Linda Lankford Evans

Linda Lankford Evans

September 02, 1946 - October 11, 2007

Linda Lankford Evans

September 02, 1946 - October 11, 2007


Born September 2, 1946 in Hollywood, CA., Dr. Linda Denise Lankford Evans resided in Huntington Beach, CA for most of her life. She obtained a Bachelors in Spanish from CSUN, a Masters in Educational Administration from CSULB, followed by a Doctorate in Human Sexuality from UCI. Linda began by teaching Spanish at Westminster High, then went on to utilize her extensive education and endless energy as a professor of Human Sexuality at CSLA, a small business owner, and then a social worker-all while raising four children. Linda, in the end, returned to her passion of teaching Spanish at the secondary level at Mayfair High School in Lakewood, where, for well over a decade, she was considered to be ?a linchpin of the school and an inspiration to the teens she taught?. Her students loved her passion for life and teaching almost as much as she loved sharing her knowledge, her experience, and her life with them. Linda loved to ski, listen to music, travel, and, above all, she adored the ocean. She played beach volleyball and was a ranked surfer in her adolescence as well as a member of the Malibu Surfing Club. Her true passion and trademark was living life to the fullest, and, from the moment of her birth, she did just that? live. Those lucky enough to cross paths with her would not for a moment hesitate to agree that Linda Evans lived life with a fervor that is unparalleled by most? if not all.

Dr. Evans is survived by her father, Wibb Lankford; the father of her four children, Jeff Evans; her daughter, Janna, with husband Nick, and daughter, Sasha; her daughter, Janndee; her two sons, Jannson and Janndon; her sister, Lianne, with husband Jim, daughter, Keri, and son, Keenan; and her close companion, John Kipp.

Mayfair High School is holding a memorial service on Friday, October 19, 2007 at 6:00PM. There will be a private family memorial service on Saturday, October 20, 2007. In lieu of flowers, the family is accepting donations to the Mayfair High School Memorial Fund, a college scholarship fund in honor of Linda Evans. However, flowers are being laid at the scene of the accident at the corner of Atlanta and Bushard. Checks can be made to Mayfair High School Faculty Club and sent to 6000 N. Woodruff Ave., Lakewood, CA 90713.

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53 responses to Linda Lankford Evans

  1. Janna, Janndee, Jannson ,and Janndon,
    Each of you have been in our thoughts and prayers over the past week. We have admired the way you have handled all that was asked of you at such a difficult time. Your support and thoughtfulness for each other was something to behold. We know how excited your mom was to be a grandma and we promise to do our part to let Sasha know what a special lady her Grandma Evans was.
    With love,
    Nick, Laura and family

  2. Evans Family,

    I was very touched by the memorial service held by Mayfair HS in Linda’s honor. I hope it made you feel good to know that “Dr. Evans”, the instructor, was so well loved and admired for her endless energy and passion. Sometimes we only know the role our loved ones play in our own lives and miss out on knowing the impact they have on others in the various other roles they play in their lives. I learned a lot about what a wonderful human being your mom was to so many on Friday evening.

    I knew Linda “the mom”; always SUPER involved in all of our sports when we were growing up -on top of all of the other things she was doing. How lucky you all are to have had a mom with enough energy to support the endeavors of all four of you while doing so many other things concurrently. Amazing. Janna and I have had many past conversations marveling about Linda and admiring her ability to get her degrees, write books, and managing raising you guys too. I even thought about consulting her to help me naturally select the gender of my offspring a good read, I’m sure! Ha.

    I always think of how much fun she had in watching us all grow up. I remember the first time she met my husband at Janna’s engagement party and she kept saying, “Jamie, you did good girl!” It makes me laugh to think back on it and how much fun she was having celebrating Janna’s engagement with the whole family and all of the friends. She loved a party. She was the party.

    She was also so excited about Sasha! It was pretty fun to watch the usually frugal Linda lavish gifts on little Sasha. The best and coolest of everything! She was also so excited about making a nursery in her house where little Sasha could come and stay. Now Linda won’t miss a minute with her; she’ll be there every step of the way. A grandmother’s dream.

    My condolences are with you Evans family. I know what it is like to lose a parent and it is a tough road. But you are loved and supported by many! I hope that much is clear. And any time you want to reminisce about the funny and memorable things your mom did or said, I will be here to laugh along with you. And we will always remember.


    Jamie Sweningson

  3. Miss you mom, but I know you could hear me today and every day, and I love talking to you. You’d be so proud of the things I’ve been doing since you left. I know you must have worried a little about me–especially in the moments before you passed, but I want you to know that, in your honor, I haven’t missed a beat. I tell myself that you knew that I could, and would, finish what we started and then some if something like this were to happen. Now that it has, I hope you knew in your heart of hearts that I would never do anything to jeapordize the things that you and I worked so hard on in the last year plus. It brought us even closer together, and now it keeps me close to you every day. Fifty-seven days to go, mom. Fifty-seven days until victory at sea-SULB. Then, after that, it’s the world. Love You.

  4. Hi Mom. Don’t mind if I capitalize that from now on. I would do it out of grief, and my emotional attachment for you that I feel, now, more strongly than ever. I am going to capitalize it from now on, however, because in the last few weeks, since I have tried to assume control over the red tape of our project, I have begun to realize just how much you did for me. I am trying desperately–so desperately–to follow your lead and continue where you left off, but you did SO MUCH, you WERE so much, that I am finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with what you constructed. I am not you. No one is. I don’t really know how you did some of the things you did, or how you had the time; I only know that it mystifies me. I need your help. I need You.

  5. Janna says:


    I am really missing you this holiday season. I wish so much you could be there on Christmas Eve like always. Sasha has grown so much and is a very sweet baby. Thank you for all of those wonderful Christmas mornings! Love Always, Janna

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