Jorge Valdez Gonzalez

Jorge Valdez Gonzalez

July 15, 1979 - August 18, 2017

Jorge Valdez Gonzalez

July 15, 1979 - August 18, 2017


Jorge Ivan Valdez Gonzalez passed away on Friday August 18th 2017 in Laguna Hills, CA. He was born in Mexico City on July 15th 1979. At the end, he was unable to beat his battle with depression, but his memory will live on forever.

Having to move from Mexico to the U.S. at an early age, he grew up in Orange County, California. Went to different elementary schools, Glen Yermo, Serrano Intermediate, El Toro High School, Saddleback College, getting his Associates in Arts and Communication and studied to become a Dental Assistant.

Military, he joined the Navy and was in service from 2001-2005. He worked in the flight deck as a tractor driver. He worked long days and was a Sailor in THE USS KITTY HAWK. He was stationed in Yokosuka, Japan. He served during “Iraqui Freedom” in the Persian Gulf, and in March 2003 he became a hero. They worked in Thailand, Guam, and other countries. He left with Honorable Discharge.

He loved music and sports. He loved The Baltimore Ravens, Los Angeles Angels, The Lakers, Anaheim Ducks, Mexico, Italy, and El Atlante.

He loved Green Day, Metallica, Molotov, Pantera, Lamb Of God, The Rolling Stones, Godsmack, 90′ Music, and Rock En Espanol. He also liked Trance music, electronic music including Japanese DJ Yoji, Cyber Trance, Carl Cox, and so much more. He had a large CD music collection. His close ones, will always remember him by his music.

He was quiet and reserved, but also liked to have a good time around others. He had a kind soul, he never spoke bad of anyone. He would talk to others that needed help. He believed in God and in family. He liked going out dancing with his brother and friends, and going to concerts at an earlier age. Being kind and honest is how he believed to be. He spoke English, Spanish, Italian and some Japanese. He really liked the Italian culture.

His Mom (Patricia Gonzalez) loved him very much, they had a great relationship and were really close. His brother (Arturo Valdez) and him grew up together, were inseparable, and helped each other out. They had a deep and strong bond. His nephew (Saige Valdez) loved him very much. His stepdad (Alvaro Pedroza) will always remember him and loves him. His Aunts, Uncles, Nieces, Grandparents also really loved him.

His friends and family will always remember him as a good guy, because that’s what he was, and that’s what he’ll always be. He will forever be missed and loved. Rest in Peace, Jorge.

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3 responses to Jorge Valdez Gonzalez

  1. Dragn Billy says:

    Jorge brother, I had the pleasure to meet you 1nce, at a rave that Erin, & Arturo, we’re apart of. Despite you, and Arturo obviously have completely different styles, I had to do a double take, and listen really close. I’ve so rarely in this lifetime met so few brothers whom not only looked so much alike for not being even fraternal twins, as well you both sounded so much alike, you were both also so calm in your mannerisms, spoke so lightly most of the time, and even laughed a lot alike. I thought I was having deja-vu. It was cool kickin it with you that night. I see you were also a big real Football (Soccer) fan, you were wearing a Soccer jacket, or jersey. The family resemblance is powerful. You were cool people brother. May you have found peace in your travels beyond this lifetime.

  2. Charles says:


    I had the honor of serving with you on the USS KITTYHAWK. I remember when you checked onboard the ship. You were a hard working blueshirt. I remember seeing you carrying chocks and chains with your size, I couldn’t believe how much of a hard charger you were. You were always listening to your music. It got you hyped underway. The Fly3 guys really had a family back there. It saddens me to write this and it saddens me that I couldn’t keep in touch with you. Fair Winds and Following Seas shipmate. Rest easy now. You will forever be in our hearts.

    Zee aka Zayas

  3. The Sailor Who Went Down

    There’s a frown on the sailor’s face,
    Who lost the sight of shore,
    He knew how drowning felt,
    Though he never swam before.

    In a distance far too far,
    He saw a faintly shimmering light,
    He found the lighthouse to lead him home,
    Or an old trick by his head, played through his eyes?

    The saltiness of the water,
    Mixed with the one in his eyes,
    With bones melting and heart pumping,
    For a brief moment, he was alive.

    The mist however made him lose his sight,
    But he would just wait for the light to shine,
    He lost it way too many times,
    Once more, I promise and I’d never look back.

    The starry night granted him a wish,
    “Let me see my salvation one more time”
    But some wishes they never go through,
    The sailor never saw the light.

    Old and drunk the sailor thinks about the shore,
    The warmth of the sun felt like her breath,
    He gets kissed on the cheeks by the waves,
    Playing with the sand like his lovers hair.

    But as the storm came crashing in,
    Cold water stabbed him multiple times,
    The sailor who never swam before,
    Was drowning once more.

    I wish I would have been there for you.

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