Christine Cay Baker

Christine Cay Baker

May 29, 1957 - January 18, 2008

Christine Cay Baker

May 29, 1957 - January 18, 2008


Christine Cay Baker lives in , passed away at the age of 50.
Born on May 29, 1957 and passed away on January 18, 2008.

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7 responses to Christine Cay Baker

  1. I’ll miss Chris dearly and am so grateful for her friendship over the years. I can picture her smile and hear her laughter, especially as I reflect on memories of the carefree years in the 80s when we lived in Santa Monica/West LA and spent time socializing and working together. She was a special friend -cheerful and creative and her strength during these past few years has been extraordinary. We send condolences to Peter and her family.
    With deepest sympathy and sadness,
    Jackie Jedynak

  2. muse nuta says:

    Well, it’s been 10 years…and I’m still stunned. Christine was a beautiful, strong, healthy swimmer girl when we were together for 3 years or so in the early 80s. I first met her at work and I watched her type in Cobol code like she was typing a common letter…while talking to her blind office mate. I was amazed ! We went to an advanced Cobol class, took several California trips, snuck away to a movie or two during work, and almost got killed in a Santa Ana wild fire in Malibu. Seriously. It missed us by 100 feet and it was moving about 30 mph ! She almost died at age 26 ! And I met her lively grandmother of 72 or so who loved to eat a grapefruit a day, her father, mother and her siblings briefly, and had every expectation Chris would live a long life. While I was just a small part of her life, I like to think that my several disadvantages made her appreciate Peter even more…thus I contributed in some small way to her happiness in her marriage 😉 .And I am so happy she loved her husband and her life and was very well taken care of by Peter. Not everyone gets that. Of course I loved her. But I didn’t really realize how much until I found out she was ill and dying. No other passing has hit me as hard. And I still think of her often. She should still be here ! I wonder what she would think of the world today ? I’d like to think she would be jumping into championing causes of some sort. I always admired her stands for the underdog. She was a good person and I miss her. Always have, and always will. And I see her father passed not much later. He was a GOOD man. I wish I had known him better. No doubt he was heartbroken. I know only a little of what he felt…and I went into a depression for 3 years after her death. Yeah, Bernard was a cool, class act. Chris was fortunate to have him in her life. I was fortunate to have them both in my life, for a while. But then the contract we worked on got cancelled, I left to frantically work long hours at far away jobs, got sick, and we drifted apart. She was a real sweetheart to me and I was a poor, young fool with limited prospects fighting stress caused illnesses. So In the end, it was far better for her to marry Peter and enjoy her life with him. It’s a shame she didn’t get the chance to take on the world as a healthy woman in her prime though. It’s our loss…and probably the world’s I think. In an alternative universe she never got sick and she’s there now helping….somebody. And maybe LOTS of somebodies. Maybe she has a couple of kids late in life ? Or adopts some. Or helps kids somehow. Maybe she teaches ? I feel Christine had potential to do anything if she set her mind to it. She’s one of the few women I really liked as a person in this world. And she passed too soon. But I guess there are many passing too soon. And I too will pass. But I once knew a beautiful, strong, and talented girl I grew to love. And her name was Christine Cay Searcey,.with an “E” she said. And I was fortunate to know her. But it hurts like hell. Even 10 years later.

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