Jason Mickael Caduff

Jason Mickael Caduff

January 07, 1993 - September 16, 2016

Jason Mickael Caduff

January 07, 1993 - September 16, 2016


Our beloved Jason Mickael Caduff entered eternal life on September 16th, 2016. He was born on January 7th, 1993. He had a kind, loving and caring heart.

He is survived by his grandparents, Jean and Marie Nguyen; his father, Christopher Caduff; his step-mother, Genelyn; his mother, Lily Nguyen-Ellis; his step-father, Wayne Ellis; his brother, Jeremy Caduff; his sister, Jacqueline Ellis; and many more family members.

Jason was loved by all who knew him and they were always drawn by his smile and sweet face. He will be missed dearly.

Rosary and Vigil will be held at O’Connor Mortuary in Laguna Hills at 7pm on Friday, September 30th, 2016. Funeral Mass will be at St. Nicholas Catholic Church in Laguna Woods at 9:00am on Saturday, October 1st, 2016. Interment will immediately follow at Ascension Cemetery in Lake Forest.

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4 responses to Jason Mickael Caduff

  1. Dear Jason, you came into Club Aficionado Cigar Lounge next to 99 cents only , to my shop on El Toro and Rockfield once a month, for the past year. Your smile was also so capitative. I always felt that you were searching for some form of higher love, and unity with the creator of our world, I always gave you a hug and told you I love you, you loved my hugs, bought one cigar and immediately went to sit in the back of the lounge in peace and quiet, contemplating about life.
    You did not wish to be bothered when you were smoking your cigars! you never talked to anyone, and I felt that you just prefered to be alone and not socializing with anyone. However, everytime you arrived, your smile brightened up my heart! you had a gentel heart, and a charming face.
    Remember, how I teazed you,once, “only if I was 30 years younger”, but normally I treated like you could be one of my own adult kids. every time, I felt that your soul was searching for eternal love of God, I shared God’s love wihin my heart with you, by hugging you. I felt that you needed paternal or maternal love, or just God’s Love!

    Well, now I know you have found God’s eternal love!which is far greater and most satisfying kind of love!

    your soul was not happy in your body, so you got rid of the body that was like a prison to you. You got rid of your body of this temporary life, so you can feel your creator, and join him in eternal love. I do undrestand you took flight to be with God. I am sure you are in high heavens now. You are much happier now. I do miss your smile, and the hugs we shared. Now I cant see you with my physical eyes. so I miss you. But when I close my eyes and remember your smile, and your hugs, I feel your soul, I feel your eternal happiness, I feel you are being loved by God. Thank you for letting me know that you were finally freed of this limiting world, by guiding your dad from El Toro and Trabuco , all the way to my shop, to buy cigars, and to give me the news that you are no longer in this temporary world, I felt you did that to let me know that our friendship and love we shared was valuable to you, Your Dad was telling me that all day he felt your spirit was with him when he traveled through our Lake Forest town, where you and him had sweet childhood memories together. He said he did not smoke cigars and he did not know that you smoked cigars occasionally. But somehow, through your spiritual guidance, your spirit guided him to my shop, Club Aficionado Cigar. There, he broke down and cried, and weeped your loss and shared your tragic news with me as two total strangers. But when i asked him to show me the picture of his son that has just passed away a week ago, he showed me your photo, and I broke down and cried and said this is Jason! I know him! he smoked my Godmother Cigars last time he was here! so we both weeped for your tragic loss!

    So, your Dad found out you smoked cigars. you spritually guided him to my shop to let him know where you spent your time in search of tranquility and peace for an hour or two during your life. There, he undrestood why you needed to do what you did to satisfy your spiritual need to be with God and to feel God’s eternal love and ethernal freedom. I believe this brought some healing to his heart, and then later I had the same conversation with your mom, and she felt the same.!

    Thank you son, for lightening up my heart , and to let me know our friendship and love was very important. I am greatful to know you, you touched my heart, as I touched your heart! We Shared God’s love as two completely different human beings, who only shared smoking Cigars and enjoying life, and most importantly Shaing the best form of human spiritual love connection, and Sharig God’s eternal LOVE!

    If all humans could feel the special God’s love, and humanity love that you and I shared this earth would be heaven! There would be no racism, no war, no bigotry!, earth would be heaven!RIP! Angela Club Aficionado Cigar Bar

  2. Mike Callas says:

    Our deepest condolences to Chris and family.

  3. Thank you so kindly for sharing this special message with everyone Hoora Angela. Jason was an advanced soul and he knew his lesson was completed here. Namaste dear friend of Jason and my brother Chris.

  4. Journey well sweet soul, as you reconnect with creator source and all that is, all that ever was and all that will ever be. Your auntie knows you are now going to be accomplishing far greater things, as your lessons and human mission was complete here. We will all be together again in timespace, part of the same soul group and in many other lives to live. You have transformed into pure consciousness, and you are in bliss. Namaste and all my love until I see you again in the physical beautiful one.

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