Derek Richard Carson

Derek Richard Carson

July 06, 1984 - September 26, 2023

Derek Richard Carson

July 06, 1984 - September 26, 2023


Derek Richard Carson


Derek Richard Carson was born July 6, 1984 and passed unexpectedly September 26, 2023. It’s not easy to sum up a person’s life and the impact he’s had on those in his circle in a few words, but here is an attempt to capture his spirit so you can know him a little better.

Derek was a sweet and unique soul bringing positive energy to everyone. He was extremely creative and talented, and there were many areas of his life of which he was very proud. Receiving high marks in all of his art classes from kindergarten on was one. As a child he enjoyed and excelled in Taekwondo. He loved and became an expert on dinosaurs when he was little and saw Jurassic Park many, many times! He also loved jets. He would often have a miniature jet in his hands and knew all the names of the fighter jets. As an adult, he was very proud that he graduated from high school, New Life Recovery, and of his work in the construction field. He would love to talk about the jobs he worked on, what he learned, and how hard he worked on them. He loved watching movies and going to the show with Tim. He loved listening to music, and a few of his favorite bands were Nirvana, Linkin Park, The Smashing Pumpkins, and most of all, Lady Gaga.

But Derek’s strengths didn’t lie so much in earthly accomplishments but were evident in the joy, compassion, kindness, and companionship he brought to those around him. What stands out the most about him was his happy energy he brought to all of us. As a child and often as an adult, he was often bouncy, energetic, full of joy and smiles. One couldn’t help but smile in his presence when Derek was happy. He loved spending time with his friends and family and was so grateful for any gift, big or small. One of our happiest memories is Derek seeing his stepdad, Tim, for the first time in months. They smiled, hugged, sang and danced together. It was pure love and pure joy.

Derek was such a gentle soul on this earth. He was kind. He was very sweet. He led a simple and humble life. Everyone loved Derek in the group home where he was living. He was everyone’s friend and always shared what he had with others, which often wasn’t much. He would never hurt anything or anyone. He tried to save any kind of living creature….ants, spiders, bees, etc. Once when he was swimming in a pool and there were bees floating on the water, he gently rescued them, scooping up each one in his cupped hands and carrying them to dry land. His compassion for any creature was touching.

Derek certainly had his struggles – more than most. He was dealt a difficult hand at birth but he soldiered on. He worked through his challenges as best as he was able. As much as we all miss him, we are grateful he’s finally at peace in the Light, Love, Stillness, and Quiet.

Derek, we will miss your kind presence. We will always love you and carry you in our hearts. We wish so much you would have had more time with us. It will take a long time for our hearts to heal from your early exit in this life. We see you in the Light and we send you all of our love.

In Derek’s memory, donations to Proxy Parent Foundation are appreciated. All the information is on their website: Proxy Parent Foundation was a huge support to Derek and our family, and this is a meaningful way to honor Derek and help others. Derek’s Personal Support Person, John, visited him regularly supporting, helping, and enriching Derek’s life. My family and I will be forever grateful for all the help Derek was given by Proxy Parent these past years. Your donations will help other families in similar circumstances in supporting their loved one struggling with mental illness. Jackie, Josh, and I thank you so much.

We will be having a private family burial at sea, and we would like to include any fond memories you have of Derek. If you could please send your memories of Derek to Mary via messenger, email, text, etc., then we will read them at his service. In this way we can all celebrate his life. Thank you.

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