Patrick James Cragin

Patrick James Cragin

July 31, 1996 - November 16, 2016

Patrick James Cragin

July 31, 1996 - November 16, 2016


Patrick James Cragin lives in , passed away at the age of 20.
Born on July 31, 1996 and passed away on November 16, 2016.

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3 responses to Patrick James Cragin

  1. Alana Cragin says:

    Big brother Patrick
    Alana has a lot of good memories of Patrick. They were close in age and did a lot together’he didn’t like it when she went from being so tiny and then all of a sudden started growing taller than him! He was still trying to catch up to her. He used to call her “na-na” when he was little and was protective of her. She remembers having fun in the cul-de-sac, drawing chalk roads and riding around in the little jeep. He loved to tease and would put the little firework poppers in the door hinge or under the toilet seat to get a big bang. He liked to remind us that his name was “Pa-trick.” But he didn’t tease her very much anymore, and even picked her up from school the past few years without complaining. Alana remembers how they would be driving and she would turn the music up and he would say’”Not so loud in the neighborhoods”-he was becoming such a responsible big brother! They also shared a love of Anime and talked about shows they both enjoyed. She will truly miss him.

  2. Karen Cragin says:

    My son Patrick
    It is feels so inadequate to put Patrick’s life into a few paragraphs, but I do want to share a few things about him. Patrick was a great son, brother, nephew, cousin, grandson, and friend. As a child he loved being active, being in nature, playing sports for fun, teasing his sisters and friends, and going on adventures. As a young man he continued to love these same things, but was also becoming more responsible, appreciative, caring, and goal oriented. His latest goal was to become an Orange County Sheriff, and I know he would have accomplished this goal, because once he set his mind to something, he did it. He wasn’t always patient when he was young, but was developing that trait also and when faced with a disappointment recently, he said, “Everything happens for a reason,” and he didn’t let it get him down but focused on a new way to reach his goal. Ever since he was young he would set his mind on something, enjoy the experience, and move on. From keeping pet spiders, climbing trees, playing on the greenbelt, playing soccer, learning taekwondo, skateboarding, joining cross country and track, learning to scuba dive and surf, feeling the beat and rhythm of music, to his latest passion-motorcycle riding’he enjoyed himself in whatever he attempted. He did pack a lot into his short life, and also enjoyed vacations to Canada, Mexico, Hawaii and Japan! He enjoyed eating ramen and rice with chopsticks, took 4 semesters of Japanese and loved watching Anime shows’the sports or adventure series, and lately the romantic series, as he was becoming more sensitive and introspective. Patrick loved being with his family and relatives. He also had great friends and loved spending time with them and their families. He liked going out to eat with his friends– out for tea or ramen, Buffalo Wild Wings, Charlies, or Korean barbecue. His friends told me that when he noticed someone needed help, he was the first one to offer it. When he worked at “Surfin Donuts and Grill”, he enjoyed getting to know his co-workers and the regular customers and would even go back after he quit to visit with them. Patrick also loved our dog Snickers and said that he was her favorite.
    I am so thankful God allowed me to be Patrick’s mother–he had a sensitive heart, a great attitude, was fun to be around, and enjoyed life. He grew up learning about God, Jesus and the Bible’he had fun acting out Bible stories and dressing up like “Bible Man” while Alana was “Bible Girl.” As he grew older, he once told me he felt closer to God when he was out in nature-especially when sitting on his surfboard waiting for a wave. Recently when we were talking about the dangers of motorcycle riding, he quoted part of Psalm 23:4 “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,” This gives us comfort that God is with us through this valley of grief and that Patrick is with God and we will see him again someday and he can tell us about all the adventures he is having in Heaven. We are also comforted by all of the love, support and prayers we have received from his friends and their families, our family, and all of our friends. It truly helps us through this time of deep sorrow.

  3. My younger brother Patrick-

    There are so many things to be said about Patrick. It is hard to encompass his essence in words and so I am only offering a piece of what Patrick meant to me. Growing up with Patrick as my little brother was just fun. My memories are flooded with visions of us playing in the backyard, adventuring to the greenbelt behind our house, riding our bikes, fishing with our Dad and Uncle Mike, playing with our dog Sadie, and laughing. Patrick always had the best laugh. It was so contagious and giggly. Our childhood was made up of nature, adventure, video games and shows. We all shared an interest in Avatar: The last Airbender, Animal Crossings, Super Smash Brothers and more. The Cragin family also went through a lot of hardship. Trials and circumstances brought us closer together and we were tight knit. The bond that we had is priceless. Patrick became the man of the house at a young age. He had the privilege of living with his mom, two sisters and Snickers (who is also a girl), and handled himself pretty well. Patrick has always liked to share his interests with others. Whatever show or funny video he watched, he would want to share it with whoever was around.
    Patrick had a laid back personality and did not hold a grudge. I always admired that because I had a hard time letting go. Everything has changed without him, and the sadness I feel is so deep and painful. He meant so much to so many people and that shows what a wonderful person he was.


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