Michael William Choren

Michael William Choren

May 03, 1949 - August 16, 2006

Michael William Choren

May 03, 1949 - August 16, 2006


Michael William Choren 57 of Mission Viejo, California.

Born May 3, 1949 inin Milwaukee Wisconsin to Kathleen and Anthony Choren, died on Wednesday, August 16, 2006 in Mission Viejo, California.

Mike graduated from Pius High School in Milwaukee Wisconsin and furthered his schooling at University School of Milwaukee graduating in 1973. His first job after college was at TRANE COMPANY in La Crosse, Wisconsin as a Sales Engineer, where he met and later married July 3rd, 1976 his wife Kathleen Root.  They moved to Minnesota where they purchased  their first home.  While there he was offered a new position with WH BRADY as Sales Mgr, later  transferred to the home office in Milwaukee when promoted to Western Regional Sales Manager. In 1986 he was offered the VP of  Sales position and moved to the Chicago area where they lived for 6 years.

In 1991 he opened  his own business that developed quickly, expanding into Europe. In 1992 he opened operations in MX, where they resided for 2 years.

In 1994 they returned to the US and settling in Orange County California. Mike’s business continues today!

In addition, he positioned himself with Core-Rosion Products, a company located in Long Beach, CA involving wastewater & Process equipment.
He looked so forward to Climbing Mt. Whitney every year and making it to the crest, always looking forward to seeing some of God’s best artwork. He always said, ?It’s like being real close to God up there.?

As a family, we spent many weekends on our boat OPUS. He had a great love for the water. Very involved as a Ski Patrol in his younger years and after many years away from skiing, our move to Caliofornia gave  him the opportunity to once again be on the mountains. In addition to sports Mike was an excellent writer. He would often be found in a quiet place in the home writing his thoughts down and just enjoying the moment.  Writing came very naturally to Mike.
Served in the 84th Division of the Army reserves as a 2nd Luetenant.
While in Minnesota elected as  President for the local chapter of ??TOASTMASTERS INT?L ?
Member of Saddleback Church for 12 years. Leader of Men’s Small Group / Man in the Mirror/
Active with FOOD FROM the HEART drives , Missions and Couple’s Small Groups.
Mike is survived by his devoted wife, Kathy, 3 loving step-children, John, Ann and Curt, and two adoring grandaughters, Ashley and Margaret. He is also survived by his beloved father, Anthony and beloved mother, Kathleen, two beloved brothers, John and Martin, a loving sister, Aileen and their families.
In lieu of flowers, the family suggests donations may be made in Mike’s name to the Sarcoma Comprehensive Cancer Institute. Call 310 360-4245 you will be sent a donation envelope, http:www.csmc.edu/309.htm
Please contact www.oconnormortuary.com to leave message for the family. Thank you!

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8 responses to Michael William Choren

  1. Hale Parisek says:

    Mike Choren was my rock … the Paul in my life, my mentor. He was a man who I admired and respected greatly. His passion for Jesus, positive attitude, his smile, deep-radio voice, his character and his spiritual leadership attributes are the things I will always remember about him. He was a guy’s guy.

    Mike was my men’s small group leader at Saddleback Church. Our group met every Thursday at Coco’s in Mission Viejo at that wonderful morning hour of 6:00 a.m. It was myself and about a dozen other guys who were in Mike’s group. Great group of guys who shared the same thing we all wanted: to serve Jesus and to be the best husbands and fathers we could be as went through our on-going spiritual journey we know as life. Loved that time together as guys!

    Knowing Mike the way I knew him, he gave Jesus a high five when he arrived in heaven and I know Jesus told him, GREAT JOB MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT!

    Mike, I know you’re right here with me as I’m typing this. Know that I love you and miss you; know that you’ve convinced me one person can make a difference in this life even with the demonic forces around us. Jesus’ love and power always wins, always. Thank you for showing me that. You have left a legacy, an example we should all strive for. A life of significance is one way I describe your life, my brother.

    Mike Choren – a rock he was to me who has now graduated from this life into a DIAMOND.

    Hale Parisek

  2. Mike will always be remembered as a devoted servant of God open to sharing his faith to all.

  3. Marty Choren says:

    I was lucky and blessed to have Mike as my brother. My life is filled with wonderful memories. His true spirit shown during his illness. He truly had faith; a faith that I hope to have some day. He said that he did not fear dying since he wanted to be with Jesus. He is happy now, I should be happy for him but I am sad for myself. Selfish? Yes. There are so many what ifs. I need to live on the memories of what was. Mike – if you can see me now, know that I miss you and will love you forever.

  4. Peter Cullen says:

    I want to share with all of you a simple lesson I learned from talking with Mike, a critical one for me it turns out, which helps me daily stay close to Jesus, yearn to be a better husband and father, and fellow christian friend.

    One day we were driving back from the Saddleback Men’s Retreat, and we got to talking about what it takes to live in this world and still follow Jesus. Through our conversation, Mike talked about compromises.

    Regarding compromises we make in our lives.
    Compromise is something that may become necessary and important in order for us to get along with other people who have divergent views.

    However, when we are open and willing to compromise in all areas of our lives, then we can get into trouble. Once we have received the gift of the Holy Spirit, then we can no longer be truly at home and comfortable in this world, for it is not our own. However everything this world has to offer only leads to more compromises on our part. Therefore, we can never be truly at home ,or at peace, in this world, for we know that our heart and soul belong to Jesus. Oftentimes, we try to have both. That is, we want to live here on earth and enjoy what this world has to offer remember the compromises, and also have the gift of salvation and the joy that comes with knowing Jesus and following his plan for our lives.

    If we persist in pursuing this double life, we will not be able to enjoy the gifts of this world because the Holy Spirit who lives in us will not allow it; and conversely by pursuing what this world has to offer we will not be able to enjoy the fruits of the spirit, love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, because we will have too much of the world in us.

    So remember this when we are led astray and down the road of compromises. Be very careful what you are being asked to compromise about. Listen to the Lord. Pray to Jesus. He loves you very much. He will always guide you.

    Thank you Mike for being such a wonderful friend. I’ll always love you.
    And thank you Kathy for sharing your warm husband with us Men in the Mirror.
    Peter Cullen

  5. It has always been great to work with Mike over the past few years and to know that he was an honest and fair person to deal with. If my opinion was different than his, he would find a solution to resolve the matter and still respect my opinion.
    Mike, thank you for this opportunity you gave me to work with you.
    You will always be remembered as a great guy and missed by Michel and I.

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