Jerry Grant Slater

Jerry Grant Slater

July 22, 1946 - April 08, 2005

Jerry Grant Slater

July 22, 1946 - April 08, 2005


Jerry Slater 58 Died Friday, April 8, 2005 in Hilo, Hawaii. Survived by daughter Shayna Allene Slater; son Joshua Gavin Slater and the mother of his children Lillian Slater. Services to be held at O’Connor Laguna Hills Mortuary, Sunday 4-17-05 @ 3:00pm

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22 responses to Jerry Grant Slater

  1. Gary Cooper says:

    To Jerry:

    God must have taken you because He needed a programmer – and only the best would do. I have fond memories of working with you on the “next TS-PRINT release.” You would write a few lines of code and I would write a few lines of documentation. The next day we had a new release and the day after another.

    Although our relationship was not always the most harmonious, the good times far outnumbered the bad. Your quick wit was second to none and you could take as well as give. I had trouble remembering the date and you could remember the artist who sang every song they played on the radio. I also fondly remember the trips we took and the parties we attended.

    You were the best pilot I ever flew with. I will always remember our flight to Reno to pick up the 210 and our trips to the Wine Country.

    Although the breadth of your knowledge was wide, if God was looking for someone to cook Him chili, He made a mistake. However, if He wanted someone who would do anything for his friends, who could be depended on to get done what needed to be, he picked the right person.

    Although it’s difficult to say goodbye I know you will be with us in spirit forever.

    To Lillian, Shayna and Josh:

    My deepest sympathy for your loss. Jerry was a good person. He will be missed by us all. I hope your memories of the good times you shared with him will sustain you through your period of grief. Best wishes for the future.

  2. Paul Scott says:

    I am deeply saddened by the loss of a good friend. My heartfelt sympathy goes to Jerry’s family and friends. He will be missed by us all.

  3. Ris Prentiss says:

    Lillian, Shayna & Josh,

    We are so sorry to hear of your loss. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. We will always remember the special times we shared with Jerry in the neighborhood.

    Love, Bill, Ris, Cap, & Robby

  4. I met Jerry in the early 1980’s when I started working for the best little software company west of the Mississippi.

    Somehow I managed to miss all the fun but I did some of the work cleaning up after Jerry’s. Who can forget the prodigious work Jerry did on TSPrint?

    Jerry, a softie behind a tough guy image.

    I left California in 1992 and I recall my last visit with Jerry at Trax sic?. A part of me is gone with that big smile of his.

    Jerry whenever and wherever you are I am sure you will know how to have fun and make the people around you have fun too.

    To Lillian my most sincere condolences, he was one of a kind.

    Good-bye Jerry your smile will always be with me.


  5. To Jerry,

    Well, God now has the ultimate handyman, programmer, political analyst. For twelve years it was a great competition at Tone between TS-Print releases, and Flasher bugs we kept tech support employed for decades.

    I’ll never forget our trips to Saudi and most of Europe. You had the unique ability to pick up languages and accents very fast, and most people thought you were a local. You had more friends in more countries than anyone I know.

    Thanks for being a best friend for 32 years there are many people who are going to miss your friendship, and as Andre said, your big smile. Gary really summed it up very well below.

    Till we meet again.

    I know that you’ll be attending the Friday lunches in spirit.

    Dear Lillian, Shayna and Josh,

    We are so sorry for your loss. Jerry thought the world of all of you, and always talked about all three of you. We have been blessed to have had Jerry in our lives. There was never a dull moment when JGS was around. We have so many fond memories of the last 29+ years, and it would have been nice to have had another 29. Shayna and Josh your dad was one of a kind a great person, great parent, great fiend. Lillian we will all miss him very much.

    Boris, Olga, and Kristin Kiena

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