Marylou "Lou" Zarbock

Marylou "Lou" Zarbock

February 13, 1931 - October 09, 2022

Marylou "Lou" Zarbock

February 13, 1931 - October 09, 2022


Marylou Zarbock

The world lost an angel on Earth when Marylou Zarbock entered eternal rest on October 9, 2022. She was 91.

Marylou, who went by the nickname Lou, embodied love, devotion, and selflessness. She and her husband, James, were married for nearly seven decades and raised five children. James passed in 2020.

She was part of The Greatest Generation. A child during WWII, she experienced rationing and started working at a young age. In her 20s, she met James at work.

Lou was the rock of the family, always there to guide and help. From assisting her husband with his job to helping children with homework, getting into college, and finding work, Lou did it all. Her lemon meringue pie was a star at family gatherings.

A professional accountant, she worked at several companies in her career, excelling at every one. She took time off after giving birth until her youngest child reached grade school. Then she became a supermom—working while still being a wife and mom.  Her fingers flew over an adding machine or typewriter.

Despite all claims to her time, she planned out an annual two-week camping trip for the family each summer. With her navigating and James driving, they experienced many amazing adventures and saw wonderful places with the family.

Between shopping, making meals, and numerous other chores in addition to being wife and mom, she had little time to herself. But she did enjoy solitaire for many years and then crosswords. She loved dancing. For several years she and James danced to big band music at Disneyland every Saturday night.

Spirituality was important to her. She attended or watched weekly mass all of her life, and lived her life by her faith.

Lou was elegant and well-mannered, but not in an off-putting way. Quiet and demure, she possessed a quick wit and greeted each day with a smile. Surprisingly, during intense football games, you might catch her yelling at the TV, telling the defense to “Sit on him!”

She was a well-liked employee, faithful friend, and loved by her family. She is already missed.

Lou is survived by her children, three grandchildren, a brother and sister-in-law, and many extended family from her two sisters and brother.

She’s together with James again. Fulfilling the lyrics to a song she loved, she at last caught the moon:

Once we were all together you and the moon and I

But on the night you left me the moon raced back to the sky

Racing with the moon sailing thru the midnight blue

And then all too soon it’s lost from view

Gazing at the stars shining in the summer night

But just like the moon they fade from sight

In the blue heavens I see your face smiling at me

My heart will never be free until we’re back together

Racing with the moon that is what I’ll always do

Till I overtake the moon and you

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9 responses to Marylou "Lou" Zarbock

  1. Meegan Zarbock says:

    The world has lost someone truly special with your passing. I would always smile when others told horror stories of their mother in law and then brag that I could honestly say I never had a cross word or unhappy moment with mine. No one could have asked for a better mother (& father) -in-law than I was blessed with. You welcomed me into your family and home, always treating me as if I were a daughter. It meant so much to me that when I had to have gall bladder removal a year or so after marrying John, you took off of work and sat in the hospital waiting room during my surgery. My own family was thousands of miles away but whenever I need anything you stepped up and filled that role. You will be very very missed by everyone but I am honored to say that a part of you lives on in my beautiful children. I see you in Nora’s lovely hands, elegant way of moving, and hard working devotion to family. I see you in Wyatt’s quick witt, easy smile, and loving nature. You will never be forgotten. Thank you for raising a wonderful son who has become an amazing husband and father. Thank you for all the big and small things you did for all of us. We love you always.

  2. Tom Frank says:

    To the Members of the entire Zarbock Family:

    Your mom had a long and wonderful life as did your dad as well. I am sure all of you have many fond memories to keep you going. It is not easy losing parents — especially when they were so much a part of our lives and meant so much to us. I have to admit, I really miss my parents (and grandparents for that matter). But time moves on, and some day, we will all be together again with the Lord.

    I have many good memories of your mom, dad and all of you when you still lived in North Olmsted, Ohio. It is hard to believe that it was so many years ago that you moved. Your mom and dad were Godparents to my late sister Margaret Frank Smith.

    I will keep you and your siblings in my prayers during this difficult time.

    God Bless!

    Tom Frank
    Westlake, Ohio

  3. Phyllis and Bill Stevens says:

    We are so sorry to hear of the death of your beloved mother and grandmother, Lou. They were friends of ours, but we knew so little of her extended family until we read her obituary. She was quite a woman. You have all our sympathy.

    Lou, one of the Lou and Jim Team, were part of our Disneyland family of dancers. Some of us were there every Saturday night, but they had a long drive from San Juan Capistrano so were not there that frequently. When we saw them suddenly show up quietly on the floor with no bluster or fanfare, Bill and I would say “oh, there is that sweet couple.” They were kind of shy, as were we, so it took us a while to make introductions. It was a pleasure to finally get acquainted and learn how much we had in common. – mainly growing up in Ohio at the end of the depression and through World War II. It was always a treat to see and talk to them.

    The dancing added so much joy to our Disney Family lives, but as time passes that eventually comes to an end. Even though we weren’t able to see Lou regularly, we still felt close to her thanks to Jim’s daily reporting of their lives, current and past.

    We hope wonderful memories of your mother and dad too will bring you peace.

    Phyllis and Bill Stevens

  4. Cora Alcaraz says:

    I am deeply saddened when I received the news of Lou’s passing.
    I am so sorry for your loss. Lou was a wonderful friend and an amazing colleague.
    I remember seeing your dad always picking up Lou at our place of work. They were such a loving couple. I am grateful I had the privilege of knowing them both.
    I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, and wish you peace and comfort.
    Thank you for sharing and allowing me to express my love and gratitude for a very dear friend.
    God Bless,
    Cora Alcaraz

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