Edward A. Teats

Edward A. Teats

November 16, 1920 - May 31, 2004

Edward A. Teats

November 16, 1920 - May 31, 2004


Edward A. Teats died May 31, 2004 at the age of 83. Edward was a survivor of Pearl Harbor. He is survived by his beloved wife Mary, his loving children Twila Giddings and Barry E. Teats. Eight grandchildren, nine greatgrandchildren with 2 on the way.
Funeral Mass Friday 9:00am at St. Kilian Catholic Church, Mission Viejo, CA. Visitation at 8:30am before mass. Interment at Riverside National Cemetery.

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20 responses to Edward A. Teats

  1. Roger says:

    Ed … You’re one of the most awe-inspiring men I’ve ever met. I wish I had told you before this, just how special you always made me feel. From the first time we met I was accepted into your life for the person I am. Thank you for the privilege of knowing you.

  2. Jana Sarti says:


    I miss you! I know the last few years were so hard for you & for us too, but at least you were with us & we still got to enjoy just a piece of your Godly character & fun personality. Now you are gone & things just won’t be the same without you. I know you are looking down on us & are proud of your family. I am sure there is a smile on your face & a twinkle in your eye – just like there always was!

    Pops, thank you for being my grandpa & loving me as your own special grandaughter. I have so many memories of you… you teaching me to drive, coming to my football games & watching me cheer, marching in the Tustin Tiller parade for a couple of years, meeting you at the driving range, your silly jokes, your love for Peanut Butter, your ET mug, you feeding the birds, your trips to LV – “don’t touch my feet”, you thinking if you kept track long enough you might win the lottery, you always stealing my fork, you going to the gym to swim, me meeting you at Bill’s for breakfast, there are so many memories of you. It seemed you were always up to something…!

    Before I met Leigh I know you prayed that I would meet a Godly man. It was my greatest wish that you would be able to meet my future husband. I am so thankful you were well enough to be at our wedding & in Leigh’s life for a few years. While you could, you asked about our baby everyday – I am so sorry she will only know you through stories.

    You weren’t a man of many words, but your lessons were taught in those few words and they were caught in the example of how you lived your life!

    I know heaven is a better place for you! As you would always say, “Be good and make sure you behave”. I hope you know how proud of you we all are…as a veteran Pearl Harbor Survivor, as a grandpa, as a loving husband 59 yearsand as a Godly man – your greastet tribute. Your legacy will live on! You have passed the partiarchal torch to Dad and he is ready, you have trained him well. We will take very good care of Grandma – I promise.

    I love you and I will miss you. As you said until your last day…THANK YOU!


  3. Leigh Sarti says:

    Ed, I thought of you the other day when I heard this verse… “My flesh and my heart may fail but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” Psalm 73:26

    As we have been “neighbors” over these last few years, living just down the street it was hard to watch as this verse came to life, but now that you have been called up to be with God, this verse is comforting knowing that you are now with God and that he is your strength.

    I love you and will miss our little strolls from your chair to the kitchen table and seeing you enjoy the meatloaf down at Claim Jumper!

    With love,

  4. Dearest Pops:

    What an honor it was to be your grandaughter-in-law! What a wonderful role model you were for your children and grandchildren. I will always remember when you first met me and welcomed me in to the family. You gave me a smile that would light up a room. Your passing hit very close to my heart because of the man you were and because I understand the pain your own children will go through in missing you just as I miss my mother. If you happen to run in to her let her know how much I love her and how everyone misses her food and her fresh-squeezed orange juice but talk slowly because she could only understand a little bit of English ; . I am so grateful that Alex was able to spend time with you during your last days on earth. I heard and noticed that she would often put her little hand gently on your arm and look up at you. It was so beautiful to see such a little person realize that someone in your condition was fragile and needed help and patience. Wayne and I will proudly tell her all about you as she gets older how proud we all are to have had you in our lives.

    With love,

  5. Wayne Teats says:

    Hey Grandpa-

    There are all kinds of things I’d like to say to you. How are you supposed to do it in 1,000 words or less? Well, I guess the biggest thing is, “Thanks.” Thanks for being such a good role model, thanks for having such a great sense of humor, and thanks for being my Grandpa.

    I remeber all the little things many years ago. Like when you used to smoke a pipe. You’d always let us kids blow out the match. Or when you saw that I had a new empty wallet. You put a dollar in it. Then there were the early morning deep sea fishing trips. And who could forget all the visits to the Orange County Fair?

    Thanks for the black jack lessons. I know how much you loved Vegas. Thanks for all the “money-saving” and “investment” articles you passed along. And I think it’s because of your example that I have a subscription to Consumer Reports. Thank you.

    In later years you seemed to keep the family together probably much more than you realize. Thanks for the example. Regardless of everything else changing, you were always there with advice, optimism and a smile. Except when I got an earring. You didn’t care for that much. ;

    One thing I probably never told you. Do you realize that every one of my past girlfriends including my beautiful wife, Scarlett commented on what a “hottie” you were in your younger days? I just wish more of it had rubbed off on me.

    I think you had a lot of wonderful sides to you. I’m just very glad that I got to know the “Grandpa” side. Once again, “Thanks.” I miss you very much.


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