Patrick Owen Mohan

Patrick Owen Mohan

January 18, 1933 - November 17, 2007

Patrick Owen Mohan

January 18, 1933 - November 17, 2007


Patrick Owen Mohan died peacefully November 17, 2007. Born in Anaconda, Montana, Patrick lived in California for 50 years and was a resident of Mission Viejo for 30 years. Predeceased by wife of 46 years, Ellen Louise Mohan. Survived by daughter, Colleen; son Patrick; sisters Eleanor and Rosalie; brother William; and two granddaughters.

A Memorial Mass will be held on Saturday, December 1, 12 Noon at St. Kilian Catholic Church in Mission Viejo. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to:

UCI Foundation – ALS Center
Patrick O. Mohan Memorial Fund.
c/o Patrick Carew
252 Irvine Hall
Irvine, CA 92697 – 3905

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2 responses to Patrick Owen Mohan

  1. Jim Mohan says:

    I wish that I could be at the service today but circumstances do not allow me to be there.

    I have the foundest memories of Pat and Ellen and their will alway be a special place in my heart for both Pat and Ellen. I am sure they are both with you at the service today.

    I have many memories of Pat. I remember when he took me to my first major league baseball game at dodger stadium, I was 12, we saw the Dogers play Philadelphia we were behind homeplate up high, it was a great time and I remember how excited Ellen was when I told her about the game when we got home.

    There were many memories when Pat and Ellen took Kathey and me to Ananconda from California in the summer 1961, it was a great trip.

    Pat taught the Montana fight song all the way to Montana and then on the border gave us our debut. I can not rememeber how we did but Pat and Ellen were quite proud of us.

    One of my favorite moments, one of few special moments in your life were you know that that everything in world perfect, is full of love happend to me we got to Montana in the kitchen at Grans house. Gran was seated in her chair at then of the table, closest to door to the living room, Ellen was at the other end of the table, Clint was and I Diane were there. Billy came in the back door and saw Pat, you could how excited he was to see Pat, they immediately began to shadow slap box in the middle of the kitchen. I remember asking Gran what they were doing and she said “boys!” then Dad walked in so I asked and he said “Pat was putting a ‘head’ on Billy.” It may sound silly but that moment was just perfect and wonderful – there so much love in the room!

    I always loved Pat’s gregarious manner and his sense of humor. How he loved to tell stories and be with people. I remember praying before the girls were born that they would get those qualities from Pat and I believe that those prayers were answered.

    I am so sorry that Pat and Ellen are both gone but they will live with me forever.

    God bless you.

    Love Jim

  2. Kathey Mohan says:

    While my note is late, my thoughts have been with you both.

    Like my brother Jim, Pat and Ellen hold a very special place in my memory. Pat had a large presence in my early childhood, both in person and through the stories told of him by Gran, my dad, aunts and uncles.

    While in the Air Force, he sent beautiful Japanese dolls dressed in vividly colored kimonos to Gran. These dolls were her pride and joy–but when she spoke of the dolls, it was clear it was her son she prized most.

    Like Jim, I too remember our famous trip from California to Montana with Pat and Ellen. We practiced the Montana State song for several hours–across several states. Still to this day, cannot cross the Montana state border without at remembering that trip!

    For several of the first Christmas’s in my memory, the Mohan family all gathered at Gran’s house. On one snowy Christmas, Jim and I were fighting in the living room. Suddenly, there was a knock on the living room window. Santa was shaking a finger at us. We immediately ran outside to find him–but he had disappeared and left no tracks a mystery to me to this day. Santa was so real to us on that day and,still 50 years later in my memory, was “real” that day! Years later, I learned “Santa” was uncle Pat–although he never gave it away-and, in fact, probably did not even remember the event. But for 2 kids, he made Santa “real” for a lifetime. It is a story that has been passed on to my kids and one recounted in one of their elementary school essays about family memories!

    Skipping forward a decade, how could one ever forget being a self-conscious 14-year old girl on a site-seeing adventure in Hollywood with Pat. As Pat drove Jim, Carol and myself through the neighborhoods of the stars, he had his window rolled down, head out calling out “Dino, Where are you?”

    Like my father before him, Pat was truly a good and kind human being–and a true character. I am so proud to be part of such a wonderful family-and will always cherish the memories of both Pat and Ellen.

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