Jeffrey W. Tyler

Jeffrey W. Tyler

June 10, 1963 - December 20, 2017

Jeffrey W. Tyler

June 10, 1963 - December 20, 2017


My Brother Jeff

Jeffrey William Tyler was born on June 10, 1963.  He was a sensitive, caring and selfless son and brother.  He was four years younger than me.  Always tended wander off as a little kid.  Once, he stayed out way too long (this when all kids would go out and play unsupervised after school.)  Our Mom called the police, and when they were asking questions, Jeff showed up” with flowers he picked for Mom.  She was hard put to be mad at him.

The memory of one event would create an imprint on him that would last all his life.  When he was 6 and me 10, we were out with our Dad in the desert just below the Franklin Mountains in El Paso, Texas. We would often just go out and look around.  I was down in a ravine looking at whatever, my Dad was looking at certain sediments and rocks, and Jeff was up on the hill just throwing stuff around in some imaginary fight with some cartoon villain.  As part of this, he tossed a rock, without looking where he was throwing it.  He beaned me right in the head, knocking me over and creating a cut on the top of my head.  It was not that bad, but my Dad took me to the hospital for stitches.  It did not really hurt, and I was getting a lot of attention from nurses, so I was fine.  I do remember how upset Jeff was.

Years later, the last time I saw Jeff in person, he recalled the event and how our Dad said how disappointed he was in him.  This just cut him so deeply, and in my mind it really was a nothing event.

Jeff went to school at UTEP and I would only see him occasionally after that.   But we did go on a backpacking trip together for a few days.  He was very kind to me at that time as I was going through a divorce. He was always kind to me that way.

He would tell us about his life in Fort Worth and the FAA.  As I go through his things, I am learning about his life during this time and it is nice to know what a good life he led.

But the last few years, I worked with him closely as he first took care of our Mom for a number of years as she got sick.  She had moved to Ft. Worth three miles or so from his house, so he could take care of her.  When she died, he took her dogs Sinbad and Munchkin in.  He had never had pets before.

After our Mom died, Jeff moved to California to help with our Dad after his long time wife died.  Our Dad was in Assisted Living and Jeff would go by 3 or 4 times a week and spend several hours with our Dad driving him around and taking him to lunch.  He brought Sinbad, a border collie, with him from Texas, Munchkin having passed on.  I now have Sinbad.

Jeff was such a stalwart brother for me.   He was during the last few years such a support system for me.  Always there for me and my family.   I trusted him more than anyone ever.   He was unfailingly honest.    I have remarked that if I stuck my head outside and got a face full of rain, and then went inside and was told by Jeff it was sunny and dry, I would know Jeff was right, without further checking, and that I had made a mistake.    Jeff in addition to being honest was an engineer, so if he had said something was true, he had checked it out.  He was always 100% true.   I don’t know anyone else like that.

Jeff will be deeply missed.

Russ Tyler



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  1. Tawni
    We are so sorry to hear about your loss.

  2. Andy Velayos says:

    Jeff and I were amazed when the cart girl arrived and we located the drink in the “front” of her cart. We had lots of fun that day and never saw this sort of thing ever again.

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