Maria M. Martinez

Maria M. Martinez

July 24, 1940 - February 23, 2013

Maria M. Martinez

July 24, 1940 - February 23, 2013


Maria M. Martinez lives in , passed away at the age of 72.
Born on July 24, 1940 and passed away on February 23, 2013.

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  1. magda says:

    Lit a candle in memory of Maria M. Martinez

  2. Magda says:

    Maria Magdalena Cortez Martinez known to some as Nena and to others as Maggie. Nena my mother was born on the 24th of July in 1940. She was born in the beautiful country located in Central America of El Salvador which means The Savior in English. She was born to Lydia and Luis.

    My mother spent her childhood in the city of Berlin, where she was born. In her childhood I can only imagine what it would have been like to look at the blue sky…smell the clean air…and to look at the beautiful space to play in. My mother Nena with her seven playmates had this beautiful space to play in. My mother was always in the company of her siblings to be mischievous with, laugh with, cry with, run with, to explore with. From what I was told she was a happy child who was filled with life. She would at times like any good sister gang up on her brother Armando with her sisters and play jokes on him. My mother was also a good student who participated in a lot of activities at her school. She was well known and well loved in her town.

    During her teenage years she was a studious individual who enjoyed her studies, she always placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in her class. She was a very disciplined student. She was also known for being very pretty. she participated in some beauty pageants and placed 1st in one of them. She continued with her studies into college.

    She became a secretary and worked for Sagrera Companies in San Salvador which is the capital of El Salvador. She was very competent in her career so much so that when she left they had to hire two secretaries because she did the job for two.

    My mother then came to the United States and married my father Manny in April of 1967 they were married for 46 years. My mother was very dedicated to her marriage. My hat is of to you Mom for that. My mother had three children one daughter, and two sons. I always say that the best gift that she gave me was my faith in God, her love, my two brothers, and my ability to be bilingual. Even at her passing she gave us the gift to be with her until her last breath. My mother was the true definition of Mother. There is a bond of love than can never be broken. We are united by God’s love and grace.

    My mother was also a grandmother to five grandchildren. She loved them dearly. When she spoke of them or bragged about them like many grandmothers do her whole face would light up. She loved to read to her grandchildren and sing them to sleep. She was a great grandmother who always played with them. She gave them love that only she could give. When she interacted with them, it was to be present to the exchange of love. It was a beautiful thing.

    To know my mother was to know love. She befriended a couple from her native country of El Salvador in hopes of helping others. She gave away her last pennies to them with the possibility that she might be taken advantage of, but as I said to know my mother was to know love, to her it was to give love. She was a woman with a big heart. She loved to sing and dance in the privacy of her own home, I did say in the privacy of her own home, there is a reason for that. How I wish I could see her dance and sing one more time. She loved the lord not only with her heart but also with her actions. She was a woman that enjoyed volunteering her time at San Juan Capistrano Mission or where ever she was needed. She was a woman of great faith in the lord.

    My mother wore many hats whil she was here on earth she was a daughter…a sibling…a friend…a wife…a mother…a grandmother…a child of God.

    How I remember my mon is a woman who made me feel so loved and wanted. She made me believe that anything was possible. When I was present to her I was present to Gods miracles, to Gods love. She was the first gift of love that God gave me. In my times of pain and challenges she was my confidant my consoler my friend. She aspired me to be the best person that I can be. She was filled with spice and song.She had a good sense of humor who liked to laugh. She liked to sing, even if of key, but sh

  3. magda says:

    Sent a gift in memory of Maria M. Martinez

  4. magda says:

    Sent a gift in memory of Maria M. Martinez

  5. magda says:

    Sent a gift in memory of Maria M. Martinez

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