Juana B. de Cuña

Juana B. de Cuña

October 23, 1927 - August 20, 2012

Juana B. de Cuña

October 23, 1927 - August 20, 2012


Juana B. de Cuña lives in , passed away at the age of 84.
Born on October 23, 1927 and passed away on August 20, 2012.

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  2. Juana DeCuna

    The good Lord gave us two options:
    life and death. For Juana DeCuna, she had both. She has passed away, but she is still living in our hearts. When Juana as still living, she probably thought, “Does it hurt to die? Or is it like sleeping?” We didn’t know what she was thinking, but we know even if she has passed away, she will never leave us.

    God had made life and death. He made Heaven for a reason. Many of us will go Heaven, like my grandmother. She died to go there and was destined to. God will meet her and introduce her to Heaven.

    Juana DeCuna died from poor health. But we will remember her stories and her techniques. We will remember her support and her care. And we will remember her love. She is not gone. She is not lonely. We will always love her and she will always love us.

    My grandmother, Juana is not like other people. She has shown me magical things. We have shared our charms. We have shared our care for each other. Juana shared with all of us something we all will never forget. Let us not forget she is not like other people, let us remember she is extraordinary. And let us remember that she fought hard.

    We will pray that she will be okay up where she belongs. We will pray our sins and our sorriest regrets. She will lie here, and be set free. Even though she will not be with me or you, she will be with her relatives and ancestors. Without further a do, let her be where she is now.

    By Candice Jane DeCuna, 9 yrs. old, daughter of Arnold & Cynthia DeCuna

  3. I know we’ve lost the person that is the whole world to us, but that’s okay because she is not gone, she has not left us with nothing to say, she is above us, watching us, guiding us through problems that we can’t face in the future, she is your mother, your Grandma, your friend to cheer you up. Now, I know when I was little I didn’t really understand anything, I’d use to run and hide from her and when she found me she would grab my hands and dance with me but that never bothered me because it was fun and she would always ask me how I’m doing in school, if I was doing bad or good and she would say “are you the smartest?” and I would say yes, well now I am. But anyways I will always love Grandma and I know you would too. May you rest in peace Grandma.

    By Cameron Tyler DeCuna, 10 yrs old, son of Arnold & Cynthia DeCuna

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