Ralph Benjamin Salazar

Ralph Benjamin Salazar

August 20, 1932 - August 09, 2010

Ralph Benjamin Salazar

August 20, 1932 - August 09, 2010


Ralph Benjamin Salazar lives in , passed away at the age of 77.
Born on August 20, 1932 and passed away on August 09, 2010.

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10 responses to Ralph Benjamin Salazar

  1. Phil Marquez says:

    I enjoyed every second with you, even when I was caught red handed digging in the candy stash in your room. You always told me to stay creative and use it….well Grandpa, I’m doing just that! You would be proud to know that I have excelled as a graphic designer for numerous companies. Our long walks as well as the trips to galaxy burger with my cousins were simple memories, but I love you very much and thank you for them.

  2. my big brother..always ready to make others laugh..all the trips
    and things we did together..all
    the great times we had..above all
    he loved his wife and kids with
    all of his heart..his words we
    talked about many things..but we
    would always come back and talk
    about our family..I miss you will
    never say what is in my heart.


  4. Daddy, you were my safe harbor and the bedrock of my life. I’m broken hearted that I can no longer visit with you. You gave me so much strength, provided so much wisdom and guidance, and always let me know how much you loved me. I will miss the 30 year ongoing joke about chicken “tigs”, the surprises you would leave inside the bottom of my coffee cup and the laughter and closeness we shared. Thank you for being such a strong presence in my life and being the father figure for my boys. I’m very proud and thankful to be your daughter. You will live on forever in my heart.

  5. “Uncle Ralph”….. today I am going to say Farewell to you. Not an easy thing for me to do. As I sit hear typing I am flooded with so many wonderful memories we have shared. All the “inside” jokes…all the times you asked me if I took a bath before you allowed me to hug you. Sending a “Special” message with my dad when he visited you.
    I will miss the unique smell of your pipe tucked in the fabric of your clothes. I will miss the way you would shake your head at me, like YOU knew I was up to no good..as a little girl & a grown up.
    I will forever keep you close to my heart & cherish the memories You & I share.
    Thank you for my Beautiful cousins I Love each & every one of them. Kiss Grandma Sally & my cousin Ralphy.
    “I love you” <3
    Liz :

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