Nancy Ireland

Nancy Ireland

November 18, 1948 - January 01, 2012

Nancy Ireland

November 18, 1948 - January 01, 2012


Nancy Ireland lives in , passed away at the age of 63.
Born on November 18, 1948 and passed away on January 01, 2012.

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7 responses to Nancy Ireland

  1. Kenneth says:

    I found Nancy to be a sharp, lively, sensuous and intelligent woman. Opportunities in life seemed to excite her — be it a game, product, or leisure pursuit. Her active lifestyle allowed her to enjoy such things as reading, antiques, travel and underwater pursuits. She was a devoted wife and mother who could be quite inventive in solving domestic situations. According to my personal memories, Nancy was all that and more.

    There was definitely a fun-loving side that I really appreciated. She was quite willing to state her opinion, and would not bend the truth in order to protect the feelings of others; however, I got the impression that she felt some things were not to be discussed outside the family. On occasion, communication could be rather forthright, but any frustration tended to be short lived.

    Maybe my perception of life in general is not widely accepted, but to me, our thoughts are energy, and when we physically die, such energy is transformed, because you can’t destroy energy. I sense that Nancy had no real problems during her transition and that it was “no big deal”! She is keeping the door slightly open to enable communication to us through the heart.

    Love and Light to you Nancy, we’ll see and communicate in special ways and ultimately connect on the other side.

  2. I met my dear friend Tiff in about the 6th grade. We were girl scouts, if you can imagine that. We had gotten to be great friends on what was a horrible Girl Scout camping trip to the backside of Catalina. My mom & Nancy had volunteered to join us on the weekend. I believe Tiffany and I were thinking more along the line of a place with room service. Nope, one of our first obstacles was jumping out of boat in the ocean before the wave breaks with our sleeping bags and clothes on top of our heads. This was not an easy task as you could imagine, most items were getting soaked. Nancy, with no fear of the water, jumped over the side of boat and led the way and did it with a smile.
    Nancy was always the cool mom. The music she listened to, the clothes she’d wear, the trips she’d make, the takeout she’d order (cause we knew Nancy and cooking didn’t usually mix). It was Nancy who took me to my first concert. It was to Prince! Still to this day the best concert I’ve ever seen. She had also taken us to Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Rolling Stones and many more. As Tiff and I got into the “teenage” years, we decided we’d like to venture to a concert on our own. We had requested our moms to drop us off at the entrance and we would gladly walk by ourselves the couple miles so we wouldn’t be seen being dropped off by our moms. We left the car only to be mortified they followed us ever so slowly in the car the whole way to the entrance. While we steamed, they laughed, loudly.
    Tiffany, Tara and I were the 3 Musketeers in High School. We sure gave Nancy and Paul their share of grey hairs. There wasn’t much trouble we’d stay out of, but we made it. We are still dear friends and Nancy & Paul have been there through our life’s journey. Our graduations, our marriages, births of our children, birthdays, graduations of our kids.
    I’ll miss hearing about her recent trips and seeing her beam when talking about her granddaughter Madelyn who she adored. Nancy was beautiful inside and out. She was patient, tender and loving. She touched so many of our lives. You are missed Nancy and we love you. xo

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