Fatima Shabibi Ginther

Fatima Shabibi Ginther

November 13, 1943 - July 08, 2020
Mission Viejo CA

Fatima Shabibi Ginther

November 13, 1943 - July 08, 2020
Mission Viejo CA


Fatima Shabibi Ginther lives in Mission Viejo CA, passed away at the age of 76.
Born on November 13, 1943 and passed away on July 08, 2020.

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3 responses to Fatima Shabibi Ginther

  1. My triumphant Aunt Fatima (known by family as Shah Bibi, the most respected Lady)

    Hers was a story of triumph as she moved from her homeland of Afghanistan to the United States and created a home filled with warmth that I had the distinct privilege to enjoy for my whole life. Sleepovers, days spent swimming and night time family parties and those unforgettable sloppy joes and 4th of July fireworks by the water together. Thanksgivings growing up were always held upon her elegantly decorated table.

    Auntie Shah Bibi was the voice of kindness and cheer as I grew up. Long hugs and sweet words when I couldn’t quite understand the complicated world around me. She’d tell me to look at the ocean and pray to God when I was wounded.
    She said that she herself spoke to God in front of the ocean and that He always answered her prayers.

    As I grew, she taught me to wish for beautiful things and set about creating them and ALWAYS to challenge any reasons why not. She had a notably fruitful role in my life.

    In fact, my very first ring was a ruby and diamond from Aunt Shah Bibi. She just bought it and took it off her finger when I admired how beautiful it is. But she gave it to me with a large jewelry box and told me that I’d fill the box with beautiful jewels of all sorts” and she created a whole stream of valuable adornments beyond my expectations.

    As an adult, she motivated me to be unafraid and to courageously go after what’s important in life. In fact, I’m next door neighbors with her because she insisted that I buy the house for sale right next door. I didn’t think I could do it but her strong will and persistent energy simply made it happen for me. It’s the most lucrative investment I have ever made and I have her caring attention to thank for it.

    When my son was born, I was taken aback by the experience. My Auntie came to the hospital and taught me how. She said move your hospital gown and place the baby skin to skin on your chest. She ignited my connection with my son and to this day I look for her advice on how to keep that Loving connection with him alive and thriving.

    My Auntie believed in love, prosperity and happiness. But the difference with her is that she knew how to inspire it and how to create it.

    My heart is filled with her love and attention and she has touched my life and how I raise my son forever.

  2. Our deepest condolence to Gerorge, Jimmy, David and their families. We pray for Fatima to rest her soul in peace. Your neighbor Mr. & Mrs. Shah

  3. Reunited with Uncle George on their anniversary

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