Rebecca R. Inigo

Rebecca R. Inigo

October 13, 1949 - May 20, 2016

Rebecca R. Inigo

October 13, 1949 - May 20, 2016


Rebecca R. Inigo (Sister Maria Angela), 66 of Mission Viejo, California, passed away on Friday, May 20, 2016 at Capistrano Beach Care Center in Capistrano Beach, California.
She was born on October 13, 1949 in Quezon City, Philippines to the late Roberto R. Inigo and survived by mother, Placida M. Rigor. She had a deceased brother, Robert Jr. and 5 surviving brothers: Romeo, Roland, Bobby, Ramon and Ralph; and a sister, Nancy (Javier).
Rebecca attended Grammar School, High School and completed her College education with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Commerce at Far Eastern University, Manila, Philippines on May 8, 1969; became a CPA on October 13, 1970.
Family, friends and prayer life became her passion and delight. She became deeply involved in religious life when she was still in high school. After finishing college she came to the US and got a job in Accounting. After working for several years she realized that something was missing in her life. She became involved in missionary life and found this fitting for her. Working with missionaries eventually led to her desire to join a cloistered monastery. She began her search with IRL attending discernment retreats; searching her chosen vocation. She joined Corpus Christi Monastery (Menlo Park, CA) where she discovered her love for cloistered and monastic life. Her desire to dedicate her life to prayer and penance was so strong. She eventually chose The Visitation Monastery of Snellville, GA where she devoted her service to her Redeemer for 18 years.
Sister Maria Angela Inigo, V.H.M – Monastery Religious History were as follows:
Novitiate July 16, 1996
1st Vows. July 26, 1998
Final Vows. July 15, 2001
Left Monastery August 1, 2014

Sister Maria Angela, VHM was
Assistant Superior May 2006-2008
Bookkeeper. May 2006-2014
Altar Bread Dept. Packing boxes

She lived with her sister Nancy and family and mother until she became gravely ill and peacefully went home to her Savior.
She leaves behind her Mama Placida R. Inigo, sister Nancy Inigo Javier, brothers Romeo, Roland, Bobby, Ramon and Ralph; brother-in-law Edgard L. Javier, sisters-in-law: Merilyn B. Inigo, Charina C. Inigo, Michelle V. Inigo and Geraldine G Inigo; nephews: Edgurd I. Javier, Edrick I. Javier, Edelbert I. Javier, Ramon Giovanni V. Inigo and James Mathew C. Inigo; nieces: Erika I. Javier, Abigail I. Hagen, Shanel B. Inigo, Ysabelle G. Inigo and Karlean V. Inigo; nieces-in-law: Jessica Javier and Melissa Javier; grandchildren: Johanna Lee Javier, Jaylee Noelle Javier and Xavia Dannielle Javier, Evan Kai Hagen and Sebastian Hagen, and numerous loving relatives and friends.

The family wishes to thank all the Sisters of the Visitation Maryfield in Snellville, Georgia ‘our sister will be coming home to her final resting place at your Calvary Shrine’;
all those who cared for Rebecca R. Inigo (Sister Maria Angela) during the last months of her life and all family and friends who have express their love and support in their time of bereavement.

Live + Jesus!

Memories of Sister Maria Angela

Though I only knew her a very short time; I remember Sister Maria Angela had a beautiful smile.
Sister Rosemary Kotyuk

I remember Sister Maria Angela in a very funny response she made the day before Lent started. They were removing all the regular condiments for our very bare Ash Wednesday meals. She was very fond of honey with breakfast. When I saw her , she was walking out of the refectory kind of moaning to herself, “Oohh, no honey, no honey.”
Sister Bernadette Marie Hossfeld,

Sister Maria Angela was a very spiritual Sister. Anytime she was free of work, you could find her in the Chapel or the Prayer Room.
Sister Mary Peter Accardi

Dear Family,
Remembering Angela is such a sweet experience, and I am grateful for this opportunity. I am much older than Angela- I am 82 years old, but there were sweet and happy moments we shared talking about the small Prayer Room Mother had built in the new building. It is like being alone in your own private place with Jesus. We both loved that little room better than anywhere else in the Monastery. Whenever I go there now, I always find her presence there. Your dear Sister will always be remembered with love and happy thoughts. God bless you. May your hearts be happy for having had her, even for a little while. Love and blessings of Jesus and Mary.
Sister Mary Regina Beckley

The soul of our Savior knew Sister Maria Angela As a contemplative, she desired to know only one thing, her Savior. Her great desire for silence and recollection, great love for the Blessed Sacrament, great devotion to the Stations of the Cross and Rosary, and prolonged Thanksgiving; all these inclined her to long for the life of Enclosure. Our dear Sister had a way of passing unnoticed, not wanting to stand out. If God was to exalt her in Heaven, she wanted here on earth to remain hidden, even after death. Well, St. Francis de Sales reminds us, “Look often to eternity and you will not be troubled at the accidents of this mortal life.”
Sister Teresa Maria Kulangara

Sister Maria Angela was a very lovable person. I was always moved when I saw her totally absorbed in prayer, in God. That was why I took that picture of her. It was beautiful to see. It became clear to me one day that she had been given a special gift, to love being with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. She wondered why people did not spend more time with Him. She did not realize that few had what she had been given. I personally am convinced that God permitted Sister to go through all these trials these last two years, because He alone knew that she would soon be in eternity. It was her purification.. Sister Josefa Maria Chicoine

