Kelly June Merryman

Kelly June Merryman

June 03, 1981 - March 16, 2016

Kelly June Merryman

June 03, 1981 - March 16, 2016


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  1. Sent a gift in memory of Kelly June Merryman

  2. Lily-Alia says:

    Sent a gift in memory of Kelly June Merryman

  3. Sent a gift in memory of Kelly June Merryman

  4. Kelly,
    There were men, but none that deserved her! And they know, they know.
    Kelly was a fighter and in her brilliant hours she could keep edger pow on his toes.
    She new numbers and new them well. Kelly could do anything and everything.
    She was our Marlin Monroe and a Cow girl, a street break dancer, a secretary a girl next store a mechanic , a clothing designer, a cook a teacher a vet, a secretary a lawyer. Walking up the street with a wife beater a football and skate board in hand/
    I said Kelly, “I know, you are screaming Man!”
    The Men of our generation were raised by single Mothers and had not a clue about addressing a young lady’s Father responsible before fornicating, its all about another notch on the Christmas lot
    . And that reminds Me/Daddy’s little girl and she loved Her Dad with all of Her and that in its self would crush me too, just to know that a Father chose his career move by utilizing His daughter in a fascism way. I understand Her pain/ but She was far from crazy.
    I love You Kelly and I wish you would had called are been at my door/
    Sadly these situations/ we block out the ones that love and care and life becomes a ink spot and that all you see
    As Frosty the snow mans last words before He
    melted away?
    I will see you again someday..
    The Lord will have mercy on Her Soul, The Lord knows that flesh is all but a evil wicked one/ and until we shed the flesh that binds us as human/ we continually think that we can
    save it. God has rejoiced Her with the wings to fly heavens to see and I hope a great apology!
    Love Sherry Lee Deets Clarke
    The Mormanwitch & Shesobudha

  5. I don’t have a lot to say. It still really hurts knowing that she is gone. Kelly was my friend and I miss her. Sometimes I still talk to her like some crazy lady. It gives me comfort to know that she finally found peace.

    Jennifer Arbuckle

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