Douglas B. Hershberger

Douglas B. Hershberger

June 28, 1954 - November 09, 2015

Douglas B. Hershberger

June 28, 1954 - November 09, 2015


Douglas Blaine Hershberger
Adoring Husband, Loving Father and Loyal Friend

Let us always remember his smile and laughter that promoted a message of peace, love, and kindness for all people.

On Monday, November 9th, 2015, the Soul and Spirit of Douglas Blaine Hershberger, adoring Husband and loving Father, and caring friend was raised to God’s kingdom. His passionate and soulful Spirit promoted peace and love on Earth. Now and forever, his Spirit lives with God, inspiring peace and love while watching over his Family and Friends as he did on Earth.

This World was a better place with Doug in it. Doug inspired all who knew him with his profound strength, his abundant kindness, incredible wit, and his love of the world and all the lives upon it. His greatness blessed his Wife and his two Sons infinitely, whom he loved and cherished completely. In their eyes, he is the greatest man, the greatest Father and the greatest Husband, to have ever graced this Earth. Douglas Hershberger perfectly represented the ideals to which all of humanity strives; his Life on Earth was a testament to the love of God and the love within all People.

He made every day on this Earth profoundly meaningful; building wonderful memories each and every moment. Doug loved his Family with every breath and worked very hard to support them admirably. He loved Nature; surfing, backpacking, skiing, he forged powerful memories adventuring into the Mountains and the Ocean with his family and friends. He lived life passionately and believed every moment on Earth was precious.

A truly world-class Piano Technician, Douglas Hershberger combined his lifetime of experience, his passion for excellence, his expert knowledge, his mastery of the Science and Art of his work, to create the most beautiful sounds ears have heard. He is distinguished, nationally recognized and highly respected. Douglas reached the highest level of achievement in his personal and professional life. A phenomenally talented and expert musician, his joy and passion moved all who were privileged to hear him. His music was deeply expressive and communicative. As a masterful guitarist and excellent keyboardist, he made marvelous music that communicated soulfully from his heart to the hearts of those who heard him. His family is blessed to have experienced his music.

Douglas is Courageous, Brilliant, Loving, and Kind. He is Beautiful, Talented, Witty and Wise. His Love and inspirational attitude shines powerfully like the sun. Let us always remember his message of peace, love, and laughter. Now and forever, his Spirit lives with God, watching over his Family and friends as he did on Earth. Douglas’ Spirit lives with God now, Douglas’ Spirit lives with all of us and we are reminded of this every time we think of his smile or the sound of his laughter.

Dear God, We are eternally grateful to you for granting us a lifetime of joyful experiences we were blessed to have shared with our Father, Douglas Hershberger. We Love You Dad. Love you, always & forever.

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  1. Lit a candle in memory of Douglas B. Hershberger

  2. In the field of Piano Tuning, there has been only one true genius. That is Doug Hershberger. I had the pleasure of meeting Doug at Fairfax High School in 2001. It was then that I made the decision to pursue my original path in life as a high school music teacher. Having a true genuine musician like Doug around to speak to as he tuned our pianos was truly comforting and inspirational. He also had amazing rapport with students. Furthermore, having been in the teaching and music business for more than twenty years, and without hesitation, I can honestly say that Doug was the nicest music professional on earth. He had deep feeling for his work and family, and he will be missed.

    Richard A. Hernandez

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