Norman Gregg Juggert

Norman Gregg Juggert

October 05, 1941 - December 16, 2004

Norman Gregg Juggert

October 05, 1941 - December 16, 2004


LIFE HISTORY OF NORM JUGGERT read by daughter, Maegan

My father, Norm Juggert, was on October 5, 1941 in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He was the first born child to his parents and four years later a sister, Earlene, was born. His family moved to Nebraska and then to the state of Washington.

From the stories my dad told of his childhood, he seemed most enthused about the many times he packed a lunch and took off for the day at 9, 10, 11 years old. He hiked and explored the world around him until it was time to come home. He also loved to read and told us about putting his cat, Gugamous, in a paper sack on the handle bars of his bike and making weekly trips to the library fo a new stack of books. Reading became a life-long passion.

He participated in school athletics, particularly football and wrestling, in high school and eventually went to Pacific Lutheran University on a football scholarship. My dad, from stories we’ve been told, was somewhat of a hellion during the early college years but then two life-changing things happened. He and God connected and he and our mother connected. He made some good choices regarding his style and became an excellent student and student leader.

In 1963, 41 years ago, my parents were married. They spent one year after my dad graduated from college at California Lutheran Bible College and that was followed by Law School at UCLA. From the humble beginning of a new law practice with a portable typewriter, dad began his legal career which took him all over the world. He loved it. He got up every morning for 25 years really happy about doing what he did.

Intertwined in these years was his involvement with us — many wonderful camping trips and vacations; many fun, daily interactions. But best of all is who he was: even-tempered, funny, rock solid in his values and convictions, smart, humble, wise, kind.

His career and life were cut short at age 57 when he was diagnosed with probable Alzheimer’s disease. That diagnosis was eventually changed to a disease called Lewy Body, however, dad was atypical. In lots of ways he was still the uncomplaining, patient, perservering man he always was. He seemed aware of his surroundings until he died at the home of my parent’s just before midnight on December 16th. He still knew who we were and he very obviously was still connecting with our mother. When he could not softly say, ‘I love you’ to her, he said it with his eye lids.

The second name of my brother Jonathon is Dietrich after the German Lutheran theologian, Dietrich Bonhoeffer. I believe my dad read everything Bonhoeffer ever wrote and everything written about him. Bonhoeffer was martyred by the Nazi’s because of his involvement in a plot to kill Hitler. When the guards at Flossenburg came to get him to carry out that execution Bonhoeffer was heard to say, ‘…this is the beginning of life.’ I know my dad agreed – but we sure will miss him.

A memorial fund has been established at the Village of Hope, a division of the Orange County Rescue Mission. People in transition from challenging circumstances are given opportunity to live for a period of time at the Village of Hope where they receive helpful, intensive training: spiritual, vocational, financial, parenting, etc. Norm did legal work for this organization and strongly believed in and supported their mission. Please use the ‘Charities’ link to obtain the address to send a donation in memory of Norm Juggert.

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5 responses to Norman Gregg Juggert

  1. Louisa Yoon says:

    Dear Kaaren, I just received a letter from Ted Myrick about Norm..
    I know what does it mean to you because I was there 9 years ago as you knew. When I closed my eyes, Norm is still brightly smiling to me during his work duty in Kona campus. He was the humblest spirit I’ve ever met, yet he achived that high. I hear his voice that kindly encouraged me whenever I passed by him in the shabby hotel of Ukrane.

    I believe he was a really happy man because he shared a good life with a faithful wife like you…

    Kaaren, I hope our graceful God will fill your heart very soon.

    With love, Louisa.

  2. Mike McAteer says:

    Kaaren and grown! kids,

    I attended the memorial service for Norm and wanted to stand up to tell everyone of his generosity toward my ministry with the youth group of Mission Hills Christian Center in Laguna Hills throughout the decade of the 1980’s. He offered and we used so many times your mountain home in Lake Arrowhead for youth leadership training retreats. As you know, God so blessed the ministry to our and your teens directly because of the giving nature and support from people like you and Norm. Then there were the youth parties at your home, and so much more. It was an example of a man walking through a window of opportunity at a particular time of life. And I absolutely adored the parenting principle in the Juggert home: bounderies were not as important as horizons. That’s what Norm provided. I am convinced that there are special jewels today in the crown he wears because of the 100’s of teenagers touched by your husband’s generosity.

  3. Norm, Kaaren and the kids have been some of our favorite people since we met them at Mission Hills Christian Center in the 80’s. My wife Lynda and I had the privelege of staying at their house with the children while Norm and Kaaren were out of town. Great fun was had by all! They routinely opened their home to our College and Career group on Sunday nights for “Student Union.” I personally experienced some special moments as I visisted with one of their parents who passed away in their home. These last hours of his life were nurtured by Norm, Kaaren and the children with great care and love – lessons I hope I will take with me inot the later stages of my own life. May every memory of Norm create in us a renewed desire to share the love of Jesus Christ with someone.

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