorry to hear of Dick’s death, and my sympathy goes to all of his family. I hope that someday soon I’ll still get to meet some of you. The world is much smaller today than it was in the 50’s, and at least the internet has kept us in touch with Liza. You are all invited to visit us in Mississippi, and we promise you ‘ll meet a few cousins!

    Cindy Leigh

  2. Lit a candle in memory of Richard E. Harrington

  3. I remember all of the same happy stuff, my sis, Cindy does, except, I remember one more thing, I loved to help Dick wash and wax his brand new chevy car, it was a four door i think, and i think it was a 1954 chevy, i do remember it was like a dark greenish blue and baby blue. Dick loved that little car and i really enjoyed helping him keep it spotless when he would drive down from Millington to come see us. Dick taught me special things about washing a car, I did not know, he had a passion for doing a job super perfect, I really enjoyed his specific instructions. Dick was always my hero, I actually felt more like he was my Uncle instead of just a cousin. He enjoyed the dove hunting too, i think. It was really a heart warming experience for my Mom Mildred to get to have Dick Harrington with us, her Nephew. Daddy always enjoyed Dick’s company too. Daddy would say, Man, I hope Dick comes in from Millington this week end. Daddy always looked forward to entertaining Dick with some kind of Southern Adventure when he would come by to see us. It was so much fun. We loved Dick Harrington so much. We are so sorry, and so sad he had to leave us, and our hearts are with Mr. Harrington’s lovely wife, Liza, Laura, Ryan and Ryan’s family. Love you.
    Most Respectfully,
    The Rick Leigh Family
    Hernando, Mississippi

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