Sister Maria Angela and I were in the Novitiate together. I took Final Vows in 1999, while she took her Vows in 2001. We worked together in the Host Room. We worked together in ceramics also. She was a sweet and fun person in her work, as well as recreation time.
Sister M. Jane Frances Williams

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14 responses to Rebecca R. Inigo

  1. Shanel Inigo says:

    My Tita Rebecca has always been a part of our families’ journey even from afar. She touched so many people’s lives and instilled a part of her spirit and compassion in all of us whether it was known or not. She prayed for us, encouraged us to believe in what is true and steer us toward the right path in life. She wrote to me every year with sincere words of encouragement, advice, well wishes, and prayers. My heart fills with joy at the memories I have growing up with her. Watching “Bernadette” together and having weekly rosary groups with my cousins. And I can’t forget when she would take the time to take my cousins and I out to the park to play. Even the little things like how she would eat a bowl of cereal on the kitchen island using the high stools and collect the box tops to get prizes. I will miss her coy smile and laugh when she would make a joke that would catch me off guard. Her passion in her beliefs, her humor, her light, and love for others will not be forgotten. Rest well now Tita, I will miss you.


  2. Manang Rebecca/Sr. Maria Angela has always touched our families lives. She generously graced us with showers of blessings and prayers, which we are thankful for.

    My fond memories of a few special moments with her, many years ago was during her vacation here in Hawaii. She attended church every morning at St. John’s Church before enjoying a beautiful day at the beach and sightseeing with her family and friends. She was very faithful and devoted her time to the Lord.

    I will truly miss your laughter and family times together. You will not be forgotten. We will pray for you as you always pray for us. May you rest in peace, my dear cousin, and free to be with our Almighty God.

    Ruby Sequeira

  3. Ekka says:

    Most of my memories with Tita Rebecca were my childhood years. I remember going to churh with her on other days besides Sunday’s, her children’s bible classes at St. Matthews during Sunday mass, receiving my first bible from her and watching “Bernadette”. It was because of my Tita Rebecca I chose Saint Bernadette as my confirmation name. Although strict with me and my cousins when we were younger, she always meant well, made sure we prayed and had such a contagious smile. Another memory I will never forget was the 1994 Northridge earthquake…I remember sleeping over at Lolo & Lola’s house and waking up scared and frightened, Tita comes running to Bet & I to make sure we were ok. Instantly I felt safe and protected. You will truly be missed Tita. Say hi to Lolo for us.

  4. Ralph Inigo says:

    This is my last night in the Holy Land and off to Jordan tomorrow. This has been a spiritual and enlightening 8 day journey , and as Father Angelo, a Franciscan priest who guided us during this journey, says it, we are pilgrims not tourist here in Jerusalem. It also reverberates in me what he says upon our arrival here last week that “I” am the chosen one. It is ironic how I could be here a day after Manang Ebec’s passing away. After a week of reflection, now I know why. Throughout this journey, I was determined to take Manang Ebec’s spirit with me. She was in my thoughts and every prayer, I sensed her warm smile as I watched the sunrise over the Sea of Galilee, I felt her serene monastic life as I walked on the grounds of the beautiful gardens in Mount of the Beatitudes and Mount Tabor, I imagined her pain and sufferings as I reflected on the path of Jesus along Via Dolorosa, I wept in sorrow of her passing as I touched the tomb of Jesus, and finally got enlightened when I stared at the portrait of Saint Therese of Lisieux, as if she is telling me that your sister Manang Ebec is here with me now,. she is home finally at last.

    I saw Manang Ebec on her final afternoon before she left us. Though she could no longer utter what she wanted to say, I had a special heartfelt connection when I told her repeatedly, “it’s OK, be at peace; Jesus loves you”. Tears rolled downside her eyes yet, she seemed relieved and more at peace by the time I left her hospital bed. I, too, am relieved that I no longer have to see her go through the agonizing pain afflicted on her body. In the end, she died with her hands clenched with rosary and her faith securely and confidently intact.

    On June 15, her remains will go back to the Sisters of Visitation Monastery in Georgia where she will be laid to rest. I know she will be happy there, as this is where she called home.

    For now, I will hold in my heart my fondest memories of Manang Ebec – it is of my childhood years growing up in the Philippines. Being the youngest in the family, she became my legal guardian because both Mama and Papa were abroad. I remember vividly when some of her college friends became my religion teachers during my first grade. Some of my classmates would tell me that Manang Ebec was a very nice teacher and pretty. She would take me to her office, her weekend escapades with her friends to beaches, concerts, dinners, etc. You can say I was “tied to her hips”. I remember watching TV shows with her such as Hawaii Five-O, Man from U.N.C.L.E., Bewitched, and I Dream of Jeannie. As a young kid in the Philippines, I thought these shows were just local shows until “nagkaisip” (English translation , grew up and became aware).

    Manang I will continue to celebrate your life. Whether I attend Sunday mass or not, though I don’t do daily rosary as you do, I promise I will be the best man I can be. May you rest in PEACE!


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