Oscar N. Salunga

Oscar N. Salunga

December 26, 1931 - July 17, 2014

Oscar N. Salunga

December 26, 1931 - July 17, 2014


Oscar N. Salunga lives in , passed away at the age of 82.
Born on December 26, 1931 and passed away on July 17, 2014.

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18 responses to Oscar N. Salunga

  1. Meg Salunga says:

    It’s so crazy to imagine that Lolo isn’t physically with us anymore. I say physically because, although his body is gone, I know in my heart that he is always watching over us.

    Thank you so much, Lolo, for loving all of us throughout these years. I remember when you would come over to do gardening work in our backyard, and when you would live with us as well. You used to fart all the time, and when I would ask if it was you, you would reply “No, it wasn’t me. It was a frog!” in your thick Filipino accent. You said that EVERY time you farted, and it made me laugh just as hard as the first time.

    I’ve always considered it a privilege to be your granddaughter, because no matter what, you’ve always been there for us. You’ve never been nothing short of loving towards our family. I have so many fond memories of you that I cherish; for example, when you used to drive that old brown Jeep around, and me always wanting to lie down in your lumpy bed because you had so many pillows crammed underneath. I’m so thankful to have spent some time with you before I moved to the Philippines. You were always willing to take “selfies” with me while making funny faces and I’m glad for that, because it gives me something to always look back at whenever I think of you. You honestly were the best grandfather a girl could’ve ever asked for, and I hope you’ll always watch over our family. I love you so much and I’ll visit you in December, like I promised.

    Love, Meg

  2. People had always glorified the idea of heartbreak. Through out my life, I’ve heard quotes and lyrics of loving someone so much that when they leave, your heart just cracks; slits open right in the middle.

    I never understood any of it until a week ago. I didn’t understand how something that simple can rip your heart out in a matter of words.

    But my heart did break. Two parts of it didn’t fall perfectly as if it was cut symmetrically, no. It was ugly and gory and quite frankly deep in tears.

    The truth is, for the first few days, i was in, what therapists would call, “denial”. Choosing not to hear the words ringing in my ears; lolo is dead.

    I had this fantasy in my head that he is still one drive or plane away, that I can just go to his house and he’ll be there to welcome me. But he isn’t, not anymore. And no matter how hard it is, I just have to accept it.

    He is dead. Although he tried so hard to ease us into it, telling us day by day that his death was near, it was still one of the hardest things we all went through. It was still the worst pain I’ve ever felt.

    I could go on and on about what I felt. I could write word per word about my mourning and sorrow. Just like I can live the rest of my life feeling that way. But truth be told, he wouldn’t have wanted that. Not for me, not for any one of us.

    So I’ve chosen to write this in terms of gratefulness and honor. Gratefulness for all he has done for us and in honor of the great life he had.

    Lo, if you’re up there listening, here it goes.

    Lolo, thank you for being the best grandfather anyone can have. Thank you for taking care of me, then later on allowing me to do the same for you. Thank you for having the strength to battle your alzheimers, diabetes and cancer just because we told you to, just because we couldn’t let you go. Thank you for having the courage to face death in the face with so much content and grace. Thank you for every minute we had with you. All the jokes you shared & all the stories you told will remain in our hearts forever. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of lola for you now. Just run free and be happy in that beautiful place you keep telling us about. Rest in peace, lolo.

    TFIOS reference aside, it really was a privilege having my heart broken by you.

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