David Sheperd

David Sheperd

October 22, 1954 - November 07, 2021
Laguna Woods CA

David Sheperd

October 22, 1954 - November 07, 2021
Laguna Woods CA


David G. Sheperd, age 67, of Laguna Woods, California passed away on November 7, 2021.  David was an active member of the Laguna Woods Village, where he lived, participating in community softball games and social gatherings.  He grew up in Brooklyn, New York and later moved to New Jersey, where he raised his only child, Matthew, alongside ex-wife Karen Besca.  David was a proud, loving father and grandfather, as well as a fierce lover of life, family and friends.  During his life, he touched many people with his kindness, support, and incredibly strong heart.  In recent years, it was his deepest wish to help as many as he could, using his unique knowledge of medicine and wellness.

David is survived by his partner Terry Mao, along with his son Matthew, daughter-in-law Leah and granddaughter Alice.  He was preceded in death by his parents, Pearl and Martin, as well as his sister Natalee Sheperd.

A celebration of life service will be held at 2:00pm on Sunday, November 14 at O’Connor Mortuary, 25301 Alicia Pkwy, Laguna Hills, CA 92653

In lieu of flowers, please make donations in memory of David to the National Alliance on Mental Health at nami.org.

Celebration Of Life

  • Date & Time: November 14, 2021 (2:00 PM - 4:00 PM)
  • Venue: O'Connor Mortuary
  • Location: 25301 Alicia Parkway Laguna Hills, CA 92653 - (Get Directions)
  • Phone Number: (949) 581-4300

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33 responses to David Sheperd

  1. Teresa zack says:

    Teresa m zack

  2. Dane says:

    Dave Sheperd, my dear friend for 40 years. Dave was a a good man that rose from many heartbreaks. Losing his Dad as a child and his Mom having health issues weighed heavily on Dave.
    He virtually raised himself from about 12 years old in the projects of Brooklyn. Thankfully with the aid of a caring Aunt to help provide some guidance he was able to overcome many obstacles.
    Through all of Dave’s struggles he never lost his moral compass and continued to spread his love and caring. He was a sensitive soul that went out of his way to help those in need or who suffered. He was a great man and great friend!.
    Dave’s legacy is his loving son Matthew and Granddaughter Alice who longed to hold and cherish.
    In recent days he was unable to visit his Alice but will surely look after her and her Mom and Dad always from above..
    Rest in Peace My Brother

  3. Jim Quigley says:

    About a year ago I took David for a ride in my open convertible in a veterans day parade in Laguna Woods Village. He sported his Air Force cap that he so often wore to our softball games not far from here. As we slowly made our way through the village streets, people who gathered on their lawn chairs lining the sidewalks smiled and waved. Some of them called out their thanks for his service. He called back, he was having a fine time. There was that relaxed calm smile on his face. Later, when we gathered at the Clubhouse four parking lot, and we paused for the national anthem, David remarked what a great country it is we live in. When David told you things he believed in, he made sure you believed him. I knew very recently that David was suffering. We had about a 30 minute phone conversation two days before his death. I offered my usual words of encouragement. Later, I received a text message from him on the morning of the day he died. I realize now that I failed to see how much pain he was in. My late father had a career as a clergyman. He was asked to officiate at the memorial of the daughter of a family friend who took her own life. Her father, a physician, found her lifeless body slumped against the inside of the front door to their house. She had taken an overdose of sleeping pills. Had he arrived home earlier she may have still been alive but he was late because he had to perform emergency surgery that evening. Perhaps she thought her father might find her in time, save her, and realize her distress. While standing on a busy intersection in Manhattan before returning to Cleveland for the gathering, my father was thinking of what he might say at the memorial. As people waited for the crosswalk sign a young girl cried out as the helium filled balloon she had been holding suddenly lurched skyward. Her mother asked “why did you let go?” to which the little girl replied, “I didn’t let go, it just got away.” When I think of my friend David Shepherd I think he didn’t let go, I think things just got away. I offer my condolences to his family, Matt and Leah and friends.

    1. Jim Quigley says:

      David had boundless love in his heart. He loved life and he loved the people around him. David’s sharp intellect was evident in his regular observations about the things he read. There was always another book that captured his imagination and he wanted to share with those around him his fascination for each new discovery. He was a smart man with an open mind and a thirst for new knowledge. David was an athlete. Those of us who played the game of softball with him were eager to get him on our team. He was a slugger at bat. It saddens me greatly that he is no longer with us to share that force of life that came out as joy. He will be missed so very much by those of us who were lucky to be his friends.

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