Doris Coombes Deal

Doris Coombes Deal

August 03, 1922 - June 11, 2016

Doris Coombes Deal

August 03, 1922 - June 11, 2016


Doris Coombes Deal lives in , passed away at the age of 93.
Born on August 03, 1922 and passed away on June 11, 2016.

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3 responses to Doris Coombes Deal

  1. Doris was a patient of mine several years ago. She brought an amazing aura of joy and optimism into the office. When my mother moved to Dana point 5 years ago, she and Doris began to play bridge together; my Mom often remarked on what an excellent bridge player Doris was and how she enjoyed spending time with her. When my mother passed away last August, Doris insisted on helping plan the funeral at St. Edward’s. She was an angel in my time of sorrow. I will never forger her kindness and light.
    Mary Delsol

  2. Today, I have awakened with a heavy heart. I will be leaving for San Clemente to attend a funeral Mass scheduled for Monday at 10 A.M. It is with incredible sadness that I pull together appropriate attire and wonder how my little not-so-healthy doggie will endure my absence.
    My most precious Aunt Doris passed away this past week.
    She first touched my life at the age of 14 during a visit to California. She was very busy with her career and eight children, but she took the time to tell me I was smart and beautiful. She loved me when I was not very loveable.
    For many years, my Catholic faith lay dormant. Today, my commitment to Catholicism is due to her extraordinary exemplification of compassion and embodiment of life. Yes, I wanted what she had. Her eyes would become increasingly brighter when I shared my own personal experiences of service work in prison ministry and religious education. She knew the gifts awarded from stewardship would prove to transcend my life’s fears, worries and self-centeredness.
    In later years, she supported my leaving a corporate career to enter a humanitarian-driven environment where people are at their most vulnerable. Often, the encouragement she gave made me feel like I was her favorite niece among many; however, I was not. The kindness she imparted had everyone thinking they were her favorite. What a gift!
    Sometime in the 80’s, while on our way to a John Denver concert, my mother was gripping the door handle in fear as my Aunt Doris attempted to navigate the Los Angeles freeways. I, however, was at peace in the backseat. I knew God would not allow any other driver to interfere with the work he had planned for my Aunt Doris. The lives she touched and hearts she softened are countless. This past summer, she nudged me and whispered, “I am writing a book”. I was excited to learn even more about the woman who continued to fascinate me in a way like no other. Playing bridge at 93 years of age and remaining active on various committees in the church presents a false sense of immortality. A diagnosis of cancer is real. Her book is left with many blank pages. When God decides it is our time, it is a battle we will not win. Many are grieving the loss of this amazing woman. May all that knew her praise God for what has been and is and will be, and not allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by what is not and will not be.
    Finally, Aunt Doris once shared what she considered to be a “shining moment” for her as a Eucharistic minister at her local parish; she served Kobe Bryant Holy Communion during Mass one Sunday. Kobe, should you read this, trust me when I tell you, the “shining moment” of receiving the Body of Christ from my Aunt Doris, justly belongs to you.

  3. Su Mueller says:

    Thank you for sharing this, it is wonderful to hear how her spirit touched others, amazing how much of it she had to spread around! Susi Mueller

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