Paul Parviz Assadi

Paul Parviz Assadi

October 29, 1952 - August 03, 2010

Paul Parviz Assadi

October 29, 1952 - August 03, 2010


Loving husband.
Devoted father, brother and friend.

Paul Parviz Assadi lived a life full of happiness. He loved his family and friends, and cared so much about others.

He loved his wife dearly and just recently celebrated 31 years of marriage. A wonderful family man, he always cherished his daughters, valued their achievements, and was there to cheer them up when they needed him.

Music was his passion. He was a drum player at heart, but played some other instruments as well. You could always bet that he was humming a song or making music with whatever was around him, be it a pen, book, etc.

His laughter was contagious, his smile heartfelt. Above anything else, he had a beautiful spirit. He left us too soon. We will miss him a lot, but we will keep him in our hearts forever.

Please share your stories or comments about Paul Parviz. We would enjoy reading your memories of him.

Proud daughters, Neda and Raana.

Memorial Service: El Toro Memorial Park, Sunday, August 8 from 11:00 a.m to 1:30 p.m.

Four Seasons Restaurant formerly known as Darband
14210 Culver Dr.
Irvine, CA 92604
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59 responses to Paul Parviz Assadi

  1. Shahla Behi says:

    My Dear Friend Nooshin: Words cannot express my sorrow. I just pray and may he rest in peace.

    Let me sleep, for my soul is drunk of love;
    let me slumber, for my spirit is replete with the days and the nights.
    Kindle the lights
    And put fire to the censers about my couch;
    Scatter around my body
    Petals of the rose and narcissus,
    And on my hair put pounded musk;
    Pour out upon my feet
    Goodly smelling perfumes.
    Then be hold, and read what is writ by death’s hand upon my brow.

    Leave me deep in the arms of slumber;
    For mine eyelids are tired, and heavy with this wakefullness.
    Strike upon the lyre and the lute
    And let the echo of their silvered strings
    Fall and sway upon mine ears
    Blow upon the pipe and lute
    And weave from their limmpid notes
    A veil about my heart,
    The heart that hastens to its end.
    Sing to me songs of Ruhoh
    And from their enchanting cadence
    Spread wide a carpet for my spirit,
    Then look, and in my eyes
    Will you behold the light of hope.

    Dry then your tears, my friends,
    Raise aloft your heads
    As flowers lift up their crowns at dawn’s breaking,
    And behold Death’s bride standing as a pillar of light
    Between my bed and the void.
    Still your breath awhile and hearken with me
    To the fluttering of her wings.

    Come you, children of my mother, say me farewell;
    Kiss my brow with smiling lips,
    Embrace my lips with your eyes
    And kiss my eyelids with your lips.
    Bring nigh the children to my bed,
    Suffer them to caress my head
    With fingers soft as the petal of a rose
    Bring near the aged to bless my brow
    With fingers gnarled and withered
    Let the daughters of the quarter come
    And see God’s image in my eyes,
    And hearken to the echo of an everlasting melody hastening with my spirit.

    The Beauty of Death By Khalil

  2. It was very difficult to see our loved one, Parviz Assadi, leave us so soon to begin another happy journey.

    Although he is not going to be with us anymore, he left us joyful memories that will last forever.

    We would like to thank all of our friends and relatives who helped in any way that they could, especially our sister Nooshin Lisa, our two lovely nieces Raana and Neda, and Nazi. A special thanks also to our sister Simin.

    God bless Parviz’s soul.

  3. Lisa,
    Thank you for your recent note … Paul as I have mentioned was the kindest and caring person.He was always so thoughtful of others and just a delight to be with. Many of us could take a page out of Paul’s book of excellence on how to raise a family, balance work and make it look so easy. He always had time to chat about how things are going and family. I remember so many times talking to Paul and it seemed as if time had frozen … he truly was interested in everyone and so considerate of what you and your family were doing or going through.
    Our family is very saddened by your loss and our prayers are with you and your family.
    Alex, Sharon, Jessica and Marissa

  4. Dear Assadi Family,
    We are so sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. May you take comfort in knowing an angel is watching over you.
    Parno and Hadi Behzadpour

  5. Shara Valo says:

    Lisa, I am so sorry for your loss. Paul was a great man who was enjoyed, treasured and loved by all. Only Paul could make you excited over a new brand of hot dogs! What an exceptional work ethic he possessed! You are an incredibly strong woman and you have a wonderful support system with your friends and family that are there for you. The services were beautiful and it was very nice to hear so many special things about Paul. You have truly been blessed to have had such a wonderful man in your life and to raise two beautiful girls. Again, thank you for your friendship over the many years and thank you for allowing me to be a part of celebrating Paul’s life. May God keep blessing you.

    Love Shara

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