Linda Marie Barretta

Linda Marie Barretta

May 19, 1954 - January 15, 2018
Irvine CA

Linda Marie Barretta

May 19, 1954 - January 15, 2018
Irvine CA


Linda Barretta was born on May 19, 1954 in Newark, New Jersey.  Linda passed away in the arms of her loving husband, on January 15, 2018 at 2:38 p.m., in their home in Irvine, California.

Linda was the older daughter of Henry Peter Barretta and Mary Theresa Collins.  The family lived in the Bronx and on Staten Island, New York before settling in Southern California in 1963.  Linda was in the very first fifth grade class at St. Madeleine’s Catholic School in Pomona.  She graduated from St. Lucy’s Priory High School of Glendora in 1972.

Linda’s first work was at the Pomona Progress Bulletin.  She did volunteer work with the developmentally disabled at Pacific State Hospital.  She served many in need through her work at the Pomona Crisis Center.  It was there that she met a counselor who became her lifelong love, Leland Jones.  Eventually, she embarked on a career in banking.  She attended night school to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Business.

Linda built a network of numerous friends throughout her life and was loved by many.  She was preceded in death by her parents.  She is survived by Leland, her husband of 44 years; her sister Susan Barretta; her brother-in-law Bruce Hamilton and numerous relatives.

Her remains will be interred at Mount Melleray Abbey in County Waterford, Ireland.


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  • Date & Time: January 28, 2018 (10:00 AM)
  • Venue: O'Connor Mortuary
  • Location: 25301 Alicia Parkway Laguna Hills, CA 92653 - (Get Directions)
  • Phone Number: (949) 581-4300

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45 responses to Linda Marie Barretta

  1. Leland says:

    Hello Jeanne,

    41 years with My Angel, every year a gift from above! I remember your mom’s visit. The photo you posted was taken in Laguna Beach Park, overlooking the north beach. Mom didn’t stay near long enough to please any of us, (maybe three days?), for she was on the move to see the country. Very pleasant lady. Linda and mom got lost inside the road van, sharing trinkets, photos, memories…sat and talked ’til the wee hours…great time! Thanks for the “digital hug”…I’m sending one back to you…The “better place” we sometimes talk about, is surely where Linda and your mom and others who we have lost, must surely be. Susan and I thank you for your thoughts and prayers. It is great to receive another note from someone in the family. Blessings, Jeanne.


  2. Linda played music during her short stay in Cobh with us. She also enjoyed a trip around Cork Harbour in the boat captioned by Dan, followed that night by a traditional night of Irish ceiliodh, music, dance and song.

  3. Godspeed my classmate from St. Lucy’s. Those were special years.

  4. Kathy Parker says:

    Rest easy, my St Lucy’s classmate. Those were special years indeed.

  5. The power of pen on paper should never be underestimated!For almost 50 years Linda and I maintained a very close connection ,despite California and Ireland being so far apart..Her trip to her beloved Emerald Isle In 1974 was memorable for both of us and the beginning of a close friendship which endured from our teens to a sad and final farewell in January.Linda had a presence for me that was nourishing and supportive and when the postman delivered her so well written letters ,their generosity of spirit always gave me a lift.These letters have now become an evenmore priceless treasure.
    While suffering dreadfully from ill-health, Linda protected me from it and her letters allowed us both to walk in the land of perpetual youth scrambling among the heather covered hills near Mount Mellary with her beloved late uncle Fr.Denis.
    ..I miss her distant but constant presence in my life but how cruel it is for those who now find her absent from their daily lives.I so regret,Linda,that we didn’t meet again,that I haven’t met your beloved Leyland and that my husband Seán and children Cormac,Meadhbh and Deirdre never had the honour of knowing you.However I know that you will now watch over us from your eternal home and I am much consoled in my grief knowing that you now rest no more than an hour away from me
    “Níl sa saol seo ach naíonra do Fhlaitheas Dé””(Life is but a Kindergarten for Eternity”.

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